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Name: Rodney Allie
Website: http://
From: Tasmania -Australia
Time: Wednesday, 10 December 1997 at 00:10:05
Comments: I have always been fascinated and somewhat terrified of the original alien design and evolution thereof.. I believe Mr Giger deserves recognition at least, in the credits of the new film.. His designs have evoked fascination and fear for many years and i hope to see many more designs in the future.. Please do not be discouraged... many are on your side.. I will even write to Fox and give them a serve as well.. I realise i am only one man.. But its a start i think anyway!! thank you.. Rod.

Website: http://
Referred by: A friend
From: Sausalito, CA-USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 23:09:10
Comments: Dear HR Giger, The nerve of those movie people! Credit should be given where credit has been earned. They would be lucky to have your name in the credits. Obviously they are greedy and they want all the credit for themselves! It would have been so easy for them to list your name in the titles. Alien was the scariest movie I ever saw, and it was because of your creatures. Although they were frightening, I also had compassion for them, they were so real, so alive! I never did see Alien 3 or 4 because I heard that they did not credit you. I am boycotting and so are all my friends. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. I hope you can sue and, at least, get some money--you deserve it. Your devoted fan and friend, Annie Sprinkle

Name: aladar apponyi
Website: http://
Referred by: darkhorizons
From: australia
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 22:45:52
Comments: Not only should H.R. Giger have been aknowledged in the credits of alien ressurection, he should have been involved in the creative process of the film, it is a crime that fox have used his creation without credit being given where it is due, and perhaps more so the fact that it has been modified by fox without even consent let alone approval, Had he been involved in these changes, that more closely follow his original design, we would have an excellent film rather than a mediocre one

Name: Montgomery Montague
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizon's
From: Albuquerque, NM
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 22:38:22
Comments: A greater creature in the history of horror has never been created nor will it ever be. (Unless Giger makes it) Not only has Fox dishonered him by making a weak film, it also refuses to give him credit. Shame on 20th Century Fox!!!!

Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Eureka, CA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 21:45:52
Comments: It is indeed a crime that Giger's work is uncredited. The visual sensibilities of all the "Alien" films are directly derived from his original creation. It seems that Fox's ignorance of Giger and his influence on this franchise is criminal and should be duly punished. I say lawsuit!

Name: Patrick
Website: Welcome to my World...
From: Denver, USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 21:33:29
Comments: Simply put, Gigers work is fantastic and he should be recognized. Nothing has ever put fear and beauty into my heart at the same time as much as Giger's artwork does. The Alien movies are my favorite series, but they would not have been, if it were not for his work.

Name: James Watkinson
Website: The VR.5 Labyrinth
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: McMinnville, Oregon, USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 21:09:04
Comments: The Alien is such a beautiful, deadly, exotic, and even somewhat erotic beast that it's no surprise it has starred with the fantastic Sigourney Weaver in four films now. In a sense, that has been H.R. Giger starring the movies with her. He created the Alien, and the success of these movies is due to his excellent "performance" just as much as Sigourney Weaver's and all of the great directors. Credit should go where its do. H.R. Giger gave birth to the Alien, and that should be noted in every one of the Alien films, just as it is noted every time who created the characters. The Alien is as much a character as the rest, and H.R. Giger created it.

Name: Jabber-I
Website: Xenozone (inspired by Xenomorph)
Referred by: IRC
From: KS, USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 21:05:07
Comments: I have always enjoyed Fox-made movies, but this destroys any faith I had in Fox's ability to conduct honest business. I loved all of the alien movies, and I am glad that Giger got his due credit in Alien. As for Aliens and Alien 3, I have no real oppinion there. At least they gave Giger credit for the orriginal design. However, this is just appauling. Fox shall repent, or face the wrath of the legions of Giger fans. Remember that Fox executives.

Name: zeb
Website: ZEST
Referred by: ME
From: MI
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 19:32:52
Comments: I love all alien movies I love gigers art and I'm pissed that 20th century fox is ripping him off

Name: Roy
Website: http://
From: Alamo,TX /USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 19:16:48
Comments: Fox should have a least name the Spaceship in Alien Ressurection the U.S. Giger, would that be asking for a lot. I respect James Camaron for his notion in Aliens, but Fox really mest up.

Name: Patrick Gray
Website: http://
Referred by: Garth Franklin
From: Maryland, USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 19:13:19
Comments: After hearing the news of giger not being credited for his alien design, i thought to myself, this is terrible, considering that his design ranks up their with the classic universal monsters. Then i saw alien resurrection, and wehn the newborn came on screen, the first thing i thought was, what if giger had designed this? All i can say is, i hope fox reconsiders their actions and gives giger credit where credit is due. Keep up the good work.

Name: James Clifton
Website: coming attractions
From: Australia
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 18:19:40
Comments: HR.Giger is the man behind anything to do with any of the alien films. There is no doubt in my mind that he should be credited for his work seeing that the aliens are the same as in the first film.

Name: Oliver Sullivan
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Toronto, Canada
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 17:53:52
Comments: I cannot believe the complete and utter gall of FOX to believe that such a unique and unforgettable design would only need so much credit to the creator, H.R. Giger. I feel that this just a disguised way of edging Mr. Giger out of the picture slowly so that he will be forgotten as the creator of this stirring and disturbing creature. I sincerely that we don't let them get away with it.

Name: Mike Anthony
Website: http://
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 17:50:25
Comments: I was first entranced by 'Alien' from just the story. When I actually saw the alien, and the bizarre elegance of the derilect ship, I was forever hooked. The alien franchise would never be even close to what it is without Giger's artistic vision. He deserves credit in each film, regardless of whether he had direct involvement or not, since each film builds upon that vision. C'mon Fox, and give credit where credit is due.

Name: Magnus Larsson
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Stockholm/Sweden
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 17:33:58
Comments: I think it's a big shame that Mr Giger is not given credit for the aliendesign in Alien the resurrection.Without his monsterdesign there wouldn't have been a part four. Shame on Fox!!!

Name: Paul ivanko
Website: http://
From: nyc new york usa
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 17:20:40
Comments: I heard that they were not going to put any credit for H.R.Giger in the new movie....... That sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all know that they are ripping him off Because it looks like the movies as of the past aliens Fuck Them .............let's revolt and kick there ass they suckkkkk signed Paul Ivanko

Name: Kelpie242
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Australia
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 17:12:42
Comments: Ahhh yes, depend on Hollywood to take a brilliant concept, milk it, then discard it like a used condom. Giger's work makes the Alien films, especially the latest ones that are long on style short on substance, And who's style is it? Giger's. The man. Not only is it dishonest and impolite not to credit H.R, it's also profoundly stupid. I haven't seen RESURRECTION yet but from what I hear the big downfall is the Newborn. Gee, I wonder who could've designed an original and striking creature that would inspire the synapses... (FORHEAD SLAP FOX!!!) 242

Name: Jordon
Website: http://
From: Mesa, Arizona USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 17:04:45
Comments: I thoroughly enjoyed Alien4 and did not realize that no credit had been given to Giger for his creations. The aliens have been frightening, and shocking. Yet, elgant in form and beauty. Giger is an incredibly talented artist and should be recognized as such by the studio. Jordon

Name: Dan Brown
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Sydney Australia.
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 16:45:23
Comments: If it wasn't for Giger's design of the Alien creature the whole of the Alien series would never exist. His superb artisitc skill has given the creature a superb feature of being able to give nightmares to anyone by just looking at it. His design is what makes these movies so great and without them the Alien series would be CRAP!!!!!!! So I say to FOX, Mr GIGER deserves a huge appology and at least should be mentioned at the START of the video release of Alien Resurrection because if it wasn't for him all those millions, and millions of dollars fox has recieved from those movies would be cut down to practically nothing. Can't wait to see Giger's Newborn and I hope when it comes out FOX will realise what a HUGE mistake they have made.

Name: Brian Lamprecht
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Crystal Falls, MI, USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 16:03:45
Comments: This is an outrage, but it is also typical uncaring behavior for Hollywood. Giger's design is what made the Alien seem alien, and it's a shame Fox has forgotten what they owe him for creating it. I suppose Fox will try to get out of this with an apologetic letter or some such nonsense, but I would like to see an example made of them so that a message will be sent to other studios. Then maybe this kind of thing won't happen again.

Name: Benjamin Krueger
Website: http://
From: Munich, Germany
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 15:43:43
Comments: Shame on Fox.I was amazed to see such an ugly baby Alien.Forget Fox, its loosen time thinking about their faults,they are only interested in fast money.I hope to see more of your excellent work !!!!!

Name: scott beams
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Kenosha, WI
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 15:14:40
Comments: The snub of Giger is an insult to everything that is art and that beautiful creature he designed. Without Mr. Giger, what would Aliens be? Now come on. The creature he painted and designed with his genius imagination is perfect. Nothing could be as perfect. Nothing could be as beautiful. I hope they pay.

Name: Durin Thornton
Website: Wire Chamber
Referred by: My self.
From: Corydon, In United States
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 15:10:35
Comments: That's crap! There are laws against that I thought. Every one knows Giger invinted Aliens even if those ass-holes won't admit it. The sad thing about it is, that even the this has happened to Giger the contraversy will only boost sales. And that's fairly cheap. Giger should sue them for the profits or at least half. To not even give the father his due.

Name: Appipoulai
Website: ???
From: El Paso,TX /USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 15:08:18
Comments: I just recently saw Alien 4 and I had no idea that Giger wasn't given credit. I loved the movie and without Giger's alien's it would completely suck. Giger is the reason that movie is known. GIGER GIGER GIGER

Name: Jason Shaw
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Mount Pearl, NF., Canada
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 14:46:41
Comments: I have just heard about this controversy concerning Alien 4. It is a great shame to see one of the greatest and most unique artists of our time not get credit when credit is due. Without his creations, the series would have been nothing to remember. He has had a massive influence on Sci-Fi, music, computer games and the artistic culture. A public apology from Fox and including the necessary credits on the video release may stop this case of artistic fraud.

Name: Will Ackley
Website: http://
Referred by: Garth Franklin's Dark Horizons
From: Auburn, AL
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 14:21:51
Comments: I think that H.R. Giger's work is some of the most unique art to appear in the 20th century. Such a shame it is that "20th century" is held by a studio which has denied him any amount of credit for his work.

Name: Danny Kadrich
Website: Kadrich
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Milwaukee USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 14:21:19
Comments: Out raged at this!!!!! You get deprrived and it's barely known!!!! Fox is still great in my eyes but now they have lowered themselves to sewer scum!! Live forever Giger.

Name: aaron ward
Website: turn your head and cough
Referred by: university of texas
From: austin,tx usa
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 14:09:31
Comments: it's amazing how anyone could deprive giger of credit. he should be receiving a bundle just for royalties. someone owes giger BIG TIME!

Name: Dirk Wirsbitzki
From: Meschede, Germany
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 13:43:15
Comments: Very sad story. But it does not amaze me to see that the big bosses don´t have behavior or class. Shame on you 20th Century Fox!

Name: David Olson
From: Montréal, Canada
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 13:23:56
Comments: I was amazed, after seeing Ressurection that Mr. Giger not credited. Lets hope that the next film ( you can't deny it ) will at least mention his importance to the series. And imagine what an amazing film it could have been, had Giger been involved. And a note to the future directer of the next film: Get the aliens out of plain view and back in the dark and shadows wher they belong!

Name: Geroge S. Liptrap
Website: http://
From: Rocklin, CA, USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 13:19:01
Comments: I was very dissapointed with FOX on the release of Alien4.. the movie itself was not up to the standard set by the series. Now I've read about this and I'm finding myself wonder how many brain cells the FOX executives really have left. This whole situations is FUBAR!!!!!

Name: David Tilden
Website: http://
Referred by: Darkhorizons Website
From: Leamington, Ontario - CANADA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 13:09:46
Comments: I was stunned when I heard about how Mr.Giger's name wasn't even in the credits. I'm only 14, and I saw A L I E N when I was only 3 years old, AL()ENS when I was 6, And Alien3 when I was 12! And up 'till then, I thougt that the alien creature was designed by some regular costume designer, this was before I had ever heard of H.R. Giger. I only found out about him being responsible for this magnificent creature a year ago,and now that I'm aware of this, I really feel sorry for him, and I absolutely agree that his name shoudl've, should, and should be in the credits of alien-resurrection, no doubt! I thoroughly back him in this matter.

Name: Craig Jones
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Blacksburg, VA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 13:03:57
Comments: Making an Alien movie without giving credit to H.R. Giger is like making a Star Wars movie w/o giving credit to George Lucas, or making a Jaws movie w/o giving credit to Peter Benchley. It is quite likely that the Alien franchise would never have progressed beyond the first film had Giger not created such an amazing creature for us to fear. Ask yourself, when you hear someone mention the film "Alien", do you immediately conjure up images of Tom Skerrit, Sigourney Weaver, or Jonesy? No, you immediatly think of those dark, slimy, acid bleeding homicide machines and their rather effective killing techniques. It is a true tragedy that FOX has shut out Giger in this manner. They call it "H.R. Giger's Alien" for a reason.

Name: Levon Stevenson
Website: http://
From: London, ON, Canada
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 13:00:06
Comments: I can't believe that a studio with such a high profile would even attempt to steal the work of one of our lifetime's greatest imaginitive artists. To not give credit to Giger for his ideas constitutes mental and creative theft, and should be dealt with as such. Shame on them!

Name: Chris Owen
Website: Urban Rock Web Site
From: Glendale, CA USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 12:30:56
Comments: Obviously the redeeming feature of Alien and it's lesser sequels is Giger's Alien. The only monster that regularly haunts my nightmares. There is something elemental in it's appearance. Here's my rating for the 4 movies.. Alien, 8 out of 10 A very scary film with a brilliant monster. Aliens, 3 out of 10 An action movie which succeeded in emasculating a very scary monster. Alien III, 6 out of 10 A dark dark film with a very scary monster and a good ending. Alien Resurrection, 2 out of 10 A sick depressing film which turn a scary monster into a stupid monster. Chris Owen

Name: Jason Berman
Website: http://
Referred by:
From: Tampa, FL/USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 11:52:06
Comments: There is one undeniable fact. Without Mr. Giger, there would be no Alien, nor an Alien franchise. It was your inovative look that made the original film so good. By not having your input, Fox and the filmmakers of the sequels did themselves and the public a grave disservice. I for one, thank you for all your work and I hope to see more of it in films and books in the near future.

Name: Alec Muzzy
Website: It's Me!
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Kent, WA, USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 11:28:06
Comments: It's sad to think that FOX, a company that brought us Star Wars and X-files, would do something so thoughtless as to not recognize Giger's artwork. Then again, they also were stupid enough to take away such great shows as STRANGE LUCK, THE TICK and PROFIT. Maybe they are just a bunch of crack smokers after all.

Name: Aaron Wooster
From: Seattle, Wa
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 11:00:45
Comments: Without question, one of the most lasting images of late 20th century film is the Alien, in all it's forms, from the Alien series. By refusing to give credit to the father of these creatures, Fox has committed nothing less than common thievery. Past the gross disservice they have paid Mr. Giger, the Producers of the latest film obviously possess such minimal faith in their own creative abilities and such a strong desire for aggrandizement that they are willing to try to make the public think the creatures on-screen are from their imaginations. Now, I am willing to believe that there are dark recesses in the minds of the executives at Fox that could come up with something as horrific as the Alien creatures...the fact that they are stripping credit from Giger is proof enough. In the future, perhaps they can concentrate less on being cinematic revisionists and more on supporting the man who gave form to our unarticulated horrors.

Name: frogdoggie
Website: The Horror Show
Referred by: SciFi Channel Home Page
From: U. S.
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 10:51:02
Comments: Sorry to hear 20th Century Fox has ripped off Mr. Giger. It seems like there is a trend out there towards companies ripping off creative talent. Try doing work for the fantasy role playing and collectible card game industry sometime. At any rate, I have seen ALIEN:RESURRECTION and if it is any consolation the film pales in comparison with 1 and 2 (although it is much better then the awful 3). Sure, the aliens are cool and Sigourney Weaver is fantastic as usual, but the film sort of left a flat taste in my mouth. Been there and done that I guess, even with the moderately intersting albino "newborn" at the end. So, Mr. Giger despite the really unjust rip-off by the studio maybe you shouldn't be too unhappy to NOT have your name connected with a ho-hum film. Watch the box office numbers and see if I'm not right. PS - Your artwork is insprirational! Love it! Bests, frogdoggie

Name: Jonathan Beck
Website: http://
From: Rochester, England
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 10:49:09
Comments: Dear H.R. Giger, Why don't you produce your own 'Giger's Alien' book without any 20th Century Fox credits?

Name: Scott Bandla
Website: A Pixel is Worth a Thousand Words
Referred by:
From: Denver, CO
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 10:45:16
Comments: I find it shameful that Fox would perform such a blatant act of neglect toward the man most singularly responsible for the enduring appeal of one if its most successful franchises. Although a complete recall of prints at this time seems unrealistic, hopefully they will see the error of their ways in time to give Mr. Giger the credit he deserves when the inevitable video release comes next summer (if there's any justice in the world, such credit would come with an apology as blatant as Fox's original omission...).

Name: Ron
Website: The Laughing Drunk
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: SF
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 10:30:52
Comments: Giger has been screwed by the Hollywood movie machine. He obviously should have been credited for the creature design. This should not even be a question... it should be a mandate! Shame on FOX.

Website: http://
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 10:25:02
Comments: I've just seen Aliens: Resurrection and thought it was a great movie. Right up until the last 5 minutes with that AWFUL creature design. It spoiled my enjoyment of the film to be honest! WHY COULDNT THE MAKERS OF THE FILM HAD GOTTEN H.R. TO DESIGN THE "NEW" ALIEN??? H.R Giger, is a genius and has created a truly unique vision of an alien that shall remain in our minds forever. Give credit where credit is due! Because without the designs of giger, the whole series would be a straight to video release!!!

Name: Gunnar Torfi Jóhannsson
Website: Maximum Prodigy
Referred by: Gunzi
From: Iceland
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 10:19:18
Comments: I don't understand why FOX didn't put him in the credits. I mean he created the ALIEN...if it wasn't for him the Alien Series would never been so successfull. He deserve the respect for his work for the Alien Saga.

Name: Jaime Prater
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Chicago, Illinois
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 10:09:12
Comments: I loved the creatures in Resurrection, I thank you Mr. Giger for your dream and your vision, without it there would be no A L I = N James Prater

Name: Dan Goldwasser
Website: Dan's HomePage
From: Los Angeles, CA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 10:03:13
Comments: First off, I want to say that your original designs are incredible, and do more to inspire fear and nightmares than Stan Winston's or ADI's designs ever could. It is disgraceful of Fox not to credit you for Alien Resurrection when it is so obvious that you not only designed the original creatures, but the creatures in Alien Resurrection are so close to your original designs, as seen in "Giger's Alien" (the book). I hope all goes well in your relationship with Fox, and that you sue the pants off of them. But don't worry about the Oscar's this year - there are much better movies out there and Woodruff and Gillis won't get jack. Good luck with SPECIES 2 - you did work on it, right? Dan Goldwasser

Website: http://
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 09:53:34
Comments: The one thing that Alien 4 shows is that the special effect guys that won an oscar for Alien 3 actually have no talent. It's easy to make an award winning effect when you're just adding a few touches to a design that already won an award (like Giger's Alien), but when left alone with their own resources, they prove they are nothing. Their compiled talent created the "Newborn" one of the most pathetic-looking monsters in film history, much less big-budget films. Giger's design of the Alien is still his own and still holds the film franchise together.

Name: KC
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Denver / USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 09:53:23
Comments: Yeah, a slap on the wrists of Fox for the omition of ol' boy H.R.'s name. Having said that, let's hope Mr. Giger is able to copyright and withhold future iterations of his beast so we can finally put a nail into the coffin of what has turned into an artless money-grubbing film series. I mean, come on gang: IV was just as bad as III, if not worse. Either cut the one-by-one slasher flick casualty count scripts and take the war down to Earth on a grandiose scale like we would love to see, or put it to rest... P.S. Everyone go buy your H.R. Giger 1998 calenders; they make wonderfully twisted holiday gifts!

Website: http://
Referred by: dead zone pl
From: poland
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 09:41:32
Comments: mr.GIGER is the best of the world artist of nithmare,is the god of aliens and will be forever,fox is wery,wery stup...

Name: Christian Baetz
Website: http://
From: Wuerzburg, Germany
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 09:37:06
Comments: In my opinion the suits at Fox are a bunch of idiots for not giving H.R. Giger the chance for a further development of his alien creature (I don't mean improvement, the design is excellent). Imagine what kind of movies they could have made (especially 3 and 4) and then compare it with the flicks they produced!

Name: Crithon
Website: Zobit Film Review
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: New Jersey/ USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 08:51:19
Comments: Giger created a master piece. A creature that we have never ever seen in any other film. It scraed us and yet inspired us. I think I will never forget the time I first saw Alien, and then be scared that one of those thinggs could be in my house. I think Giger does desirve his name mention in Resurection. Think about all the kids who will grow up thinking that 20th Century Fox was the creator of the Alien? They will just think that Giger is some lunatic who is cashing in on a movie franchise. And what if Resurection is just the begining. What if in Alien 5, Fox does not mention Giger's name? What if Fox starts taking his name out in rerelased tapes of the Alien films? If you have seen my site you proably did hear me say some bad things about Alien Resurection. But I am not here defending the movie. I am defending Giger.

Name: Christian Fowler
Website: Unofficial Alien 5 Site
From: Oslo, Norway
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 08:32:30
Comments: I have been a true Alien fan for about 13 years. Thanks to these movies I was introduced to Mr. Giger's magnificent work! Over the years I have collected several posters and frameworks by this artistic superman. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to see a preview of Alien Resurrection here in Oslo, and was stunned by Jeunet's magic touch to the Alien series. I've always been grateful for Mr. Giger's "Alien", and find it absolutely shocking that 20th Century Fox have not credited Mr. Giger for his work. I just don't understand how and why they left his name out of this movie. I'm sure it wouldn't cost them a single penny to print his name in the credits! Fox have announced their work on a fifth Alien movie, with intentions to bring us to the alien's home planet. Surely they will need help from H.R. Giger for the designs, but after treating him this way, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't accept. Keep up your magnificent work, Mr. Giger! At least your greatest fans support you 101%

Name: Mikael Holst
Website: http://
Referred by: Darkhorizon
From: Ljunghusen, Sweden
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 08:27:38
Comments: Giger´s alien is the best movie monster ever made! The fact that he was not credited is criminal. Let the long leg of justice kick those responsible were it hurts!

Name: Jim Plutnicki
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Hoizons
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 08:15:52
Comments: The people who made Alien:Resurrection should be ashamed of themselves. First off, the Aliens in this movie look more like the original Alien than any of the previous movies. For that alone Giger deserves his credit. Also, they should have begged and pleaded with him to design the Newborn that was in that movie. That thing was just awful. I hope and pray that if an Alien 5 is to be, that they call upon H.R. Giger, beg his forgiveness, and ask him to work on the design of anything Alien in that movie... We can only hope.

Name: Jeremiah Gard
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Billings, Montana
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 08:13:50
Comments: Dear Sir, Good luck with your cause. It is obvious to anyone who looks that the aliens in "Alien: Resurrection" were based upon your designs. Best wishes! Jeremiah

Name: Jeremy Martin
Website: My World of Piss
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Eastport, ME
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 08:13:41
Comments: HR Giger is both an artist and an innovator. he is the father of the aliens in all 4 movies, as his art, part work, and even the films' makers attest to. it would be best for the film makers to correct this abhorrant error.

Name: Cozmo
Website: http://
From: Finland
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 07:58:58
Comments: The Aliens are a creation of H.R.Giger, but the movies are not. I'm as much baffled about the fact that Giger wasn't mentioned in the credits as anyone. On the other had, I'm also surprised to see so much aggression regarding this issue. Giger created the Alien's look, bu he didn't create the movies. These movies are an effort contributed by several model-makers, FX-specialist, etc. Credit would be only fair, but this seems like a witch-hunt. Pretty soon they'll want the film to be retitled H.R. GIGER'S ALIEN: THE RESURRECTION... Give the man his credit and let's just everybody shut up!

Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Paris FRANCE
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 07:56:28
Comments: GIGER is a fantastic creator and,I think,it's anormal that the FOX forgets to mention GIGER in Alien Resurrection.It's an insult to his amazing talent.Alien wouldn't be Alien without him.So it will be quite good to not forget him in Alien 5.

Name: Jacek
Website: "Alien Resurrection" Webring
From: Malta
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 07:39:59
Comments: Dear Sir, I am a ringmaster of the "Alien Resurrection" Webring which links the sites related to that movie. I would like to extend my invitation to you to join my ring. I believe that people browsing through that ring should also see and read what really happened with H.R. Giger credit. Due to the circumstances I can understand you do need to include whole ring navigator window (with photo from that movie) but just the links. I would appreciate your positive feedback especially because I am in great favour of the work of H.R.Giger. Best regards Ringmaster of "Alien Resurrection" Webring (

Name: Larry Sternshein
Website: http://
From: Chicago / USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 07:23:41
Comments: Without H.R. Giger there is no Alien: Ressurection. Give the man his credit, he deserves it for creating a creature that will haunt everybody for years to come.

Name: David
Website: Looker Online
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Paris France
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 07:18:13
Comments: That everyone forgot to put Giger's name on the credit roll seems totally surrealistic. He created Alien, the saga would not exist if Giger didn't exist. These are movie versions of his world, his paintings, his artistic identity. Does Warner forget to credit Bob Kane for Batman, or Siegel & Schuster for Superman ? Why that sort of things happens to Giger... again ? Of course, that kind of treatment of creators by Hollywood is not really new (witness the hundreds of lawsuits filed each year, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. For 100 lawsuits, how many settled out of courts ? I think Fox should make an apology, and correct the credits. This kind of treatment is really appalling.

Name: Julian Stanisic
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons Website
From: New York, NY
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 07:03:51
Comments: I think what the producers and studio did by not even putting Mr. Giger's name in the credits was not only unfair but criminal. The movie itself could not even have been made had it not been for the original design work that was created by Mr. Giger and that is predominantly a major part of the whole "Alien" universe. Since they did credity Dan O'Bannon for his original story, I was shocked and dismayed when I did not see Mr. Giger's name there. This fourth film had even more of what I consider to be Gigeresque design than even the last two. What can I say about the Newborn? Well, maybe it'll be released as a huggable toy this Christmas. Personally, I respect and enjoy Mr. Giger's artwork and in doing this, Fox has not only insulted him but all of his fans as well. I should hope that they at least issue a public apology in Variety and hopefully include Mr. Giger's name and rightful credity on the international and subsequent video releases of the movie. Thank you.

Name: David Jellinek
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 06:37:44
Comments: I agree with the letter to Fox; the aliens his and his alone He deserved credit. Dave

Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Halifax/Canada
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 05:43:30
Comments: As Usual, big companies see only the money, box office and how much they can make. Don't they realize that with the bad publicity that this site can give them in not supporting and aknowledging your ideas they could loose big, I have heard of this page through Dark Horizons which means it will get known a lot, just think of the reaction about the newborn the site reported, (btw the newborn in my opinion looks like a cross between ET and the baby of Dinosaurs (tv show) just taller)... The only thing is why as FOX not say any comments??? Their PA dept should jump on the chance to limit the damage we can do to them, the 'Net is powerful and the written word has never been more present since then.

Name: Chris Cheadle
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Dayton, Ohio / USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 05:40:28
Comments: The work that Giger did on the original Alien film gave me nightmares for several weeks from my first viewing. There has been no other movie creature, in my mind, that has been so frightening. With this in mind, I believe that Fox not giving vredit where credit is due is the crowning mistake in a problem filled film. If it weren't for this incredible creature design, Fox's precious series would not exist. We should all prey that they scrap the idea for a fifth installment!

Name: Peter Nacken
Website: http://
Referred by: AICN, Coming Attractions, Dark Horizon
From: NYC, USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 05:24:14
Comments: shame on FOX .. actually a cool Studio ... but this is just ignorance !!! I was very surprised as I read the credits thoroughfully because i WANTED to read the name GIGER !!! ... after i have seen the Newborn i would have loved to see a credit line like "Original Creature Design by HR Giger... BUT that stupid Newborn is NOT his fault !!!" The Newborn and the Queen gave that actually pretty cool movie a bad aftertaste ... i really liked the first 2/3 .. the last sucked (ha ha .. the newborn out into space:) It would be nice if Fox would do something about that .. maybe add the name in the Video Version !!! ok.. these were my 2 cent

Name: Dan Archy's
Website: http://
From: Paris
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 05:04:21
Comments: Je trouve toujours domage, qu'un créateur, n'est pas le pouvoir de garder son oeuvre jursq'au bout, que ce soit pour des problèmes d'argent ou de personne. Le plus grave, étant de ne pas trouver votre noms au générique!!! Le travail sur alien4 est assez remarquable, mais la nouvelle créature, manque de réusite!!! Salutation à tous et bien à Vous Mister Giger...

Name: Kim Clausen
Website: http://
Referred by: Harry's Ain't It Cool News
From: Denmark
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 04:22:22
Comments: Well, I saw ALIEN RESSURRECTION yesteday, and I'm behind you alle the way!!! The alien warriors are great looking, all thanks to Giger, in the first place. But the Alien Queen and The Newborn have to be a very bad joke...loke like fucking crap to me! In my oppinnion ALIEN RESSURRECTION never existed. Fuck the french!! Regards Kim Clausen/Denmark

Name: Tor Hulbakviken
Website: A Shelter From Pigs On The Wing
Referred by: Pink Floyd
From: Oslo / Norway
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 04:11:52
Comments: It is a disgrace that FOX has not credited Giger for his work. What would the Alien films have been without his contribution? I'd say we would probably not have seen a serie of films without his ideas. Just to think what Alien 4 would have been if Giger had designed the new born monster, instead of that stupid thing that ruined the whole film............

Name: Randy Wade
Website: http://
Referred by: Dark Horizons and Coming Attractions
From: Atlanta, GA USA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 04:11:36
Comments: My friends and I noticed that his name wasn't credited on the film before we read about the controversy, and wondered what was going on. For what its worth, we gave him credit. He's a genius!

Name: Jens Nilsson
Website: The ultimate star trek page
Referred by: Jens Nilsson
From: simrishamn
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 04:06:50
Comments: A very cool site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Alora
Website: The Frogs Web Site
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Pomona, CA
Time: Tuesday, 09 December 1997 at 04:05:18
Comments: They didn't credit Giger, they didn't ask him for help designing the new alien... AND IT WAS TERRIBLE! The sleek, biomechanic design Giger made famous is gone, replaced by a slimy, malformed eyesore. You should be glad the Giger name wasn't associated with that miserable piece of trash.

Name: Scott Sindorf
Referred by: CG-char user group
From: NYC
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 22:00:45
Comments: You have influenced my work both as an architect and as an animator. Aliens will always be yoyr "baby." For that you are one of my biggest influences.

Name: Peter Knipe
Website: http://
From: England
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 21:59:55
Comments: The most stunning and beautiful scene in Alien Resurrection is pure Giger, so it is equally stunning to discover that his name is not in the credits. The Alien lair, which envelopes Ripley near the end of the film finale, in the words of Tom Woodruff is " an HR Giger painting coming to life," (SFX #32, December 1997). YES, THIS LIVING LANDSCAPE IS RIPPED DIRECTLY FROM GIGER'S WORK. I suggest that Giger and his lawyers get a hold of this British publication and read the cover story in its entirety. The article brazenly documents how HR Giger's work was utilized for the making of this movie even though, Giger, himself, was not! In the European Community, this would be called copyright infringement. Can American law be so different that this could be allowed? 20 years ago I was employed as a graphic designer by Big O Publishing London. We published the first English translated version of the book "HR GIGER'S NECRONOMICON" and, two years later in 1979, the book of his design work for the first film, " GIGER'S ALIEN", the undisputed design "bible", the New Testament for all things extraterrestrial in the Alien films. It must be clear to anyone who is familiar with these two books, shall we call it his "New Testament", 20th Century Fox and the Alien designers went back to the 'Old Testament", HR GIGER'S NECRONOMICON, for inspiration. Giger's Biomechanical Landscape paintings are the real source of their, aptly named, Viper's Nest. Peter Knipe

Website: http://
From: Melbourne, Australia
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 21:43:30
Comments: Fuck you Fox, fuck you hard - where the hell do you get off. Giger's Ideas's and talent soar way above anything that your combined artists could possibly come up with. This man was going absolutely sick with crazy, arcane, wall sized murals in '72 while your executives were fucking around in high school. Take off your fecal filtered glasses FOX and recognize true genius.

Name: Kendall C. Gray
Website: DTN
Referred by: Enlightened Self Interest
From: Omaha, NE
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 20:21:26
Comments: I was aware of the slight to Mr Giger before I went to see the latest in the "Alien" series. My reactions to the thing are unimportant. ( Sigorney Weaver has one of most visually arresting faces I have ever seen. I really _must_ say that. Oh, and this chicken neck thing of hubris and gristle, this "Newborn" sucks. Must say that, too. ) The Audience reactions, however.. I stayed after the film and asked them, as they left, if they knew who designed the Aliens. I spoke with 50 people, by actual count. ( Others were quicker to dodge. Probably ate less oily popcorn. ) They mis-pronounced the name. They _really_ mangled the name.. But they all knew it. Giger. They know your work, sir. More, they know it.. Somehow.. Deeply. Even without being able to properly articulate it. Your place in history is safe. I just wish Fox realized how important your work was, as well.. Go get 'em. Kendall

Name: Andrew Fair
Website: http://
Referred by: Alien Fascination link
From: Austin, Texas
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 19:20:29
Comments: I am indeed stunned that 20th Century Fox failed to credit H.R. Giger for the Alien design. I feel bad that I failed to notice his exemption from the credits when I saw Alien Resurection on its opening night. Especially since the Aliens in the movie were so close in appearence to the original. Also the entire film seemed to owe a lot in its artistic design and sets, to Giger. It was a good over-all film, and definately revived the series (though I hope to never again see the "newborn", it was so stupid looking and acting).

Name: Rowan Maher
Website: http://
Referred by: linked from Corona Productions
From: Sydney, Australia
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 18:55:46
Comments: I haven't seen the film yet but as an avid Alien series fan i am anxiously awaiting January 1. I will however be very unimpressed if I do not see a recognition title for H.R. GIGER in the credits. Now is the time to put it in before the prints for international releases are done. It's not hard to do, they did it with THE FLINTSTONES when Mel Blanc's name was left out of the credits as the voice for Dino. So basically Fox, I love your work, don't disappoint me. Give the man his credit.

Name: Kevin Neijstrom
Referred by: Corona
From: Syracuse, New York
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 17:54:21
Comments: I was, to say the least, stunned when my dearly-awaited Alien Resurrection opened without a single mention of the genius responsible for the Alien franchise. I thought it was a mistake, and now I am appalled to learn otherwise. This is a grave insult to Mr. Giger. I hope Fox profusely apologizes and makes up for this glaring omission. To do otherwise would be foolhardy and intolerable.

Name: Scott Ward
Website: ---
Referred by: Corona Movies
From: North Carolina, USA
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 17:44:59
Comments: It is truly sad to see the work of a brilliant artist such as Giger, whose dark images have literally created a branch of cinema end up plagarized by Studio Execs. If 20th Century Fox has any respect at all, it will, in the video release, and in any nominations for awards, list Giger where he belongs!

Name: Satai Wilco
Website: The Turtle Movement
Referred by: Corona
From: USA
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 17:38:59
Comments: Until just recently, upon stumbling on your webpage, I was completely in the dark as to the amazing quality of Mr. Giger's work. I am astounded at the quality of the Necronom scenes in question. The blatant lack of regard for Mr. Giger's work and ability has gone on too long, and I certainly hope that by the support expressed in these pages the appropriate people will take notice.

Name: spork-girl
Website: http://
Referred by: from e!online
From: italy
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 17:31:35
Comments: I am appalled at how unprofessionally Mr Giger has been treated. I hope amends are SOMEHOW made... Sincerely, spork-girl

Name: Timothy King
Website: http://
Referred by: Corona movies
From: Sacramento, California
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 15:31:24
Comments: I am a huge fan of the alien franchise since Aliens. I have been disapointed with the last two movies and to make matters worse, you don't give Giger credit what so ever. Giger's paintings were made before the first Alien movie, THEY ARE HIS CREATION, not yours. Alien: Resurrection is not going to be a hit at all; maybe you should hire Giger to make cool looking aliens and not something that drools and looks like it came from Flubber.

Name: Rene K.
Website: http://
From: Austria Vlbg.
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 14:24:16
Comments: Ich habe alle Alien Filme gesehen und ich kann nur eines dazu sagen, das der oder die, die sich für dieses Thema auch nur ein bißchen mehr interessiert mit sicherheit weiß das diese Kreaturen aus ihrer Feder stammen. Ich bin auch der Überzeugung das niemand auch nur in die nähe ihrer Kunst kommen kann solche Kreationen zu endwerfen. Mann muß nur das neue Wesen betrachten dann ist alles Klar wer der Beste in sachen Disign ist. Ich hoffe das es der Firma Fox auch eines Tages Klar wird.

Name: Justin Smith
Website: http://
Referred by: Corona Coming Attractions
From: Montana, USA
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 12:17:37
Comments: Giger, I first stumbled on to your work in the late '60s in your oversize book whose name I can never quite remember, something like Necromicom? Anyway, this image, "alien," has been with us for nearly 30 years now. Just as Picasso's Guernica announced the beginning of mankind's most murderous century, the "alien," & its insatiable cravings has become a necccesary post-nuclear, post-apocalytic imaging of ravenous consumerism, incurable diseases that eat away at our insides, addiction, AIDS, cancer, etc., etc.--, i.e., Something, a nightmare, that is always changing its shape & that we can never seem to see all of -- at least that's how Alien 1 came across.) I am very grateful to you for your persistence in showing your work. No doubt, many shrugged you off as merely unwell. As for Alien Ressurection, I would have been more terrified and it would have made more "horrific" sense if the A4 "newborn" had looked more like a Barbie or Ken doll. Rumor has it Alien 5 is supposed to place on earth. Sounds like they'll just remke Starship Troopers, replacing the bugs with aliens. How dismal. As for the producers forgetting your credit, well, hell, what can you expect from a bunch of ravenous, insatiable life-forms whose only purpose is to make us "hosts" for their young? Thanks again.

Name: David Bostaph
Website: http://
From: erie, pennsylvania
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 12:07:10
Comments: i have nothing really bad to say as far as anything to do with the movie itself. I liked what i saw. I am hurt though that you, Mr. Giger, did not get the credit you should have at the beginning of the movie. I am always amazed at all your work. You have influenced me in a lot of the things I do, and the way I see things. That was your gift to these movies, the shift in how we need to look at the world around us, and I feel that only an artist, such as yourself, could bring that to such a place as Hollywood. Unfortunately, here in the USA, we value marketablity over artistic integrity, and that is a shame and a paradox. For if we look at that which is marketable, it usually is something with a great amount of signature to it. I am sorry for your lack of recognition, and I admire the fact that you still find wonderful things to say about this film, unlike those of us out here who just throw insults. I admire you and your strength.

Name: August Graham
Website: http://
Referred by: I always come here
From: NYC
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 11:25:31
Comments: The star in this film series is the ALIEN MONSTER. He should be getting paid more $$$$ than any of his co-stars, including Sigourney Weaver. Since 20th Century Fox has STOLEN H.R. Giger's desereved film credits, can we assume that he is being denied his fair share of the $$$$ also? Regards, August Graham

Name: Lazaro Rojas
Website: http://
Referred by: Corona Productions website
From: New Jersey, USA
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 11:02:12
Comments: Fox and most other studios are notorious for stomping on artistic rights. Enought is enough!

Name: Vince Yim
Website: Comics: Not just for kids...
Referred by: Linked through Corona's coming attractions
From: Surrey, British Columbia, CANADA
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 09:43:23
Comments: I must say that you got one of the most fertile imaginations in the art community. Too bad that Fox doesn't acknowledge your contributions. At least Ridley Scott and James Cameron were gracious enough to do so. Thanks for keeping entertained with your designs, Vince.

Name: Bas Kuiper
Website: http://
Referred by: linked by morpheus giger site
From: the Netherlands
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 09:14:09
Comments: Dear HR, Well, I think you've been cheated. Cheated out of the credit you deserve for your work on the Alien creature. Cheated out of your creation, the alien has become the property of the big companies. Well they should think twice about that. Like the company in the films, the alien cannot be controlled. So I hope they alle die painfull slow deaths from a face hugger. Besides all that, I am really into you work. I like it a lot. Especially the older acrylics. Keep up the works. Greetings, Bas.

Name: Ash
Website: http://
Referred by: Corona's Director's Cut
From: Uk
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 06:59:23
Comments: Good luck with your certainly deserve credit for your designs...Fox has a successful movie franchise...this would not be if it weren't for your input on Alien...why don't you sue the studio?

Name: Emma Roberts
Website: http://
Referred by: From my 'Favourites' menu
From: Cardiff WALES
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 05:44:05
Comments: I recently saw Alien Resurrection and was very surprised not to see your name in the credits. It is outrageous really since the Aliens are shown more frequently and in greater detail than in any previous film. The Alien films would have been nothing without your brilliant design so FOX are really stupid if they think they can get away with this. Good luck with the court case ...

Name: John hinge
Website: http://-not working currently and sadly -
Referred by: From Coming Attractions
From: Denmark
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 05:00:34
Comments: After seeing Alien4 i'm not sure how much you (Mr. Giger) should be saddened about not being credited. True, you did create these wonderful creatures, but that white thingy in A-4 is simply way out, It makes the whole movie fall apart in my opinion. I've loved your designs since seeing Alien for the first time, and i really liked species, so ofcourse i think you should have the credit, but if they do give it, try to ensure that they do NOT credit you for the white thingy.. That is better left alone.. permanently.. my 5 cents worth

Name: Chien-Wei, Weng
Website: noe
Referred by: by 'coming attractions'
From: Taipei, Taiwan
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 04:07:06
Comments: Hi, Giger: I am gonna meet S.Weaver on Thursday. Do you want me to tell her about your angry?

Name: Richard Romanowski
Referred by: Link from Coming Attractions
From: London
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 02:35:10
Comments: It's an outrage, but then the last two alien films have sucked, so maybe it's an asset he's not been credited for this one...

From: San Francisco, CA
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 00:32:08
Comments: So what's ther REAL story? There must be some personal nendetta going on here between you and the studio. I knaw your behavior on the Species set was widely considered REALLY odd, and your fixation on creating your own large pieces and trying to get them shipped to the US, and all that. Maybe you pissed them off in the past in some very large way, and now your paying the price for being a unique personality...(it works that way in Hollywood) I say forget about the fools, we all know you are the MASTER and that the Alien will ALWAYS be your baby....move on and accept the fact that the truly creative individual will always be an outcast in Hollwood (Unless of course he sells out and resigns ANY creative vision and goes for the $$$ i.e. Jeunet)

Name: Nancy Y. Chen
Website: WoRLd of PhiLeZ
Referred by: the aliens told me
From: GA
Time: Monday, 08 December 1997 at 00:00:53
Comments: I have to say, this web site has definitely captured an essence of darkness and creepiness, the same qualities that i appreciate from the Alien series, and all your artwork. It is difficult to state about the situation that FOX has created between you and the credits. I am behind you all the way, of course. As in artist, i understand the need, or more, the desire to be credited with something that you have thought of originally. And to have that credit taken away, or even, never given [in your situation], it is a shame on FOX. It seems they are in the business sometimes over their heads. Treating the creators of such wonderous work like irrevelant trash is horrible. To think that there are companies like this everywhere. Anyhows, the movie Alien Resurrection is grand. Deep and dark. And of course, would not have been possible without your designs. Keep fighting for what you already deserve!

Website: http://
Referred by: Keeping tabs
From: Salt Lake City, UT
Time: Sunday, 07 December 1997 at 22:26:19
Comments: Intently I sat, waiting for the name to appear in all it's glory, but it never did. I feel that your agent should have ensured that your was name on the credits, but of course most would assume that 20TH Century would get there heads out of their asses and give credit where cridit's due. Even if a public apology is made, you should still sue them. I send you my love and support. Good Luck!

Name: vernon grendolyn
Website: http://
From: markham ontario
Time: Sunday, 07 December 1997 at 21:10:26
Comments: I love your art, and the movies you've done, but they're so ordinary. I would be amazing if you could get in touch with a real director with a real story and made a surrealistic movie that matches your great art.

Name: Jeff Broderick
Referred by: Searched for "H.R.Giger"
From: Southern Ontario, Canada
Time: Sunday, 07 December 1997 at 18:39:15
Comments: I was extremely disappointed and, indeed, disgusted when I saw no credits for Mr. Giger in the film. Furthermore, the special effects team have been on television numerous times stating that they designed the "new" Alien for this movie. It is obvious to any fan of Mr. Giger's that these are shameful, outright lies. I hope Mr. Giger receives due credit and a substantial settlement. These movies have earned a great deal of money and I don't feel they would have been even memorable without the outstanding presence of Mr. Giger's design work. Yours truly, Jeff Broderick

Name: Sandy Voss
Website: http://
Referred by: from the weekly online version of Film Threat, which ran Giger's letter to 20th Century Fox
From: Michigan
Time: Sunday, 07 December 1997 at 18:25:33
Comments: I am outraged to hear that HR Giger received no credit for Alien 4, a movie I haven't seen yet, but certainly will. There is no Alien with Giger. In the first installment of the series, there's no ship, no planet, no nothing. In fact, the whole Alien sensibility -- which we were so happy to see wedded to director Jean-Pierre Jeunet -- is Giger's creation. Its unique style couldn't exist without him. (I am a mature horror fan, and long-term fan of the series. In 1979, I was 24 years old.) I really appreciate this page and Film Threat's giving me a chance to respond to this.

Name: Marcus
Website: http://
Referred by: Zillo 12/97
From: Germany
Time: Sunday, 07 December 1997 at 13:40:07
Comments: Lassen Sie sich sich nur nicht Fertig machen!Es ist eine Schande fuer FOX wenn die sich so etwas erlauben! Grüsse- KNÜPPEL

Name: Goblin
Website: http://
Referred by: Web search under HRGiger
From: Bangor, Northern Ireland.
Time: Sunday, 07 December 1997 at 08:59:12
Comments: It is disgraceful to have Giger's name omitted from the credits of Alien IV. Another big corporation taking advantage of their position. An apology at least is required by Fox, if this is failing there is surely a legal position Mr. Giger can take. Good luck.

Name: Matthias Roeser
Website: http://
Referred by:
From: Germany
Time: Sunday, 07 December 1997 at 04:52:00
Comments: Sounds like the usual rip-off by big companies. Nobody can claim that the Aliens in Alien 4 were only "inspired" by your work. It is the "original" Alien as we know it from Alien 1, and Fox should acknowledge that accordingly. I hope you find a good lawyer to show the people from Fox where their limits are. Yours sincerely Matthias Roeser

Name: Jeremy Romero
Website: The Creative 3D Expresso
Referred by: CG List Peter Plantec's Post
From: California
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 23:24:02
Comments: I am not sure whom is reading this... But I would simply like to say that H. R. Giger's artwork has been an inspiration to many.. I am amazed that the Alien I first saw at age 8 still still haunts me. As for my view on Fox and there Alien... It is one in the same with it's 1976 Image... created by (AKA Designed by) H.R. Giger. -Jer

Name: Leo Horishny
Website: Bellanca Airbus/Aircruiser Homepage
Referred by: Yahoo search HR Giger after reading E! Online story re: Fox screwing you around.
From: 4216 Turrill Street, Cincinnati, OH 45223-2019
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 21:19:29
Comments: This is disgusting and only goes to show that Fox is not or ever was a new type of network (studio) Once they got big enough to throw their weight around, they take the typical corporate attitude, "What'd I do?" As they stand stupidly with someone else's product in their hands which Fox stole for their own benefit. What's wrong with kids today? Classic example here... given a no-brainer, pathetically easy, low cost oppor- tunity to do the right thing, they punt. Big Time. If for *NO* other reason than to show good manners, COMMON COURTESY, A SHRED OF DECENCY, they would rea- lize from whence their bread and butter cometh. You were wrong, if I may, when you said that without Giger artwork there would be no Alien sequels...without the artwork there would have been **NO** Alien at ALL!!! At the very, very least a pale shadow of what DID tran- spire after R. Scott used the design would have been made and I've got $5 here says, Scott's genius aside, with any other design, that movie would not have been the one that was made. What can I do to help heap shame or possible plaster a face hugger on the Fox weasels? Leo Horishny

Name: Peter Plantec
Website: DreamScape
Referred by: From the SciFi channel's pages.
From: Beverly Hills, Ca
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 18:52:00
Comments: I understand the anger and disappointment you must feel. My daughter was denied her rightful credit for visual effects work on Jackel. She worked on the CG Subway in Washington DC. She was shocked and dismayed when her name was completely missing. There can be no denial that it is your vision which is on the screen in all the Alien movies. Sure, others have had a part, but the essential nature of that vision clearly came from your remarkable imagination. I hope you sue and get your credit due. FYI, I'm a Visual FX designer/3D animator and creative director of Virtual Personalities, Inc. We are developing real-time animated virtual humans who understand language and communicate with their user through a voice interface. MaxHeadroom revisited -P- Peter Plantec DreamScape Productions Beverly Hills, CA

Name: arnaud
Website: scientific homepage
Referred by: after having seen alien IV
From: belgium ( gruyère is a beautifull village !!!)
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 14:58:29
Comments: I really do agree in the fault the fox made... He is the real creator of all aliens..... He is, with S. Weaver, the most important poeple in thoses films He is the man who belongs aliens don't forget it , please......

Referred by: surfing for GIGER
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 14:40:09
Comments: I've been a fan of your art for many years. I just seen Alian Resurrection and was surprised to see that 20th Century Fox still can't find any Alian designers with any origional ideas. Since the origional Alian movie(which you designed)I've noticed that there are numerous other artists and movie designers copying your work.The baby and clones in Alian Resurrection were exact copys of your work. My question to Fox would be why use an imitater when you can get the originator. I wonder if these people ever heard of the word COPYRIGHT.

Name: Chris Baiocchetti
Website: http://
Referred by: E-Online news article
From: USA
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 13:56:11
Comments: I am very much a fan of Mr. Giger's work. It's individuality, it's distictive appearance, it's sense of both wonderment and other artist has so eloquently captured all this (and much more) in this part of the 20th century. But a harsh reality does exist. When you work with Hollywood, you swim with sharks. The ignorance of 20th Century Fox to give any proper kind of credit for ALIEN: RESSURECTION should actually come as no surprise. That credit was given for the first sequel (ALIENS) came both as a surprise, and a testament to those particular film makers, who were obviously aware that Mr. Giger was the original wellspring from which the ALIEN universe flowed. With ALIEN3....while credit was given, it was not the proper kind of credit for the work done by Mr. Giger. And while a bone was thrown to him later should have become obvious to him at this point that the movie studio didn't care about him one way or another. It should have come as no surprise, really, when Mr. Giger was omitted completely from the credit of the latest ALIEN film. His treatment by the studio before should have been a fair indicator that a snub like this was to come. So while it makes it no less right, this is also treatment that Mr. Giger should have come to expect. I wish him nothing but the very best in whatever action he chooses to take against 20th Century Fox. But it surprises me that a man of such demonstrated intelligence would wear blinders into a situation such as this. Peace to you and yours for the upcoming holidays. May the truth prevail in the end.

Name: Jason Seldon
Website: http://
Referred by: Surfing for Giger
From: U.K.
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 12:08:13
Comments: I think it is appalling that Giger has been forgotten (?) on the credits. The way that I perceive it, is that without Giger's alien, the film would not have been the hit that it is. It is widely known that Giger designed the creature by the people who saw the original film. But the younger generation who may not have ben struck by the initial Alien mania, may not realise the origins of the alien creature. This appears to be a great injustice.

Name: Simon Lee
Website: [s|m0n_leE]'s Midi eXplosion
Referred by: E! Online
From: M'sia
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 12:02:20
Comments: All I can say is... FOX SUCKS. Mr. Giger, You really, really deserved the credit so in conclusion, I hope you kick FOX's behind.

Name: Victor Eijkhout
Referred by: usenet group
From: Los Angeles
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 11:46:17
Comments: I sat through all the credits of Alien4, waiting to see your name somewhere in the fine print. I find it unbelievable that you weren't even mentioned.

Name: lord sir
Website: http://
From: The Church Of Variations
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 08:49:35
Comments: It is an affront to all artists when their work goes unacknowledged. I sincerely request that this - oversight - be corrected and that Mr. Giger be given credit due for the use of his original designs of the "Alien" cratures. It is almost beyond belief that this should have happened. I wish Mr. Giger good fortune in the pusuit of proper credit for his creations. Regards, Lord Sir

Name: Philip Assarson
Website: have non "yet"
Referred by: searching on yahoo and linking through
From: Sweden
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 07:17:02
Comments: ...I was on the Swedish premier of Alien 4, the 28th of november and i 2 reacted that Gigers name wasnt mentioned in the credits. The movie wasnt bad but the end sucked, the Alien mutation in the end trashed this film totaly, i guess that´s what u get when a french gets his hands on a good concept like the Alien films. My best complements 2 all HR Gigers work And related Cool stuff, and sorry 4 my English.

Name: Sheridan
Website: http://
Referred by: a visit to gigers' homepage
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 05:15:28
Comments: Last Sunday I saw Alien:Resurrection, & while waiting for someone to come back from the toilet watched the credits. I was surprised that, as the Creature Design Team scrolled past that there was no mention of the name that has been synonymous with that familiar elongated head ever since I first became curious about how films are made. I had thought I must have missed Gigers' name until I made my regular visit to his webpage & saw these comments. Obviously it is now to late to add Gigers' name to the credits, but when the film goes to video, 20th Century Fox should make sure his name is added, & any further Alien films must give credit where it is due. All respects to Ridley Scott, but without Giger Alien could never have supported 3 sequels.

Name: tarkan
Website: http://
Referred by: while searching stuff bout giger
From: turkey istanbul
Time: Saturday, 06 December 1997 at 03:11:44
Comments: for me is giger is someone who is very unique person of his race humans he lives in an world which is adjacent to our planet but dimensionally differnt everything he does is reflection of his world that can only be defined by himself.if you ask me out of this subject he must be cloned and must be kept as a new phenemenon of his eternal being

Name: Lewis A. Sellers
Website: The Fourth Millennium Foundation
Referred by:
From: Knoxville, TN USA
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 23:05:54
Comments: I have been an admiring fan for long ages, but also as well I am already irritated with Fox for many of it's other "corporate" decisions. Moreso now that I've learned of the situation with Aliens 4. It would be nice to show our collective rage in the oh-so-popular format of and image banner. Something in the range of 460x60 with a work 303-ish alien head stretched long across it and wording: Our Alien Father (<--clean flowing typeface) hrgiger (<--stylized signature) Something like that. Of course, the only real problem with this is... well, some types of people (like Fox executives) might consider this small freely available officially-sanctioned piece of art-work to be a good thing to base Aliens 5 on. :-) But it was a thought, min

From: MA, USA
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 22:12:55
Comments: First off i'd like to say that you Mr. Giger are a genius and a visionary. Ever since i laid my eyes on the 'Alien' i've been obsessed with your work. Every single one of your paintings and models are masterpieces. So when i saw 'Alien:Resurrection' i was deeply maddened by the lack of any credit at all for you. You deserve so much credit, without your creation Hollywood wouldn't have had such a great creature to rip off for the last 20 years. Hopefully MGM and the makers of 'Species 2:Origins' treated you much better and given you the respect you deserve.

Name: Vann Godfrey
Website: http://
Referred by: friend told me about your page
From: New Jersey
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 20:38:57
Comments: I actually was looking for your name in the credits in the beginning of the film - like you watch for your favorite actor or director. I was immediatly shocked when the film story began without any mention of you at all! You should pursue this to the fullest - Your work is the ALIEN movies blueprint! And since this film is most likely going to put life back into the franchise - FOX should do the right thing and Immediatly correct this error by reprinting & redistributing the film with the name of "H.R. Giger" boldly credited!

Name: Roberto J Peon
Website: http://
Referred by: altavista
From: Atlanta
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 18:29:08
Comments: Hey, he deserves some credit! "Credit where credit is due" I believe in that absolutely, thus: "Hey, he deserves some credit!"

Name: Terence Berendt
Website: Drakken
Referred by: A link from my page
From: New Jersey USA
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 16:53:30
Comments: I have loved your work ever since Alien. There wouldn't be a Alien: Ressurection without you. How they can get away with this is beyond me. I just would like to lend my support.

Name: Johan Murén
Website: pollen
Referred by: via "Ain't it cool news"
From: Sweden
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 16:09:12
Comments: You have my full support. The aliens are your brilliant design and they have an important part of the movies success. No aliens, no Alien movies and no money to FOX. FOX owns you a BIG public appology. Hope you nail them. J.

Name: Alicyn Simpson
Website: http://
Referred by:
From: Currently California USA
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 14:35:22
Comments: You have my full support. The ignorance or arrogance of studio executives totally stuns me. FOX needs to make a public appology and statement of recognition for your work. Keep on dreaming. Alicyn

Name: Eric Werner
Website: http://
Referred by: CNN SCI FI PICKS
From: NY
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 11:32:51
Comments: I can't believe the audacity of FOX. It is INCREDIBLY obvious that you inspired the entire alien series, beside the fact that without your vision this would be just another mediocre, run-from-the-alien-bad guy sci-fi flick. Your images stay with the mind, believe me. You need to sue the shit out of FOX my friend. Good luck.

Name: D.Sebastian Nye
Website: dsnye's Home Page
Referred by: Just looking at art.
From: Or better, where haven't I been yet....
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 10:18:08
Comments: I was also surprised to not see H.R.G.'s name mentionis anywhere in the film. We even sat & waited through the credits to see if he would appear at all, but alas no. Well, take'em to court! By the way, I appreciate all the nightmares that I've had since viewing your work. Funny, No other artist can do that to me.... Good Luck, Sebastian.

Name: Brian Meidell
Website: - under construction
Referred by: Guessed my way...
From: Denmark.
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 08:30:42
Comments: I think it is - to say the very least - an outrage, that Fox hasn't listed HR Giger in the credits. The entire mood of alien would never have been as creepy-crawly without the original and awesome Giger-design. But to call it a conspiracy, and to wish chestbursters on the people at Fox is a bit overdoing it, don't you think ? What i DON'T think would be overdoing it, was the Fox spend whatever sum it might take to mend this horrid mistake, and put some serious credits in Alien 4. This would cost them quite a sum, and show that they are truly sorry for their mistake. Think of what calling back the thousands, if not millions of copies of the film to insert Giger credits would cost them ... Maybe a short 2 minute movie after the film would be a decent apology too. Don't let them get away with it!

Name: Ginger Dzerk
Website: Ginger's Very Special Home Page
Referred by: Film Threat Weekly
From: Seattle, WA
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 07:51:49
Comments: I saw Alien Ressurection but admit I didn't really read the credits. I'm shocked that HR Giger was not listed, and can't imagine how anyone could think it would be reasonable not to include his name. Even if he did no original work for the 4th of the series, there is no denying that the Alien concept and design are 100% Giger. I firmly belive that the success of the Alien series has much to do with the unique design of both the creature and the sets, which can be credited to no one but HR Giger. Whoever else works on the look of these films is only following Giger's lead. A very public apology is the least Fox can do.

Name: Gustav Waldner
Website: http://
Referred by: I searched on "H.R Aliens
From: Sweden
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 07:38:12
Comments: I think it is important that H.R Giger is one of the names listed in the credits in Alien 4. I hope they will put his name there (I don´t know how) becouse mabey he can take Fox´s license for making Alien movies, and I think that the films are one of the best films in the world, and I would like to see more Alien movies in the future. GW

Name: Boris
Website: http://
From: Latvia
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 07:23:20
Comments: THIS FILM MUST BE DESTROYED, OR BABY ALIEN MUST BE DIGITALLY REPLACED TO ORIGINAL GIGER'S CREATURE, SAME AS RIPLEY'S CLONES!!! Our children should not see this horror in future. Because such films as Alien saga is forever. I belive, that every admirer of Giger and Aliens would be happy to pay some money to save the film. For now, THERE IS NO ALIEN 4!!! It's does not exsist. We must something to do! Protect everyone from seeing it. Don't pay to Fox! They not deserve it. Sorry for my English. Boris :( :)

Name: wboyce
Website: http://
Time: Friday, 05 December 1997 at 07:21:22
Comments: I've been an Alien fan for many years, and i must admit to feeling let down by fox at not seeing a credit for the man that has come up with one of the all time lengendary film monsters of are time. Why?

December 4, 1997
From: Dimitri Patelis
Montreal, Canada

Subject: Feedding off Giger.

Dear Giger fans,
It was quite a surprise for me to hear that HR Giger did not receive credit
for the Alien design in the last sequel. As a fantasy artist myself I can
closely relate to the feelings of being robbed from your intellectual
property. It is reasonably accepted by a lot of us that we can be
exploited in the beginning of our career as to paying our dues. But it make
no sense in this occasion taking in consideration an the caliber of an artist
which HR Giger is. His work has established the start of a new era of
Fantasy Art and fantasy film, making him one of the Masters of our century.

Presently I am working on a series of Alien and Predator book covers. This
gives me the chance to say that HR Giger's vision is responsible for the
continuous release of a large number of products such as comic books, toys,
novels, computer games and, most important of all, three sequels of the
original movie which ahve been feeding everyone who worked on them for the
past two decades. This is good enough of a reason for them to respect, pay
tribute and give him his proper credit. I hope at least, he gets his fair
share of the profits everytime an Alien movie is made.

Sincerely, Dimitri Patelis.

Name: Karl ALlen
Website: http://
Referred by: search engine
From: boise, idaho
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 21:53:47
Comments: i too was miffed at the lack of mentioning Gigers name in the otherwise fantastic sequel to the alin saga. i've been a big fan of Giger's work almost as long as i've been a fan of the alien movies, which got me interested in his work. that's all i've got to say, so i thought i'd say it. Karl Allen

Name: Rob Haas
Referred by: refferred by
From: Virginia,USA
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 18:31:04
Comments: Watching the credits I did notice that your name was missing. I wanted to see who wa responsible for the horrible (in a bad way) looking "baby" alien. You should have received more credit for this movie than for any of the previous because there were objects that seemed to be straight out of your works, the Ripley clones especially.

Name: Erik Pflueger
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 17:59:00
Comments: Acknowledging that Giger was basically spat upon by the "delightful" folks at 20th Century Fox, I think Giger could use another method, along with the much-needed lawsuit, to give Fox its comeuppance. For one of his future books, Giger should try, just as his own private project: design his own version of the Newborn that doesn't look like a mucus-covered, papier-mache pretension. Then, when the public sees it (no doubt expressing its overwhelming approval) Giger can turn to Fox and say, "You wanted a Newborn? THAT'S a NEWBORN!" I think it would be a great idea, certainly something I would love to see, and I think I speak for the majority of Giger's fans when I speculate they would love it as well. Just my two cents. Erik Pflueger

Name: simon benedetti
Website: http://
Referred by: 1998 diary HR Giger ARh+
From: australia
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 17:55:26
Comments: mr Giger, you are not given due credit from those big corporations, but that is only to be expected from money hungry idiots who could not even think up an original idea if... oh well the world is full of those type of people. from me,(27 and been in love with your work for years) one of your biggest fans in australia keep the surrealism going and i will anlways be watching. by the way just bought my first print( future kill 2) and it has pride of place on my wall. they are not cheap but who cares soon i will also have future kill 1 and (when i can afford it), and if i get a chance would love to see your work in a gallery wherever in the dominion it is thanx simon

Name: Viktor Koen
Website: I don't have a homepage thanks!
Referred by: Rage
From: Greece
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 16:45:02
Comments: To whom it may concern I can’t hide my disappointment when I failed to find Mr. H.R. Giger’s name in the opening titles of Alien Resurrection. Unfortunately what followed explained everything. Any deviance from the original creature, who’s power I don’t have to explain, was devastatingly unsuccessful, if not blasphemous to a creator of Mr. Giger’s caliber. The “Alien Crying baby” was more of a bastardization than a creation. Who worked on it? Michael Jackson’s team of plastic surgeons? I hope that the “Alien Crying baby” will no resurface next Alien movie if it doesn’t learn how to sing and dance, so the movie belongs in the “Musical Category”. I guess Hollywood lost another chance to use the brilliance of Mr Giger and offer us, the audience, the quality of entertainment we deserve and are certainly paying for! Please do something Viktor Koen Creative Partner, LPNYTHink, New York Faculty, Parson’s School of Design, New York

Name: Dave Verma
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 16:34:56
Comments: I am constantly amazed by the arrogance of those whom incapable of the genius and insight that are the cornerstones of creativity, seek to aggrandise themselves with the work of others. To put it mildly none of the alien films would have had any atmosphere whatsoever without the dark vision of HR Giger. New Zealand is yet to see the latest film but from what I've read I now have no interest in viewing it. I will be emailing all the people I know (several of whom work in the media),about this. I sincerely hope that this situation is addressed by the film company involved. Regards Dave Verma

Name: Garen Arevian
Website: Garen's Homepage
Referred by: Typed WWW address of new book title which I saw at book fair
From: London, England
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 16:03:46
Comments: Even though all the Alien sequels have been good - in order: "Alien Ressurection", "Aliens" and "Alien 3", the artistic content of the last three does not match that of "Alien" - with which Giger was directly involved. As a scientist with an interest in evolutionary biology, I found that the concept of his alien creatures brought biology and art together - for biological organisms are beautiful and elegant, and Giger expressed both his ideas and art in an intrinsically beautiful manner. That elegance and artform of his initial conceptualisations of the creature, the spaceships, the credible life-cycle, etc are largely missing from the sequels. Maybe that is why "Alien" is a cinematographic legend while the others are just flamboyant, money-spinning offshoots. I am disappointed that Giger was not given due credit. I will also be happy the day Giger decides to have an exhibition in London - and I'd be glad to help ! There is a huge following in this country. Best regards, Garen Arevian

Name: Christian Arkins
Website: http://
Referred by: Sci-Fi newletter
From: Indianapolis, Indiana (USA)
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 15:51:20
Comments: Mr. Giger, Love your site. Am very displeased over the recent discredit. Have been a fan of your work since I was 8 and can say with all honesty that your work and designs defined the very essence of the Alien series. Relly wished they had used your original ideas in 'Alien', with the egyptianesque markings and the lifecycle painting. Sincerly & w/ respect, Christian K. Arkins

From: "edge" <>
To: <>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 15:04:19 -0800

H.R. Giger's work creeped me out in highschool in the seventies. When I review it with an adult, jaded mind I still marvel at the wonderful twisted darkness from which these nightmarish creep, leap and slither. Giger still creeps me out. If he isn't given credit I hope those responsible for his omission spend every night dreaming Giger enhanced dreams.

M.F. Smith Tacoma, WA

Name: John Robinson
Website: Sleep Deprivation Institute
Referred by: Pointer in the DarkEcho online newsletter
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 14:07:07
Comments: First of all, underneath all of the goo--everyone knows that Alien 4 used Giger Aliens. Same aliens--they just took all the leftover goo from Flubber and smeared them on the aliens. Now, if I could tell Giger one thing--one thing--to ease his mind about this travesty, is that the larger travesty was the Alien 4 film itself. Giger: I understand about the principle of the thing, but otherwise--be GLAD you were not associated with the film in any shape or form. Everyone I have spoken with was overcome with disappointment. Take care.

Name: Xavier The Destroyer
Website: Submit to Xavier the Destroyer
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 13:07:31
Comments: When I saw Alien:Ressurection the day in opened in my hometown, I too did not see Giger's name in the credits. My first reaction was that he may not have done any work on this particular film, but then again, he got credit in Aliens for his original Alien design. I was pissed off to say the least. A friend of mine sent me a copy of the letter Giger sent to the film company (those cheep bastards) and I was pleased that someone took a stand. By the way, the only good thing about the movie was it's visuals. Giger should have gotten credit for making it worth seeing too.

Name: Krunoslav Gernhard
Website: "Via Galactica"
Referred by: SF Weekly
From: Croatia
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 11:55:16
Comments: I think that HRG has every right to ask what he hardly earned - allmost every hororor/fantasy movie after "Alien" tried to copy it's original design, but failed. Originality and uniqueness must be a things to appreciate. Just this.

Name: Eliud Cabrera
Website: not mine but use The Nicks Fix
Referred by: Alien links...
From: Dallas
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 10:26:56
Comments: I am saddened to know a studio like Fox can disregard the contributions of H.R. Giger to the making of Alien: Resurrection. The Fox Television network is responsible for providing some of the most revoltionary and entertaining television we've seen in decades and to think these two entertainment entities are owned by the same company makes me wonder how many artists are not given their due in the creation of the great work on everything Fox produces. The Alien movies should never go on without serious consulting from H.R. Giger and I hope he is someday able to attain the full rights and control to his creature.

Name: Pheeraphat Sawangphian
Website: Tamagotchi Simulator
Referred by: Search your name "H.R. Giger" in Yahoo!
From: Bangkok, Thailand
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 07:20:48
Comments: Love your creatures in Alien, Aliens and Species.

Name: Daniel Doherty
Referred by: From a Nine Inch Nails Page
From: Ireland
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 06:38:35
Comments: Fuck 20th Century Fox. Everybody knows where the design for the Alien came from and nobody is forgetting. Fair play to H.R. Giger. 20th Century Fox should be beaten like with a shitty stick.

Name: David Barry Davies
Website: yahoo
Referred by: Yahoo
From: UK
Time: Thursday, 04 December 1997 at 04:01:22
Comments: I myself have not seen "Alien: resurection" as of yet but hear that is a good film. I was unhappy to hear that the so called professionals could not be botherd to do a simple little thing as to give H. R. Giger credit for the hard work he has done. May Mr. Giger win!

Name: Norman Bercasio
Website: Personal Homepage
Referred by: From Sci-Fi News
From: USA
Time: Wednesday, 03 December 1997 at 23:00:24
Comments: Dear HR Giger:You deserve a credit for your original design of the Alien creature(s). I think you have a valid case here. I love the movie series of Aliens including the best one: Alien 4. I don't want FOX to be affected with bad publicy by your case against them but I think a private settlement should be honored in favor of you.Goodluck and great work.

Name: kevin martinez
Website: http://
Referred by: web tv
From: lexington ky
Time: Wednesday, 03 December 1997 at 22:25:25
Comments: alien resurection is excellent, but could not have existed without the genius of h.r. giger's designs! someone bring me the head of rupert murdoch!

Name: Grey Coyote
Website: Grey Coyote's Lair
Referred by: Some other Aliens page
From: Canada
Time: Wednesday, 03 December 1997 at 21:27:21
Comments: I agree Geiger was ripped off by the later Aliens movies by not giving him credit for his designs. However, when Geiger said Aliens: Resurrection was an excellent film, it just showed me that he obviously never watched the film, because if he did he would know that the film sucked ass. Thank you.Grey Coyote

Name: Tim O'neill
Website: http://
Referred by: By computer
From: Planet Earth I think!? I'm not sure anymore.
Time: Wednesday, 03 December 1997 at 21:08:44
Comments: Come on guys give it up for the man H.R.Giger, you can't write a simple letter of apology, is there something wrong with your hands, no wonder artist won't deal with Hollywood it's because of crap like this you pull. Cowardly Bastards.

Name: Adrian Stubbs
Website: Not up at present
Referred by:
From: London, England but I live in San Francisco
Time: Wednesday, 03 December 1997 at 19:39:09
Comments: I have only just found your web-site which I likeI feel your pain. I hope you publish your response from Fox. What are their reasons ?Are they saving money like this ??At least you know that most people watchingAliens 4 will know that your creations are the reason they are there. That and Ms Weaver.-Adrian

Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 19:06:17 -0800
From: "Rob O'Hara" <>
Subject: Regarding the Alien 4 slieght

Frankly I can't beleive that Fox has the audacity not to acknowledge and
give credit to Giger. The Aliens are clearly derived from the his work
and Fox should appologize and make amends to him.

Rob O'Hara

Name: Michael Ley
Website: http://
Referred by: surfin around
From: Germany
Time: Wednesday, 03 December 1997 at 16:58:21
Comments: it is really without words!!!sue fox!

Name: warner mcelveen
Website: http://
Referred by: sci-fi weekly
From: usa
Time: Wednesday, 03 December 1997 at 16:48:49
Comments: I saw the film and it was good...The art work was good...The aliens were good...20th century fox is bad...How can I contact these rip offs...I can not believe they did this...I will tell everyone I know aboutthis...what else can I do?...How can 20thcentury fox get away with this?...

Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 16:43:21 -0500
From: "Chuck W. Henderson" <>
Organization: NorthStar Technologies, Inc.
Subject: appalling discredit

I am appalled, that's my opinion. Indeed, i agree with H.R.G. that the Alien sequels would likely not even exist were it not for his unique creature art. I was also rather disappointed with the minimal credit given for his work on the movie "Species."

Giger is unmatched! I have been a fan for as long as i can remember, awaiting the opening of "Alien" with feverish anticipation. It was Giger come to life, and I was thrilled with how it turned out. Before that i was inspired by his print work--the main reason i picked up an airbrush. These days, his work further inspires my own computer graphics stuff.

I just bought a copy of "H.R. Giger's Retrospective 1964-1984" this afternoon and am delighted with the content. Among the many things i was pleased to read about is this web site.

Thanx for doing what you do, Chuck

Name: John Verbos
Website: http://
Referred by: Surfed In Intentionally
From: Milwuakee, WI. U.S.A.
Time: Wednesday, 03 December 1997 at 15:50:28
Comments: Mr. Giger, I fully agree that this is an outright breach of your artistic rights. Being an artist myself, I can sympathize completely. The movie was excellent, and without your imagery, you are correct, it would be nothing. I personally did not know of this disgrace until finding this page, but I assure you, atrocities of this magnitude of disrespect should never behoove and artist. I would be overjoyed to see the movie renevated with your hand in the alterations. The characters were lovely, and I shall always enjoy a movie graced with your artwork. My only qualm with the movie was the lack of appearances made by the ever so lovely Queen Alien. I hope to see you receive what is deserved by you and get your credit. I will be waiting to see what is to come of this dilemma. In utter artistic respect and adoration, John Verbos

From: Matthew Sloly
Subject: Re: mafia of the mediocre

Dear Mr. Giger,

I have admired your work for a very long time. You are a truly original visionary. Your designs and overall aesthetic approach have altered the face of the future. For this, you have my deepest admiration and respect.

I think it is truly despicable that the makers of ALIEN 4 neglected to give you credit for your designs. They obviously have no respect for your art. However this disrespect was obvious even before the conspicuous absence of your name in the credits at the end of A4, due to the absolutely inept execution of your designs in that movie. The monster that emerges from the womb of the alien queen is absolutely the worst designed movie monster that I have seen in the last 20 years. The inept makers of A4 took the most frightening monster in movie history and turned it into a B-grade latex slug with saggy tits! Pathetic!!! In a way, you should be glad not to have your name associated with that lame excuse for a film. If the director and film executives responsible for A4 seem shamelessly unapologetic for their conduct towards you, it is only because they are obviously too stupid and dull to realize the value of the artistic legacy that they have squandered! Such is the way of the mafia of the mediocre. Best wishes, Matthew Sloly

Name: Eric T McGinn
Website: http://
From: Massachusetts.USA
Time: Wednesday, 03 December 1997 at 11:18:32
Comments: Giger, all that i can say is that you are probably the best artist i have ever seen. I am also pissed off that you didnt get any credit for alien 4. to tell you the truth i wasnt all that impressed by alien4. I thought the script was really bad. It sounded like it was written by an overenthusiastic fan, which it was. I heard they are already planning an alien 5. You should get on their asses and design for alien 5. ps i still have nightmares about poltergeist 2. When that damn thing smiled i freaked out, and that was when i was 7! keep up the fantastic work.

Name: Anthony Antonellis
Website: http://not yet
Referred by: typed his name in
From: Mass, USA
Time: Wednesday, 03 December 1997 at 06:29:10
Comments: I am wicked pissed off. I go to Alien 4 and dont see Giger. What the Hell, Alien 2 alone was bad enough!!!

Name: Derek Edwards
Website: Magical Hoe-down
Referred by: From an Sci-fi Magazine Page
From: Florida
Time: Tuesday, 02 December 1997 at 14:53:08
Comments: I would like to say that your Art is Great (Standard) I've been a fan even before seeing the alien movie. But I believe the Director that seemed to give your work the most Justice was Ridley Scott. I was just wondering (Not like I will get a reply :) ) Would there ever be another movie which Puts Ridley Scott in the directors Chair and Giger in the Art Directors Position; possible a Alien Vs Preditor movie? with another title of course. Just a Retorical Question.

Name: marcell
From: berlin
Time: Tuesday, 02 December 1997 at 12:49:29
Comments: Just try to imagine what a straight coming train cause to the audience in the early years of the laterna magica. The first take was a historical event. The same with the one and only alien creature in the seventies. A shock only get effect with fears we still don´t know. So ... Hans Rüdi Giger made that step, opend that incredible door of the shadow games deep in our soul. And no re-copying artist would be able to imitate the original esthetic feeling of HRG´s special view of things. I confirm to you both ... And hope that one day ... when the names of the producers from Alien IV are rotten to tombstone dust, we could read his name in the biographies of the great artist of this century.

Name: Adam Douglas
Website: PSMOnline
Referred by: Ain't It Cool News
From: San Francisco
Time: Tuesday, 02 December 1997 at 12:27:56
Comments: Giger, I recently saw Alien Resurrection, but was apalled to learn that you were not credited at all in the movie. Your alien remains one of the most scary movie monsters of all time, and is also one of my earliest 'scary' memories. When I was 7, I went with my family to screen Young Frankenstein at the drive-in. Alien was playing on the screen next to us. Although my brother and I tried to resist, we couldn't help but watch Alien. The Chestburster especially prompted a quick retreat behind the seats! Anyway, thank you for bringing such beautiful and terrifying images into this world. No matter what Fox may try to do, I will forever associate the Alien with H.R. Giger.

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