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Name: Marcello H. Carnevali
Website: Magic Productions Ltd.
Referred by:
From: New York City
Time: Wednesday, 31 December 1997 at 23:24:16
Comments: I say it once, I'll say it again. H.R. must strike back at these greedy Hollywood bastards! Not only for him, but for every artist who has been screwed by the Hollywood Studios! FIGHT BACK!! Take it to the highest court! RESPECT WHERE RESPECT IS DUE!! We'll back you up 100%!

From: Canada
Time: Wednesday, 31 December 1997 at 20:35:01
Comments: Mr. Giger, your art has inspired me, and fueled my creativity for many years. Never before, and never again will we see such a perfection in form and design. Fox is wrong, and I wish you all the luck in the world in getting your due. In the meantime, may we never see the end of your work. My undying appreciation goes out to you.

Name: Michelle Keenan
Website: Feral Eye
From: Santa Clara,CA, USA
Time: Wednesday, 31 December 1997 at 18:44:22
Comments: After my boyfriend and I saw Alien4, I commented that with the release of Alien your designs forever changed the IDEAL of alien design. Most of the aliens created since Alien's inception bear a resemblance of one kind or another to your design. Biomechanics was a new "animal" at that time - we had never seen anything like it before! You're right...the series would not have turned out the same (nor be quite as well-received) had it not been for your visions. I say sue 'em!

Name: Ian
Time: Wednesday, 31 December 1997 at 16:43:21
Comments: When I saw Alien Reserection I IMMEDIATELY noticed that Giger's name was not listed in the credits. I was shocked. It is no secret that the alien was designed by Giger for the first film in the series (along with other elements, such as the "facehugger"), so how could they possibly make ANY film in this series and not credit the man who bought the creature to life? There is something very wrong here, and I can't help but feel that it's not simply an oversight, but rather that the omission of Giger's name in the film's credits was due to some form of twisted studio politics. Without H.R. Giger there would be no Alien or Alien series as we know it. It's about time that the film studio realized it.

Name: Erik Phairas
Referred by: love of gigers work
From: Houston TX U.S.A.
Time: Wednesday, 31 December 1997 at 13:23:38
Comments: The Alien movies have never been as good as when Giger worked on them,and they never will be without him. The effects team that worked on Alien3 and Alien4 have taken out any spark of life the Alien design once had.GIGER is in possesion of that spark and only he can give it back!!

Website: http://
Referred by: Interest in Giger
From: Binghamton N.Y. usa
Time: Wednesday, 31 December 1997 at 09:40:29
Comments: The end of the year is upon us. A happy new year to all those out there with an interest in the fantastic and the macabre .In another year we will be celebrating the end of the millenium, I s am eagerly awaiting Gigers visions for the new millenia. On a different note, I am very happy to see more and more reasonably priced books concerning Giger and his work, Salud, this can only expose more people to the work of one of the master artists of our generation. HAPPY NEW YEAR, WORLD! see ya later.....

Name: Gabriel Padilla
Website: http://
Referred by: Good guess
From: hillsboro U.S.
Time: Wednesday, 31 December 1997 at 08:59:08
Comments: It's true, without H,R. Giger there would be Alien Ress. Ever since I saw Alien when I was a boy it has touched me to this day. Not the story but the design. That massive tunnel where the eggs were is amazing. I am begining to wonder because, this world of Gigers makes me feel so calm and content ,yet I can't escape the idea that he is showing us hell. Humans losing so much of their power and WILL that they must have communion with machines. Becoming mechanical and dependent. Becoming, philosophically, pathetic. I do not want this to become of myself or humanity. I want us to become strong and generate our own life from within. I can only reason that Gigers world is devolution ,yet why am I so attracted to it? Maybe it's the unfathomable landscapes that are beautifull and not nesessarily the human condition shown? I am confused. What do you people out there Think? let's get some reactions. I believe this is something that hits our souls directly. Sometimes I think that the biomechaniods are in fact real. The dependent, mechanical, demons that have lost their freedom and are determined to take our WILL away to use as fuel in their addicted mechanical hearts?

Website: http://
From: Brisbane - Australia
Time: Wednesday, 31 December 1997 at 05:03:13
Comments: ALIEN..... Ever since I first remember with my conscious mind, I remember a nightmare. A nightmare that I was irresistably attracted to - a love for the metamorhosis of man and Biomech. I was maybe nine before I got to see the movie (against my mother's wishes) but I fell in love with this incredible art that only my own mind could mutely witness. Since then I have collected as much as I can and avidly followed any new works. Yours is a creative genius indeed, and the latest insult thrown at you for this genius is the last straw. I say take all action you can. I will not feel ANY reparation has been made until a public apology from our "illustrious friends" at FOX adorns this page. Until then, may they have every nightmare we can all give them and may you revel and soar to new heights of glory in (for once) THEIR pain. Keep true to your dream - only in this way will I (and any like me) see beauty. It makes me sick to see Fox spit upon one of the few rael beauties of this world.

Name: George K. Abraham
Referred by: Searched for H.R. Giger on Yahoo
From: Honolulu, HI (USA)
Time: Wednesday, 31 December 1997 at 03:14:48
Comments: H.R. Giger is one of the best artists of our time. I have admired his work for years. His dark imagery has often been copied but never been duplicated. For a company such as 20th Century Fox to deny Mr. Giger his due credit for Alien Ressurection is truly an injustice. There would be no Alien Ressurection without H.R. Giger. Alien Ressurection was an excellent movie, but now I am ashamed to admit that I saw it.

Name: James Marlowe
Website: http://
Time: Tuesday, 30 December 1997 at 21:15:09
Comments: When I was eight years old I begged my mom to take me to see Alien. She caved, I got my wish. That movie scared me, and I loved every minute of it. If it had not been for H.R.G., that movie would've probably faded from my memory. But thankfully, those dark images haunt me to this very day. The creator of this nightmare is GIGER. Not R. Scott, O'Bannon, or anyone else. Without the ARTIST, and his unique vision, the film would only be yet another "space-horror" flick. How many of those have I seen, I can't recall. Not because they were boring or not good, but they lacked the precision and single- handed mastery that the ALIEN monster had. Nothing in my mind comes close. So I think it stinks that the Alien movies have such short memories. Where would those film makers & producers be without H.R.G.???

Name: David T. Hubbard
Website: None yet
Referred by: Surfing
From: Elkhart, IN USA
Time: Tuesday, 30 December 1997 at 19:39:22
Comments: I'm disappointed to learn of the misplaced credits for Mr. H.R. Giger. Mr. Giger's work is truly unique and is indeed the major part of the success of the movies, Sigourney Weaver's Ripley notwithstanding. I truly hope that, however negligent, that it was indeed just somebody's oversight and not a greedy attempt at trying to get out of paying someone what they were due.

Name: Erek
Referred by: Alien Insurrection letter to 20th Century Fox
Time: Tuesday, 30 December 1997 at 18:35:04
Comments: I agree completely with Giger. I have been a fan for quite some time. Since Alien was filmed when I was just a little boy I cannot really remember a time before I knew who Giger was. I think that he should get the credit that deserves because after all anyone who is a fan of the movies knows perfectly well who created the aliens to begin with. Erek

Name: Randolph Trexell
Website: http://
Referred by: GIGER'S ART
From: Yakima, USA
Time: Tuesday, 30 December 1997 at 02:32:59
Comments: When I saw the movie I waited for the GIGER credit to flash on the screen. When it didnt come up, I just thought I had missed it. It never occurred to me that Fox would screw Mr GIGER out of at least a small mention in the film! This is very upsetting to me because it wouldnt cost those idiots a penny just to put up a credit for the man who was the creative genesis (along with Dan O'Bannon and Ridley Scott) behind the whole series of films. Just when you think Hollywood could not possibly sink any lower...

Name: Karl Learmont
Website: Zoog Music
Referred by: an unofficial GIGER site
From: Sydney/Australia
Time: Tuesday, 30 December 1997 at 00:04:57
Comments: GIGER is the father of dark art. His originality is a major personal influence. I am shocked to hear of the dishonesty of 20th Century Fox in STEALING the credit and ideas from Giger...yet it does not surprise me, 20th C FOx's mentality seams to be " IF you can't do it yourself, JUST STEAL IT " It's a pity that this attitude has distroyed the credibility of such a brilliant film. This has got to stop !

Name: Florisabel
Website: http://
From: Costa Rica
Time: Monday, 29 December 1997 at 20:22:52
Comments: I am speechless!!! But one thing is for sure when those bastards die their bones will be part of the scenery in Alien 69 (the beast becomes a bitch). Mr. Giger I´ll not talk about your art work because you´re probably tired of listening to the same story always. Take care of every and each cell of your marvelous and brilliant brain.

Name: Michael Barisheff
Website: http://
From: Hong Kong
Time: Monday, 29 December 1997 at 19:53:42
Comments: Dear Mr.Giger, Thank you for you artwork. It is something that I will always try to get hold of when I can afford, actually, even when I can't, I will still get it. As in Hong Kong, it's not often available. I have to stumble across your works in some small comic book stall. Alien 4 will be screening around Chinese New Year, in mid January 98. I don't usually go to the movies, as there is not too many worth seeing. But Alien 4 is a must see. Not because it's made by Fox, but because it's a Giger's movie. That, I think is what the "Aliens" series about. Not that 'Fox' made it. It is now and forever, a H.R.Giger creation. No one will remember the people who financed it. No one will remember who marketed it. We the movies goers will remember it solely as the series that were designed by YOU, H.R.Giger. In the years to come, people will not remember these films as 'Fox's Alien', it will always be "Giger's Alien". There's no two ways about. It is " Giger's Alien" through and through. On screen credit or not. What Fox has done to you, well, it's to be expected. Those faceless, nameless coporates will doing anything to make themselves look good on paper. By not crediting you, they are saving for the company, money! Thereby, ensuring their own survival in the coporate hierachy. That is they own petite problem. You are a original artist, inspiring many, many artist and people alike. I'm sure, that your future works will even be more inspiring to us all. You will be forever remembered. And where would those nameless thumb-sitters be? Oblivion. Thank you for all you have done. Looking forward for more and more inspiring art work from you. Happy New Year and may it be a productive one. Michael.

Website: http://
Time: Monday, 29 December 1997 at 16:16:47
Comments: That just sucks. I have boycotted the Alien films for this very reason. Screw the fat cats at fox.

Name: Mikel
Website: http://
From: Spain
Time: Monday, 29 December 1997 at 13:32:45
Comments: Me encanta esta pagina..... increible.

Name: Joshua Kellermeier
From: Toledo, OH >USA<
Time: Monday, 29 December 1997 at 12:46:26
Comments: I'm not sure what's more ferocious, the monster that is the corporate movie industry or the Alien. The lesson to be learned here is: if you don't want your work exploited, don't sell the rights! Giger is the most potent surrealist ever and will probably remain so for decades to come. His works will be emblazened within us long after the video rentals of Fox's mistakes dwindle to nothing. Personally I'd like to see a TOOL/Giger collaboration. If anyone can write some appropriate music for Giger's works, it's them!

Name: t.s.
Referred by: About 20 years of admiration.
From: OH, USA
Time: Monday, 29 December 1997 at 10:41:44
Comments: Ok, so I was a bit young, by many people's opinions (including my parents) to see the original "Alien" in 1979... I was 10. A bit too young to have any real impression of Sigourney stripping down to her skivvies in the final confrontation scene... Too young to really even follow the storyline the first time 'round. However... the sight of a twisted meld between an arachnid and a human hand gripped tightly around a man's head, and the resulting slathering, steel-fanged, double-mouthed, eyeless *horror*... Those were the impressions. They made that movie, and *all* that followed. Who is the star of the film? Sigourney? nah. She's good, but replaceable. If the next "Alien" movie were starring, say, Scott Baio, we'd still go (especially if we were granted the treat of seeing Scott Baio with a eager little Chestburster poppin' out of him). The point is, the Alien is the star. Without it, well... What was the title of the movie again? I just took my 12-year-old stepdaughter to see "Alien:Insurrection", but only after she had seen the first three, and had read H.R.G.'s letter to Fox. She loved them all... Loved the atmosphere, loved the effects, even occasionally liked the storylines (heh). But she described the Alien as "the scariest thing" she had ever seen. The girl thrives on "X-Files" and horror novels, but can only be truly *scared* by Mr. Giger's Alien. She is an aspiring writer herself, and quite good for her age. I have used this glaring example to show her that people in the industry she hopes one day to work are *not* kind to artists, and will treat them unfairly at any chance they get. She read over H.R.'s site, and pointed out the parts about the Ghost Train and "Species" I had not even had a chance to see. So, the next generation gets to learn to see the world through Giger's vision. Thanks, H.R., for helping me realize weird is good, normal is stupid, and to express myself with some *honesty* in vision, if nothing else. As for the folx at Fox, let's hope they wake up one night, stuck to a wall by some sticky mucous-like goo, gasping and helpless, only to see an oblong egg silently open toward their face... Hm. Something similar but in a courtroom setting may have to do, at least on this side of the veil. heh. -TS

Name: Camille Klein
Website: Elemental Hockey League
Referred by: friend
From: Raleigh, USA
Time: Sunday, 28 December 1997 at 16:32:55
Comments: Fox screwed you, Mr Giger. I'm tempted to suggest publicly humiliating them by posting your contract to some trade publications with the violated sections outlined, but that wouldn't serve any purpose. My feeling is the same as Scott's-- get a hold of Ridley Scott and do a movie with him, and cut Fox out of the picture completely.

Website: http://
From: Belgium
Time: Sunday, 28 December 1997 at 16:18:33
Comments: After you leave a comment here, get to the 20th century fox pages and sent them as much e-mails about this as you can. Maybe they will come to there sences if we anoy them as much as we can. A Fan.

Name: Scott Tatum
Website: http://
From: Gosport, England.
Time: Sunday, 28 December 1997 at 16:13:07
Comments: Fox has ripped you off. Assuming you did not give permission to use the Alien in the subsequent films, you should at least be able to get them for using your work without permission. After seeing Alien:Resurection, I'am an aliens fan, I see it cos of your work, I thought the ending a tad "interesting". I don;t know if you were planning on having the alien reprodction going that sort of way, but I think hugger-chestburster-alien is the best way. You should think about going to either a) Ripley Scott and saying "Do you want to do another film, this time with me" or b) go to another film company. Whatever you decide. Try to get them to do more live action aliens. CGI just plain sux and does not look real at all.

Name: moya
Website: http://
From: spokane usa
Time: Sunday, 28 December 1997 at 09:42:59
Comments: I commend the letter that Mr giger wrote to fox, His design of the 1st alien has always captured my attention to his style of work. I am an honorary fan forever. His work on Danzig's "how the gods kill" will always be my favorite, and "species" was a flop, but I watched it because it had H.R's work in it. again. give credit were credit is due!!

Website: http://
From: Italy
Time: Sunday, 28 December 1997 at 01:10:51
Comments: HR,you are one of the greatest artist living in this century,don't let the "20th" disrespect you! Your greatest Italian supporter, Gabriele.

Website: http://
From: U.S.A.
Time: Saturday, 27 December 1997 at 17:59:28
Comments: As I sift through the pages of "H.R. Giger's Biomechanics", it is obvious that Giger IS the alien. Without his amazing design there would be no alien. So, rightly, he deserves credit for his design and artwork in all of the alien films. And I thank him greatly for the gift that he has given his fans.

Website: the sinkhole
From: Lexington,KY,U.S.A.
Time: Saturday, 27 December 1997 at 13:03:16
Comments: H.R.Giger is,quite simply,a genius.I,as an artist and horror/fantasy film enthusiast,am appalled by the lack of respect (and common courtesy) displayed by 20th Century Fox.I have enjoyed all of the "Alien" films but now I must admit,I'll never look at them in quite the same light again.Giger's work has not only influenced film makers like Ridley Scott,but an entire generation of artists both known and unknown.His biomechanical nightmares and hauntingly beautiful visions can be seen in comic art,role-playing gamebooks,video box art,etc.,etc. Contemporary artists seek to emulate his work (some more successfully than others) by using his private visual mythology as a basis for their own work.For 20th Century Fox to deny him even the most rudimentary sense of respect or appreciation is a badge for their inability to recognize talent and pure genius.This outrage should be exposed via mass media and the film company should apologize with financial compensation for ripping off H.R Giger's work.

Name: Marian Irimia
Website: http://
From: Ploiesti. Romania
Time: Saturday, 27 December 1997 at 08:09:21
Comments: For me, this movie belongs to you. And it always reminds me of the designer of the creatures. I didn't think that in the states there are so many shit-heads(As your pals from 20th century fox) your fan Marian Irimia

Name: Teodorescu Cristian
Website: http://
From: Bucharest , Romania
Time: Saturday, 27 December 1997 at 08:05:08
Comments: I, have been fascinated by your work and today I have recived as a present one of your albums You probabdly, already thought about this, but I strongly sugest that you sue the people from 20th century fox You can have full suport from one of your fans( as much as I can do) Iwould like to ask you to send me a offer of your albums. yours, Cris Teodorescu

Name: George Williams
Website: Loki23's Page of Chaos
Referred by: love of Giger's artwork
From: New Orleans, La USA
Time: Saturday, 27 December 1997 at 00:13:08
Comments: First Jello Biafra and the Dead Kennedys were persecuted for having Giger's Penis Landscape as an insert in their Frankenchrist album, then 10 years later people are making millions off his stolen work.Finding him to be one of the very few really talented artists of modern times I am ethically compelled to offer any support I may. Give this man his due!

Name: john drake
Website: http://
From: washington dc usa
Time: Friday, 26 December 1997 at 20:04:17
Comments: He is a great man and should be given his due...Can i sent email to 20 th ent fox about this?

Name: SBBT
Website: http://
From: Springfield,Missouri,USA
Time: Friday, 26 December 1997 at 19:30:43
Comments: I think it's a terrible act of greed that you were denied your rightful credit as the designer of the creature in "Alien Ressurection." Your design makes the whole quartet of films what they are; classics.

Name: Lydia Burris
Website: http://
From: Indiana, USA
Time: Friday, 26 December 1997 at 14:19:11
Comments: H R Giger's art is amazing and inspiring for growing artists like me. As soon as I started getting into the work of giger, I became very intreagued and started sketching in my sketch book every day, more vigerously than I had been in the first place. I would like to meet giger someday. But for now, I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. :) -Lydia

Name: Marta
Website: Sacred Cow Arts
From: Los Angeles, CA USA
Time: Friday, 26 December 1997 at 13:55:35
Comments: It's outrageous that credit was not given for the creature on Alien 4. I'm not generally a litigious person, but this seem like blantant thievery to me. Go get 'em..... Marta

Name: d c raphael
Website: http://
Referred by: HR (book)
From: San Diego CA USA
Time: Friday, 26 December 1997 at 11:34:43
Comments: Good luck in your battle. Please continue to struggle for artist's rights. You are fighting for all those who create and are taken advantage of by corporate systems who are motivated not by creativity, but by greed.

Name: Adam Holden
Website: Saberhagen's Realm
Referred by: Fan Club
From: Phoenix, AZ / USA
Time: Friday, 26 December 1997 at 10:51:20
Comments: I share your outrage towards FOX studios for denying you the credit that you deserve. I have been a fan of yours for many years and have come to readily recognizing your work, and imitations thereof. I was therefore shocked to see that you did not receive the proper credit for the original concept of the Alien design. I was also shocked to see several "copies" of you work in the film. Several of the "copies" to which I am refering to are the first seven Ripley clones. Do these not look like other of your works? In my opinion, FOX Studios owes you nothing less than an official apology for stealing you work.

Name: Mauricio Giraldo
Website: Murdock's Network
Referred by: n/a
From: Bogotá/Colombia
Time: Thursday, 25 December 1997 at 10:44:37
Comments: I always love your creatures. I think is the best "monster" ever created. It have its own soul, characteristics, etc... Im finishing an Alien spanish homepage in your honor. It will be posted in the moment the movie appears in Colombia. H.R. Giger, you always be the best!

Name: kenneth Bang age 36
Website: http://
From: denmark
Time: Thursday, 25 December 1997 at 08:52:48
Comments: I do agree with you about the missing credit in alien 4 nice movie anyway. I have yoor book with paintings ( bought i NY ) . keep figthing kb

Name: julian
Website: http://
From: bowen island, BC, Canada
Time: Wednesday, 24 December 1997 at 18:54:16
Comments: I think giger is right in that it was HIS idea. He should'nt have it stolen, and not get any credits.

Name: Luiz Henrique de Santi
Website: http://
From: Sao Paulo - Brazil
Time: Wednesday, 24 December 1997 at 18:47:01
Comments: No matter where or when. No matter if credits are given or not. Anytime, any where we see an Alien lifeform we'll know it was a fruit of Giger's incredible and disturbing talent. It's already carved on our minds, painted on our soul. H.R. Giger Forever!

Name: slick mooncalf
Website: The Green Oblivion
From: Fairport, NY
Time: Wednesday, 24 December 1997 at 17:23:02
Comments: Damn-freakin'-right! Let 'em have it, H.R.!!

Name: Agustin Galvan Diaz
Website: http://
From: Mexico
Time: Wednesday, 24 December 1997 at 13:48:27
Comments: The work of an artist is always the work of a God!. Please, if now the humans are trying stole the masterpiece of God becoming the creators of a stupid ingeneer like the V.R. and the Clonations. Stole the work is always the easy part of it all. But, remember, we know at last what the artist do and what the money do!. H.R. Giger, you´re the best!!!

Name: Lars (care of Bones)
Website: The Vault
Referred by: Found Surfing
From: UK
Time: Wednesday, 24 December 1997 at 09:51:30
Comments: I love your work. Annoying about Aliens 4. When I'm a lottery winner, expect a big comission on my dream room. Keep up the excelent work, shape all nightmares. TAKE CARE LARS.

Name: Aaron McNeal
Website: FracnoTechJoy
Referred by: My own bad self...
From: Victoria, BC, Canada
Time: Wednesday, 24 December 1997 at 03:15:07
Comments: When I initially heard of the idiocy of the fine people at 20th Century Fox, I thought for sure they would do the right thing, and "re-release" the film with the proper credit being payed to the genius behind their fat bank rolls.. When I went and saw this film however, I saw all the key players in the credits, including the boy who washed the stars cars, the girl who made fudge brownies, you know, all the staples that made Alien possible.. errr, wait a second, I think they missed one person? Who could it be.. Could it be the man that made it possible for the fine filmakers to rape the cash cow 4 times over?? Yes! I do believe thats who they forgot!! At any rate, I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for Mr. Giger, who's work has touched me deeply, and expanded many facets of the right side of my brain, while I have nothing AT ALL for the fine folks at 20th Century Fox. To give them energy in the form of anger would be to waste good life on worthless beings.. Continued success Mr. Giger! Aaron McNeal

Name: Simon Fay
Website: http://
From: Manchester, UK
Time: Wednesday, 24 December 1997 at 03:07:07
Comments: Great Western monsters/myths: the Vampire, Frankenstein's creature, the Werewolf - all of them timeless. To these add HRG's Alien, the streamlined essence of the beauty & horror of organic life, the grotesque grace of bodies. The Alien and the landscapes it inhabits are unsurpassed. Fox must be very cheap not to acknowledge the source of what gives the films their raison d'etre.

Name: Pirate Bob
Website: Pirate Bob's Playhouse
Referred by: Dark Horizons
From: Tampa, FL USA
Time: Wednesday, 24 December 1997 at 01:56:41
Comments: It is indeed a travesty that Mr. Giger did not even recieve a small mention in Alien: Resurrection. I believe that the film series would not have had either it success or longevity without the original designs. The reason the film series is so popular and beloved is that it is not just about scaring people or being a sci-fi thriller. All four films also contain a unique look and feel, often imitated but never replicated. This look and feel would without a doubt be absent without the creations of Mr. Giger. As an artist myself I can understand how he feels at the lack of recognition of his contributionss. And as a filmmaker, I cannot understand how they could have "overlooked" his credit when Dan O'Bannon is clearly given credit for the creation of the storyline. However, without the visual creations of Mr. Giger, they might as well have done the entire Aliens series as a radio play --Pirate Bob

Name: Dethset
Website: The Grim House of Dethset
From: United Kingdom
Time: Wednesday, 24 December 1997 at 01:35:31
Comments: The Alien is a thing of beauty.

Name: Hemlock Martini
Website: http://
From: "earth"
Time: Tuesday, 23 December 1997 at 23:23:47
Comments: I have long been a fan of Giger's art and have always had a deep fascination and respect for the man behind the artwork. I think that the "Alien" movies have been a testament to the beauty and horror that is Giger's milieu--and for this, he should be given ample credit. I enjoyed "Alien: Resurrection" immensely--so much that I went to see it twice. I marveled at the filmmakers' use of the kind of throbbing, sinusoidal "walls" made up of Xenomorph flesh, so much so that I assumed this was a Gigerian creation as the "feel" was very close to some of his work, particularly his "landscapes." I was shocked and dismayed that Giger's name did not even appear in the credits! In a way, I'm happy to hear that Giger enjoyed the movie itself--but to completely ignore the Godfather of this quartet of movies was a distressing insult, not only to the man himself but to the thousands of Giger fans worldwide. To mr. Giger--I can only say that they had better not make any more sequels unless they give you a screen credit. And to the producers of A:R, shame and devastation on you. Thank you very much for bastardizing a man's art, soul, and life in order to save a few bucks.f

Name: Purgatory
Website: My Homepage
From: Sweden
Time: Tuesday, 23 December 1997 at 19:26:35
Comments: Not giving credit to H.R. Giger is like raping the whole industry of film and artmaking. If I wasn´t such a big fan of the ALIEN films I would not grace the film company by buying a ticket. But now I am and will see it, sorry. The reason I like the movies is H.R. Gigers credit though. The movies would not be the same with any other design on the creatures (and landscapes to for that matter). So hat off and a GIANT thank you for your art wich I would not want to be without. And curse on those who dares to desecrate his work, may your toenails grow backwards and eyes be filled with battery fluid!!!! Purg/Jocke

Name: Mark Senff
Website: SenffScape
Referred by: Various
From: Almere / The Netherlands
Time: Tuesday, 23 December 1997 at 03:37:48
Comments: Alien 4 IS H.R. Giger, come on!!! My question is... What does Ridley Scott actually think about the INSURRECTION?

Website: http://
Time: Monday, 22 December 1997 at 21:53:24
Comments: without having granted design credit to mr. giger, alien 4 is little more than an exercise in plagiarism. were it not for mr. giger's aliens, the movie series of the same name would never have been. i hope that the ingratitude of the moviemakers is visited back upon them.

Name: richard
Website: http://
Time: Monday, 22 December 1997 at 20:17:47
Comments: Mr. Giger is the true master of the Alien life forms and as such, should be given full credit. He is the Alien. It should be his copyright. It is the image of the Alien that haunt my worst nightmares.

Name: Derek Johnson
Website: http://
From: Seal Beach, CA \ USA
Time: Monday, 22 December 1997 at 15:43:01
Comments: I was shocked to hear of this. I have been a fan of the series since the beginning. I hope that you gain the respect and credit you are due by LAW. If legal actions are the vehicle which best accomplishes the task, I wish you the best of luck. You have many supporters.

Name: Richard Mckenna
Website: rgm
From: Sydney, Australia.
Time: Monday, 22 December 1997 at 15:31:28
Comments: Dear H.R.Giger As yet we are still to recieve"Alien Resurrection" in Australia. I was stunned to hear that Fox had left out your name on the credits. With all four Alien films people have been transported into the future to witness most unique, believable, and surreal lifeforms known to man, and this is all thanks to H.R.Giger. Without these lifeforms the films would not be as successful as they are. Best wishes on your future projects. We all appreciate the the fantastic work you are doing, and we all know who the master is behind Resurrection.

16. Dezember 1997 (via fax)
from Hans H. Kunz

H.R.G., In Paris, wo später die Premiere stattfinden sollte, waren anfangs November alle Plakatwände mit den Filmplakaten für ALIEN RESURRECTION beklebt. Anfänglich mit Erstaunen, nach dem zweiten Durchlesen der zahllosen Namen und Credits mit Empörung, stellte ich fest, dass Dein Name auf der ganzen, langen Liste fehlte. Andere aber, Woodruff & Gillis, sich erdreisteten, sich mit Deinen Verdiensten zu schmücken.

Im Film Vor- und Nachspann geht das genau gleich weiter, der Schöpfer und Erfinder des ALIEN ist den 20th Foxes keine Erwähnung wert. Du wirst bewusst totgeschwiegen. Ist ein OSCAR mittlerweile wirklich so bedeutungslos, ist ein ACADEMY Preisträger nach wenigen Jahren schon Freiwild, dem nicht das kleinste bisschen Respekt gezollt wird?

Lässt sich geistiges Eigentum wirklich so frivol kopieren, missachten und verunglimpfen? Sind denn die internationalen Copyright Gesetze zum Schutze kreativer Schöpfungen nur bis an die City Limits von Hollywood in Kraft?

Mehr als eigenartig. Dabei sollte man denken, 20th Fox müsste Ridley Scott für ewig dankbar sein, dass er sie damals auf Dein Werk aufmerksam gemacht hatte. Denn alles, was die ganze ALIEN-Serie aus der uniformen Suppe dieses Filmgenres heraushebt, beruht auf Deiner ureigenen Imagination.

Die ALIEN-Erscheinungsformen und grosse Teile des Set-Designs sind unverkennbare Adaptionen aus Deinen schon B.A. (before ALIEN) bestehenden Werken, Deinen Airbrush-Bildern und Skulpturen. 20th Fox brauchte nichts zu erfinden, sie konnten sich mit vollen Händen bedienen.

Ich weiss dies sehr genau. Nicht nur kennen wir uns persönlich seit 1968, sondern ich habe seit dieser Zeit, fast über 30 Jahre sind es jetzt, die Entwicklung Deines Werkes von sehr nahe verfolgt. 1978 konnte ich Dich auch in Deinem Atelier/Laboratorium in den Shepperton Studios besuchen und in den Kulissen während der Dreharbeiten mitbekommen, wie wichtig Dein Einfluss, wie gross Dein allgemeiner Input für die gesamte Produktion und die daran Beteiligten war. Nun bedient sich 20th Fox weiterhin völlig unbekümmert Deiner Bilderwelten und bemächtigt sich ohne Verträge, ohne jegliches Honorar, Deiner Ideen und Kreationen: Wenn Weaver gegen den Schluss des neuen Filmes ins ALIEN-Nest sinkt, wird sie z.B. unmissverständlich förmlich von einem Deiner Bilder verschluckt. Unterdessen lassen sich Woodruff & Gillis für Ihren Diebstahl Deines geistigen Eigentums fürstlich bezahlen und versuchen, Dir auch noch die Ehre des Originators wegzunehmen.

Die ganze Geschichte ist mehr als skandalös. Sind da tatsächlich nur ein paar Egoisten mit ihren Intrigen am Werk? Oder steckt da mehr dahinter? Ein richtiges Hollywood Gate? Braucht es hier auch Leute wie Woodward und Bernstein, um alles ans Licht zu bringen? Weil Du "nur" aus dem kleinen Zürich in der kleinen Schweiz kommst, denken die Mogulen bei den 20th Füchsen wohl, sie könnten mit Dir umspringen, wie sie gerade wollten. Lass' dies nicht weiter zu. Setzte alles in Gang, damit Du endlich zu Deinem gesetzlichen Recht, dem gebührenden Respekt und Dir reichlich zustehenden Geld kommst. Ich drücke Dir die Daumen. H.H.K.


In Paris , where the world premiere was to take place, the city was plastered with Alien Resurrection posters at the beginning of November. Initially, with astonishment then, upon a second search through the countless names and credits, with indignation, I realized that your name was missing from the whole long list. However, others like Woodruff and Gillis dare to decorate themselves with your achievements.

The opening and closing credits of the film go on in the same manner, finding the Creator and Designer not worth a mention by 20th Century Fox. It is as if your very existence has been wiped out! Is an Oscar really so meaningless and an Academy Award winner so easily disposable after a few years?

Can one's intellectual property be so frivolously usurped, ignored and reviled? Do the international copyright laws which protect creativity expire at the city limits of Hollywood?

Very strange. 20th Century Fox should be, eternally thankful to Ridley Scott for bringing your work to their attention. The only thing that seprates out the Alien series from the rest of the stew of this particular film genre is all based upon your very own imagination.

The Alien creatures and a large part of the set design are unmistakable adaptions of your existing work BA (before ALIEN), your airbrush paintings and your sculptures. There was nothing left for 20th Century Fox to invent, it was all there for them to grab by the bucketful.

I know that very well, since I have been able to closely witness the evolution of your work since 1968, over a period of 30 years. In 1978 I visited you at your atelier/laboratory at Shepperton Studios observing you on the set during shooting and saw how important your influence and overall imput had been to the whole production. Now, 20th Century Fox continues to utilize a world which you had created and usurps your ideas and concepts without contract or any further compensation. Meanwhile Woodruff and Gillis accept princely sums for the theft of your intellectual property and try to rob the originator's honour.

In Alien Resurrection, when Weaver sinks into the Alien nest she is being, unmistakably, swallowed by one of your paintings. The story of your whole involvement in this film series, especially now with what has happened with Alien Resurrection, is more than scandalous. Are they all just a cabal of egoists with their petty intrigues at work? Or is there more behind it? A genuine HollywoodGate? Forget about what Woodruff and Gillis have done , everybody else will, better to remember what Woodward and Bernstein did and follow the money! Just because you are from little Zurich in tiny Switzerland those Foxy moguls assume they can abuse you to their delight.

Enough is enough! Use everything at your disposal to reclaim the respect and the profits which you are entitled to and the long overdue justice!

I keep my fingers crossed,

Hans H. Kunz

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From: Hamburg - Germany
Time: Monday, 22 December 1997 at 03:19:21
Comments: All is said! SUE THEM Regards, Michael

Name: Thomas Macaulay III
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Referred by: I admire Giger's work.
From: Yorba Linda, Ca
Time: Monday, 22 December 1997 at 00:47:41
Comments: This blatant slap to Giger's face by "fox" is the ultimate in parasitism among humans. Giger has obviously been a victim of having his very soul stolen from him with not so much as a "thanks!". I am of the opinion that when a milestone in art history is STILL ALIVE, he should be treated as such, and at the least, credited with what he has created.

Name: David Ochoa
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Time: Monday, 22 December 1997 at 00:41:32
Comments: Dear Mr. Geiger, I am shocked and outraged by the lack of professionalism and gratitude that Fox has shown you. You are a truly unique and awe inspiring artist as is evident from your work and design of the alien creatures. Please know that I am doing all I can to pass on word to others unaware of this plight in my personal life and on the internet. I wish you knew how admired you are by myself and others for your amazing talent and sheer genius. Your style has been mirrored in the works and designs of so many others that I have seen, both in films and literature. If imitation truly is the best form of praise then you should feel very flattered indeed. Please do not allow the petty greed and lack of vision shown to you by Fox to discourage you from placing your work on the movie screen for doing so would deny many the privelage of viewing your work. Your admirer, -David Ochoa

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