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Name: Austin Steele
Website: http://
Time: Saturday, 31 January 1998 at 12:18:24
Comments: I agree that HR Giger should receive screen credit (at the very least) for ANY project involving the Alien franchise. If I may comment a bit on 'Alien Resurrection' - while I am a huge fan of Delecatessen and City of Lost Children, Alien IV just didn't hold up. And as for the 'newborn' well, let's just say that little kids in the theater were laughing...

Name: Carrie
Website: http://
Time: Saturday, 31 January 1998 at 12:07:29
Comments: If Mr. Giger gets this, I would just like for him to know that even if his name wasn't in the credits (I didn't even hang around to watch 'em), that I know that he is the one responsible for the original "Alien" design, and that I repect him for that. The creature he created was so beautiful (in a truly horrifying way) in its intrigue (the way it seems to be built of little fibers of stretched flesh- you always want a better look), and how its perfect design was one that instilled total terror. Mr. Giger truly has a touch for creating the monsters that stick with you and terrify you in and out of the theater.

Website: http://
From: Las Vegas NV
Time: Saturday, 31 January 1998 at 11:33:49
Comments: dear Mr.Giger: We still in your side on this "Insurrection" incident but unfortunately the only way that Fox is going to retract his attitude towards recognize you as the alien creator is by "taking legal action"... We really hope that all of this situation end in your favor in the near future but please, still keeping the high art work. Sincerely yours... AYALA

Name: Olaf Wierda
Website: Weirdo's Web Page
From: Holland
Time: Friday, 30 January 1998 at 16:14:28
Comments: 20th Century Fucks

Name: Roxanne Brown
Website: SoundWitch Sounds Off!
Referred by: frontier net
From: Burbank, CA USA
Time: Friday, 30 January 1998 at 08:00:38
Comments: Both I and my husband work in the film industry. It has been a peeve of mine for a long time that many talented people who have contributed their work to films and television continually go uncredited for all their hard work. This REALLY pisses me off, especially when I read the credits and see instances where the producer's damn DOG gets a film credit, and a personal friend who designed or fabricated a featured prop goes without mention. My husband designed both the shovel and air freshener in the film "Spawn," but because he worked for a prop company subcontracted by the studio, there was no mention whatsoever. The studios have taken to having 2 or 3 (MAYBE) union prop makers who get credit, when all the REAL work has been subbed out to a small shop with crews who work below scale, at straight time for sometimes 20 hours a day, with no benefits and no hope of ever being credited. I work at a re-recording facility for Warner Bros., and an issue has been raised by the sound recordists due to WB's refusal to credit them in their films. These people work just as hard, if not harder, than the mixers and editors who always get credit. Not surprisingly, the recordists' letter of complaint was blatantly ignored, and they never even received a response or a "buzz off." The major studios constantly show their total lack of respect for the thousands of "little people" who make their movies possible. I hope with all my heart that Mr. Giger will be vindicated. Perhaps if more people didn't stand for the studios' blatant disregard for the REAL talent, they'd pull their heads out of their asses and do the right thing. Sue the pants off them, and hit them where it'll hurt the most! I plan to add a rant on my page regarding this lack of credit where it's due, and will put up a link to this site. Mr. Giger, thank you so much for ALL of your beautiful work throughout the years. I've lost the "Penis Landscape" poster I had to send away for because of uptight American censorship which pulled it from the Dead Kennedys' albums, but I will always treasure the memory! Being the wife of a propmaker, my apartment's decoration is rife with "scary" things, including Aliens - I wouldn't have it any other way! =) The best of everything to you and yours. I pray for justice for you in your credit quest! ~Roxanne Brown

Name: Elunax
Website: Reacting
Referred by: X
From: México,México
Time: Friday, 30 January 1998 at 07:46:07
Comments: Well, First of all I would like to say that here in México Mr.H.R.Giger have as many fans as starts are in the Allien Space exist and we know that the Only credit must be for Mr.Giger because his ideas were ,are and will be the real base to all those who really apreciate the very outstanding art that he is capable to create. And let me tell you that If there exist somebody who try to steal it isn't known as a thieve it's real name is Twenty Century Fox. Sincerely , Elunax.. Seeyououtofthisearth.........soon

Name: Starchild Azraelxvii
Website: Empire of the Imagination-Alien Saga
From: USA
Time: Friday, 30 January 1998 at 04:49:52
Comments: I have a question for you Mr Giger. If you say you are the father of the Alien Creature (which you are), why in the world did you not work on Aliens or Alien Resurrection. If I created a fearsome creature like the one you created, I would be demanding to be on every Alien film to make sure the creauture design remains true to your original vision. I mean, it would have been nice to see what your vision of The Hive would be in Aliens. I would have liked to see your vision of the Newborn for Alien Resurrection(for non-HR Giger, it was pretty good. But I know you could do better). So why not do this, if Fox does do Alien 5, offer your services to them. Then when you sign your contract, have a clause in there that states this-Before the opening credits start a title card will be shown. It will read this: "The Alien Creature Design for Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection, and Alien5, is based on the work of artist H.R. Giger" That's it! You just got all the credit for every Alien film! Plus you could state in your contract that if Fox does Alien6(the film that is supposed to take place on the Alien Homeworld) and does not give you credit, you can be repaid in large amounts of cash. I just wish you would finish working on films like Species and get things straightened out with Fox. It would be great to see how YOU think an Alien with human DNA should act in an Alien film. COULD YOU MAKE THE FANS HAPPY AND WORK ON ALIEN5? PLEASE?!?! Note-I have given you credit for your Alien Creature Design on my website.

Name: Maarten van Helden
Website: Or-Q, Dutch Space Groove (music)
Referred by: Me
From: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Time: Friday, 30 January 1998 at 01:23:54
Comments: The following email was send by me to HRGiger@giger.comDear H.R. Giger,I´ve been a fan of your work for many years now, and I´m even doing a scriptiononyour work for my studies of Art And Media Management in Utrecht, Netherlands.Your work for the Alien movie has been the MOST importante in all moviesconsurningExtraterrestial Biological Entities (E.B.E. or aliens). You´re work has evenbeencopied in Men in Black. But consirning what 20th Centery Fox has done toyou is highlyunproffesional and must be a HUGE stab in your back.As an Art And Media Management student, I wonder if it´s not possible tosew themin court. I can understand that you don´t like the hasle around that, butlets faceit: ALL THE ALIEN SEQUELS WE´RE PRIMERLY INTERESTING BECAUSE OF YOUR WORK.I wich you the best of luck with the work on Species II and all your otherprojects.Maarten (A rh +) van Helden(

Name: t cherry
Website: http://
Time: Thursday, 29 January 1998 at 19:43:27
Comments: in an ever-increasing world of artistic oppression for the sake of some fuckers lack of appreciation of art,this issue needs to be addressed to the fullest extent and seen through all the propoganda saturated idiocy until proper credit is given to Mr. Giger.

Name: Carlos Cavazos
Website: http://
Referred by: yahoo
From: Monterrey,Mexico
Time: Thursday, 29 January 1998 at 13:51:18
Comments: I believe HR must sew 20cFox for not to mentionhim in the credits, and recieve some 5 to 20 Mln Dlsfor the profit of exploiting his design without giving credit for it. The best wishes for The Master.

Name: james haydon
Website: http://
Referred by: looked under alien
From: nitro,wv u.s.
Time: Friday, 30 January 1998 at 17:28:01
Comments: i just wanted to thank you for designing the greatest alien of all time and for letting us enjoy your talent for so many years. keep it up.

Name: Glenn Harrison
Website: I wish I had one...
Referred by: 1998 Giger ARh+ diary and SFX Magazine
From: Leicester, England
Time: Thursday, 29 January 1998 at 04:08:50
Comments: I had been planning to visit this site for some time (I found the address in the text in a diary I was given for Christmas), and then I saw the article in SFX magazine about the producers of Alien: Resurrection refusing to acknowledge H.R. Giger's contribution. I would like to say that I think this is grossly unfair of them (and probably illegal, but I wouldn't know - I'm studying biology, not law), since it was the unique biomechanical style of Giger's original Necronom artwork and Alien design which made the movies what they are today. Without the strikingly effective creature and derelict spacecraft from the first film, the Alien movies would be virtually nothing. The visual impact of Giger's design has been clearly carried through all the films, since it made a major contribution to the first film's success. Would there have been a second film if the creature looked less (for want of a better term) "wierd"? The combination of insectile and humanoid form with the unique semi-organic look was partly what kept the audiences on the edge of their seats back in the late '70s, as it did for me three years ago when I first saw it. If the Alien had been visually weak, there would not have been enough interest to justify a sequel. Certainly if there had been an Aliens without the style we see today, Alien 3 would not have been made. It is Giger's original designs and continuing contributions which are the foundation for the unique and distinctive look of the Alien creatures, one which has become a part of science-fiction history. Twentieth Century Fox should be ashamed of themselves. They have denied rightful recognition to a great artist who has, through the movies, developed a following (everyone I know who has seen an Alien movie had never heard of Giger before, but most of them like his artwork now because they were introduced to it by the movie). They owe him a great deal for helping Ridley Scott, Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shussett, and the rest of the original Alien team to produce a multimillion dollar franchise, one which doubltess is still earning thousands of dollars a day as Alien: Resurrection continues to play at movie theatres across the globe. As a fan and supporter, I demand that they recognise this vital contribution to their success; after all, Dark Horse Comics credit Giger in the indicia of every Aliens-related issue (look in the small print - it's usually something like "Original Alien design by H.R. Giger"). If a comics company can do it, even when their Aliens vary in places from the established look (like being cartoony - although they are always based upon the original, so credit where it's due, I suppose), then Fox should too! Well, that's my two cents' worth. For the record, if anyone from Fox reads this: I am in full support of H.R. Giger's right to be credited for at least the original Alien design in the credits of Alien: Resurrection, if not a more significant contribution. And for any fans who have not yet signed up to support their favourite artist: WHY NOT??? Fandom is, as comics, movies, and TV series have proved (remember how they stopped the network from axing Star Trek back in the 60s and got it a third season?), a reciprocal arrangement. They give you what you want and you support them if they need it! The best of luck to Giger and his followers in this battle. The thoughts and feelings of every sci-fi fan at Leicester University are with you.

Name: Nelson McClintock
Website: http://
Referred by: surfed in
From: Boulder, CO, USA
Time: Wednesday, 28 January 1998 at 21:54:28
Comments: H.R. Giger and the Aliens creatures are one and the same, he is the Father Creature. Mr. Giger should most definitely be credited for the creature design, even if he was not directly involved ( other than designing, conceiving, painting, rough drafts, blood, sweat and tears, etc.) in the most recent film in the aliens quartet

Name: Bruce Woods
Website: ain't so lucky
From: UK
Time: Wednesday, 28 January 1998 at 15:29:42
Comments: I, being an immense fan of the aliens films am very disappointed that Mr Giger's contribution to the intire series (defined by his work on the first film) has not been recognised throughout the series. As it has been said so many times: "I don't know art, but I know what I like!", and I must say, I like Giger!!!

Name: sean jenkins
Website: http://
From: philly
Time: Wednesday, 28 January 1998 at 14:03:52
Comments: i see it as inacceptable that HR Giger is not so much as mentioned in the "credits"...exactly how much does it cost to put in one small line for a man that has given them millions of dollars...without Giger the alien is dead...

Website: http://
Time: Wednesday, 28 January 1998 at 08:20:42
Comments: There is no doubt that Giger´s work has been essential to the Alien Quartet. This makes the fact that Giger recieves no credit for his work, whatsoever, horrible. But in the film industry everything is about money, fortunately, for some of us, this is not so. Keep up the good work, Rasmus

Name: Bertrand LEFEBVRE
Website: http://
Time: Wednesday, 28 January 1998 at 06:50:23
Comments: I have just read the two Giger's letters and I am chocked. I am chocked because I have just learn that 20th century Fox has done to Giger, or undone...It has taken his name off of the bill. And they weren't alowed! I am fond of the four Aliens and I have seen all; Giger is my favourite painter and I admire him. Don't forget this sentence: "Giger is the real creature's father". Bertrand LEFEBVRE, Res. LAHIRe Bât A, rue Odilon Redon

Name: Kari "Garde" Salmi
Website: http://
From: Turku, Finland
Time: Tuesday, 27 January 1998 at 16:40:01
Comments: I was really waiting to see the new Alien movie. Now I'm not so sure anymore. Fox has (obviously intentionally) omitted Gigers name from the credits, which clearly shows that they don't have any respect for Giger's original work. Without Giger's unique art there wouldn't be any Alien sequels. Without Giger-designed alien the first Alien movie would propably have also been the last, just another scifi/horror movie with some bug eyed monster. Giger's creation is something very special, at the same time horrifying and beautiful, a true work of art. I don't think I'm going to boycott the movie, but I'm sure afraid to see what kind of "creative" changes have those special effects nerds (Gillis & Woodruff) done to the creature. What I think is that if a movie called Alien 5 is ever made, the two great artists of their own fields, H.R.Giger and Ridley Scott should be reunited. Then we might see something that captures the unique atmosphere of the first Alien movie.

Name: trevor t stewart
Website: http://
Time: Tuesday, 27 January 1998 at 12:23:48
Comments: i'm a huge fan of mr. giger's work. i was very shocked to find out that fox has omitted his name from the credits of alien 4. i'm very disappointed with fox as a result. i'd boycott the studio, but, unfortunately they'll be making the new star wars flick, and i *have* to see that. but i will neither pay to go see or rent alien 4 (i'll let some else do that!)

Website: http://
Time: Tuesday, 27 January 1998 at 12:12:42

Name: Antonio Inacio
Website: Best wishes Mr. Giger (& Fans worldwide)
Time: Tuesday, 27 January 1998 at 08:32:03
Comments: It's so disgusting the way executives of big film companies had worked their way out to earn big money by stealing other people's ideas and own imagination, that simply makes me sick. I didn´t realize that until this very day. This is not the first, nor the last time this things had happened. Shame on the whole filming community, specially the Fox ! Cabrones... Mr Giger... you are doing the right thing. Keep fighting. Beside that, I like to say that there is no words to express the beauty of your artwork, the only thing that surely can is your artwork by itself.

Name: Nathan Smythe
Website: http://
From: Lexington, USA
Time: Monday, 26 January 1998 at 22:13:53
Comments: I am totally outraged that Giger was not given credit in Alien Resurrection! It is so obvious throughout the entire film that his work is what the movie's effects are based on. Fox should pay through the nose for this injustice. I will be glad to sign any petition or endorsement against Fox for its actions. I want to mention before I go, that Giger is an excellent artist. His work is breathtaking and unique. No one has or ever will be as good as him. Sincerely, Nathan Smythe

Website: http://
From: rome,italy
Time: Monday, 26 January 1998 at 14:01:02
Comments: mr. Giger, simply it's incredible. i didn't know nothing about it. this is the first time that i visit giger's web page,not yours books that I "visit" very often,and I completely agree with ALIEN INSURRECTION. I'M NOT surprise at all about FOX behaviour the destiny of greatest artists is to be used by others with no talent or attitude. BYE and CONGRATULATIONS... ALIEN GOD.

Name: Dominic Kulcsar
Website: The Wmmvrrvrrmm Page
From: Harrow Weald, Harrow, Middx, England.
Time: Monday, 26 January 1998 at 13:02:00
Comments: I think that it's only about now that things have changed with my relationship with the Alien Ressurrection movie, and I'm becoming more open to the ideas about the Alien designs in the movie, I'd like to see it again now. It's like seeing someone who has suddenly altered to such a great deal and then later you begin to recognise something about them that makes them seem familiar. I always loved it on the grounds of my love for Jeunet's work, and was upset that Giger had not been directly included and that they seeked to ignore the similarity between Giger's work on Alien and in the Necronomicon book, with what was going on in the latest Alien movie. I hope that some sort of amends are made by Fox by now, and this would make the biomechanoid sea of feelings a little calmer within me as they already seem to have been for the last week. I have started to find the Newborn has a symbolic meaning for me, if draw a little fat dwarf with a face like the Newborn's, I often find that minutes later I find out some very bad news. I think that I like the sculpture very much, I've seen photos of it without the lighting, and it looks much better. Several weeks ago, I didn't like it whatsoever, but I am trying to trace feelings about what Jeunet wanted for his movie, and I'm seeing things more clearly. All the eggs that seemed to me to be whispering anuses, and I think that I was thinking more about a budgerigar that my grandparents had that had a tumour in it's bowels before it died, they are beginning to return to spores with cross shaped vaginal openings with something else to whisper, and the sphincter in the centre of the Temple Passage inspired Vipers Nest will always be a spincter to enter the bowels of that hellish place. I am still bitter to some extent, I don't know what it is about, maybe it's the Alien Resurrection film's dialogue, or maybe because it's going to be quite a wait perhaps for Species 2 to come out. Dominic Kulcsar

Name: jim
Website: technophobia www design
Referred by: ..
From: Sheffield UK
Time: Monday, 26 January 1998 at 04:10:00
Comments: top... no more can be said

Name: Julie Johnson
Website: http://
From: Sydney Australia
Time: Monday, 26 January 1998 at 00:54:48
Comments: Giger do things the way that you want and just know that all of your fans will know what you have done and we will support you

Name: Eric Schoengarth
Website: Eric's Twisted Art Gallery
From: Lancaster, California USA
Time: Monday, 26 January 1998 at 00:23:25
Comments: When people ask me about what influences my art, I am proud to name H R Giger. Anyone who could create images so beautiful, yet at the same time so diabolically perverse has a gift way beyond normal artistic talent. The fact that the movie studio would rather credit their caterers than the one man who made the movie possible is sickening, but really shows how warped priorities have become in Hollywood. Movies are no longer about good directing, writing, or acting, but now serve only as vehicles for peoples' careers. I sympathize with Mr Giger, of course, but after seeing the Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, I'd consider having my name removed from the project! The only saving grace was the creature effects. I just hope that one day people will look at my art, and get 1% of the reaction that I get from Giger's.

Name: Eduardo Noriega
Website: http://
From: Pachuca, Mexico
Time: Sunday, 25 January 1998 at 21:39:34
Comments: Well, in the first place, congratulations H.R. you are from another world, an "ALIEN WORLD" and that is number two, only you can do alien creatures in such condition ( biomechanoid style), that the reason the fu.... 20 century fox couldn´t do it whitout you, I´m going to see the picture, but you can be sure I send an e-mail to 20c.f. because here you can read me, and your fans, but the preasure we must do it in the roots of the problem.

Name: Hugo Santos
Website: This is where you should send your hate mail
From: Portugal
Time: Sunday, 25 January 1998 at 13:15:04
Comments: Hello again! I was here the other day when I realized that Giger's art was NOT referred in the credits of the movie Alien 4. It's Unbelievable!!!!!! This movie hasn't showed up in Portugal yet and so everybody is ignorant to this fact. I met Giger's fascinating world when I saw Alien for the first time over 10 years ago. It's absolutely evident that ALL Alien movies art comes with a taste of the Master/Father of transcendant worlds. It's obvious, after reading this comments from people around the world, that Giger deserves to get his credit as well as an apology from 20th Century Fox for we all know his work and there's no doubt that Alien could only come from his world. It's incredible, because it's not the first time these guys f*ck around with Giger's artistic mind. I think we all should "gather" and fill the 20thCF mailbox up to their balls with hate mail. They should be ashamed! And we're on a mission from hell! By the way, I won't see this movie and neither will you! Giger, Portugal supports you and loves you (in a weird kind of way, of course) :-)

Website: http://
From: johor baru, malaysia
Time: Sunday, 25 January 1998 at 09:12:54
Comments: I have been an admirer of your work for a long time now and I'm grateful for a chance to be able to tell you so; even if you never actually read this, Mr. Giger. I think it really bites that Fox is not giving you the credit you deserve for having conceived the entire Alien universe. What really sucks is that I always thought that 20th Century Fox was a pretty cool flim company; having released such great science-fiction franchises such as Star Wars, The Planet of the Apes, Predator;etc. Then I hear something like this has happened. Shit.

Name: Timothy Walton
Website: http://
From: London.UK
Time: Sunday, 25 January 1998 at 04:27:30
Comments: Dear Giger, As an artist who has also worked in special effects for over 15years I have the highest respect for your work. I discovered your work when Big O published Necronomicon back in 1978(?).I am appalled to discover your name is absent from the Alien4 credits - unlike any old typist working in the production office! I shall ensure everyone I speak to about said film is made aware of this fact. I've just finished an 18month contract with warner bro's, who wanted me to relocate to LA.I said 'no' because none of these big companies are to be trusted,and I hate their arrogance. Good luck with your future projects,and thank you for all the pleasure your work has given us. Your's, Tim.


Website: http://
Referred by: Search engines
From: Australia
Time: Sunday, 25 January 1998 at 05:50:57
Comments: I totally sympathise with Giger and he has every right to protest about his missing credits, although I loved the new film anyway. Frankly, I am surprised Fox would do something like this. Hope they learn from their BIG mistake! Excellent site layout by the way.

Name: Melissa
Website: Angelhair's Necromimesis Asylum
Referred by: friend
From: Columbia, MO
Time: Sunday, 25 January 1998 at 04:20:10
Comments: I am just amazed at what Fox is doing now. A company that has no problem with shutting down its fan's websites now has the audacity to not credit Mr. Giger's wonderful work. Personally I think we should hit Fox where it hurts the most, the pocketbook. Seems like a boycot of any Fox merchandise or movies (in particular Alien 4) should be in order until they learn that the creators behind their products and the fans that support them are what makes them and can break them.

Name: Andy Forbes
Website: Planet Zog !!!
Referred by: Computer Arts Magazine
From: United Kingdom
Time: Saturday, 24 January 1998 at 23:12:28
Comments: Having read a piece in Computer Arts mag on this I cannot believe Fox can blatantly ignore the artists creativity and originality. The mention of the word alien(s), in everyday laguage use, is inextricably linked, subconsciously with the films, the image and with the creator. Whilst wholeheartedly supporting the artists right to recognition in whatever form I do find it even more sinister (than the Alien) in the way thaat Fox is also policing the www in relation to the X-Files. They seem to be employing people to "surf" and find X-File sites. An example of what happen s is here: There are many others. It does bring to mind Big Brother and another favourite film "Blade Runner" and the nefarious "Tyrell Corporation"!

Name: Yann Faussurier
Website: TheMORBID's Relic
From: Ottawa, Canada
Time: Saturday, 24 January 1998 at 23:05:40
Comments: Giger, Since last year, Fox figures amongst the corporations I hate the most for so many reasons. I could spend an hour talking about it (specially about their North American broadcasting division). But I'll be brief! I admire you and your work in a lot of ways. I just can't stand the idea of having Fox manipulating your creation as if it was some cheep scriptwriter's invention without you having the slightest control over it. Although, you are doing a great job about this issue. I strongly encourage you to continue and to make even more noise in order to expose the injustice and abuse of your copyrights they're making!!! Also, please do me a favor and show them that this time, they "screwed" the wrong person!

Name: Chris J. Wood
Website: Cosmic Castrovalva
Referred by: Aliens Newsgroup
From: London
Time: Saturday, 24 January 1998 at 16:55:45
Comments: H.R - you should get an apology from Fox. Not so much for the credit abcence but the way Fox took the beautiful creature in the first film and turned it into a giant turkey in Alien 4 - The Newborn, one baby that should have been killed at birth. What were FOX thinking of?

Name: Brian
Website: Unknown Realms
From: USA
Time: Saturday, 24 January 1998 at 15:47:44
Comments: I have yet to see Alien:Ressurection, but am appalled by the blatant snuffing of H.R.Giger's brilliance by FOX. Anybody whose creations are used by others should get due credit for their original design, however the other person has manipulated it.

Name: Ishai Bar
Referred by: Dark Horizon Alien page
From: Jerusalem, Israel
Time: Saturday, 24 January 1998 at 09:03:52
Comments: Mr. Giger. I am one of the biggest fans of Alien Resurrection and of the alien series in my country, and I must admit that in all 5 times I had seen the movie in the theatres (Until it was taken down, waiting for video release) I had not noticed this horrible injustice done to you. Your ALIEN is one of the things that I have always admired - a brilliant work of art, by a brilliant artist. I would hate to see you robbed from the credit you must get for concieving, designing, and forming such a perfect beast. -- THE fan.

Name: stephen graham
Website: cuckooland
From: carlisle,cumbria,uk
Time: Saturday, 24 January 1998 at 08:34:28
Comments: Dear HR Giger, I,ve read the comments and I agree with you that it's an insult your credit was left off designing the alien/facehuuger/chestburster You actually created a monster on screen that it scary to look at let alone see it moving. Your art is fantastic and influenced a whole generation - to be denied your rights is awful. The new designers on alien(s)3 resurrection can only imitate your work, never replace it. I hope there is justice and you get the credit for work which won you an Oscar! best wishes.

Name: William Donald
Website: http://
From: UK
Time: Saturday, 24 January 1998 at 07:29:52
Comments: I have had the pleasure of being scared by the creatures you designed for ALL of the Alien Movies and cannot belive that you are being denied the credit that you deserve. Although knowing the way that the movie industry has treated other people in the past I am not all that suprised at what has happened. Good luck in your Campaign

Name: Chris Hackard "XEROGS"
Website: http://
From: Phoenix,USA
Time: Saturday, 24 January 1998 at 07:10:38
Comments: Well that is big business for you. Fox and many others like like Fox have been exploiting artists for years. Unfortunatly big business seems to have no idea not to bite the hand that feeds them. I find it a disgrace that HR Giger was not put in the credits. Well good luck on this quest I hope Fox wakes up, it seems that Fox is much more of a scarier alien than the actual alien itself. They need to give credit where credit is due its obvious that the creatures in Alien Ressurection are of HR Giger conceptual design no matter who did the special effects or layout art for Alien Ressurection. Trust me as an artist that is the true Hell, to make something that is not a complete rip off from someone else. Thanks for my time on the soap box Chris

Name: Anna
Website: http://
From: Poland
Time: Saturday, 24 January 1998 at 01:22:01
Comments: When I heard that Mrs Giger havent any credits in this film I was very bad. Without Mrs Giger projects this movie isn`t like others about alien.

Name: Sam Silverhawk
Website: Welcome to the Silver Turtle
From: Nevada, USA
Time: Friday, 23 January 1998 at 15:29:44
Comments: Mr. Giger, it is THEFT, pure, plain and simple. I'm sure I cannot even begin to imagine the heights of your outrage, as a creative artist, denied his due credit. The shameful omission of your name in the credits should cost Fox dearly, though no amount of money could ever be compensation enough. Still, no matter what, do NOT let them get away with it!!!

Name: Tomas Legat
Website: http://
From: Plzen/Czech Republic
Time: Friday, 23 January 1998 at 11:33:20
Comments: I'd like to read replies on HR Giger's letters (if there was anyone). I think Giger is right about his copyrights. His creatures are very original and nobody can create new ones (similar to them) without a big inspiration of Giger's aliens.

Name: S. Krishnaswamy
Website: http://
Time: Friday, 23 January 1998 at 08:28:26
Comments: Dear Mr. Giger, It is unfortunate how blind some major studios can be. It's always amazing to see how much denial there is, particularly where creative work is involved. It's not about dollars but about creativity, original design and thought which motivates the artist, one which you truly are, sans parallel. In fact, none of the other Aliens in Alien II to IV would be possible were it for your brilliant art and design, which is so evident in every frame that the Aliens and their living environment are shown in each of the referred movies. I hope Fox sees the light soon and gives you the much deserved credit. It's an absolute shame. With Regards, Krish

Website: http://
From: Cairo, Egypt
Time: Friday, 23 January 1998 at 05:53:16
Comments: Herr Giger Auch ich bin zutiefst verägert. Dass Sie bei der letzten Alien-Verfilmung unerwähnt blieben ist ein Skandal. Die geldgierige amerikanische Filmindustrie zeigt sich von ihrer hässlichsten Seite. Vielleicht ist ihre nächste Kreation ein Holliwood Monster der 20th Century Fox? Herzliche Grüsse, Hans-Peter Heiniger, Kairo

Name: Carson English
From: St. Paul, MN USA
Time: Thursday, 22 January 1998 at 19:47:56
Comments: Hi, although it is desterbing what Fox has done, it is no real surprise. They have had a history of screwing people over, espesially about the Alien series. They have closed down the non-profit patch (conversion) for Quake based on the Alien series. They may have the right to do that, but it is not as though they will lose profit from this free product.

Name: Hugo
Website: http://
From: Lisbon, Portugal
Time: Thursday, 22 January 1998 at 18:43:59
Comments: Hi Giger family! Alien 4 hasn't showed up in Portugal but I'm very disppointed with everything and I believe this will cut down the will to watch this movie.


Name: GTTysonIV
From: eastern NC USA
Time: Thursday, 22 January 1998 at 13:17:08
Comments: Magnificent website, magnificent work, and I would like to cast my vote in favor of a Net exhibition soon. The hell with 20th Century Fox. If it were not for your creature designs, it would be just another sci-fi horror movie. Your designs have as much to do with the success of the movie as Sigourney Weaver. I hope the studio gets spanked severely for this transgression. Also, is it true you will be designing the cover for ELP's upcoming album? The "Brain Salad Sur- gery" cover was my introduction to your work. GTTysonIV


Name: fanon
Website: http://
Referred by: Thanks a magazin(premiere)
From: Near Paris,France
Time: Thursday, 22 January 1998 at 12:43:59
Comments: Very beautiful site.The Fox should have Shame to do what she did.Giger should have been in the credits of Alien The Ressurection.Keep the fight!

Name: GT Tyson
From: Greenville NC USA
Time: Thursday, 22 January 1998 at 12:49:14
Comments: Dear HRG: I was not aware of the missing credit problem until the end credits rolled and your name was missing. I thought this was an outrage but sadly typical of Hollywood these days. Major studios attempt to create art by committee, and the odds are against that succeeding by a long shot. Your designs are the main reason why I have enjoyed the "Alien" movies since 1980. I hope this situation is rectified ASAP. Is it true you will be designing the upcoming new ELP album cover? GTTysonIV

Name: Dominik Nostitz
Website: http://
Time: Thursday, 22 January 1998 at 06:26:19
Comments: Thank you Mr Giger for giving us such art as you do. Get your credits from FOX, your artwork is worth it. I enjoy reading and looking at your newest book "www HR Giger com", it is a great development you take and I hope all your ideas will be concrete facts in St.Germain Gruyeres! Dominik Nostitz

Name: Michiel van Dijk
Website: http://
From: Rotterdam/nederland
Time: Thursday, 22 January 1998 at 05:57:55
Comments: At 20 century fox they are al just total loser, that they can not admit that the art of giger had influence on alien4. Hope you get your credit's soon.

Name: Alley Cat
Website: -
Referred by: -
From: Finland,Lappeenranta
Time: Thursday, 22 January 1998 at 04:45:27
Comments: That's outrageous!!I am an Alien fan,true.I got to know about Hans from the end-titles of "Alien"then I saw a postcard collection from giger's work by ARH+.Now I have all the cards on my wall (I'm just 15 years old,so it's still typical of having having some pics and posters on your wall.) I also bought the book "HR.Giger,Introduction by Ridley Scott"It's OK.But now I think that Giger Should claim a lawsut over 20th century Fox.I really think so!!

Name: Steven Ward
Website: Steven's Homepage
Referred by: Alien Insurrection
From: London, UK
Time: Thursday, 22 January 1998 at 02:38:24
Comments: I am shocked and outraged that Fox left Mr. Giger off the credits for 4
Is Fox run by a group of Carter J Burke clones?
In a word YES
Facehuggers are too good for that lot....

Name: Luigi Buonomini
Website: The Black Lotus
From: Italy
Time: Thursday, 22 January 1998 at 01:18:14
Comments: It is incredible the behaviour of the 20CFox with Giger... I have no words. All I can say is that the fans of Giger's art perfectly know who created the Aliens and will never forget those masterpieces....

Name: Razvan Tasca
Website: none
From: Paris France
Time: Wednesday, 21 January 1998 at 21:10:09
Comments: As a major fan of surreal and macabre, when somebody's speaking about dark movies, the first thing who cames in my mind is Alien...but Alien is for the real connoisseurs only the small visible part of the iceberg...the real strengh of this masterwork is due to the universe that it depicts...and that's Giger's universe. Using somebody's work is today unfortunately very common...But people that love dark beauty KNOW what the truth is. There is a shame for Fox Studios to STEAL somebody's work in such a way.

Name: Dirk Eckert
Website: http://
From: Dexheim / Germany
Time: Wednesday, 21 January 1998 at 18:56:10
Comments: Was sich Fox rausnimmt ist wirklich unglaublich, trotzdem wissen wir doch alle wer der "Vater" der Aliens ist selbst wenn der im Abspann nicht erwähnt wird. Meiner Meinung nach ist ALIENS 2 ( Die Rückkehr ) der beste SciFi der jemals gedreht wurde und ich weis auch ohne Abspann wem ich diese Filmische Meisterwerk zu verdanken habe.Denn nicht Fox hat diesen Film so großartig gemacht, sondern nur H.R GIGER, denn ohne ihn gäbe es "Das unheimliches Wesen aus dem All" garnicht und die Alien Reihe wäre nur ein weiterer Haufen Weltraum-Monster Filme die jeder nach ein paar Wochen vergessen hätte. Danke Herr Giger für diese Bewundernswerten Kreaturen, die NIEMAND, der sie gesehen hat vergessen kann . Mit freudlichem Gruß und Hochachtung vor Ihren Kreationen Dirk Eckert aka Hefti

Name: Heather
Website: http://
Referred by: Sqiud page
Time: Wednesday, 21 January 1998 at 15:57:26
Comments: Giger's influence was definitely evident in Alien:Resurrection. I was wondering why his name did not appear in the credits. Hopefully Fox will give him the credit everyone knows he deserves.

Name: jocke
Website: http://
From: sweden
Time: Wednesday, 21 January 1998 at 12:01:43
Comments: 20th century sucks

Website: http://
Referred by: surfing
From: uk
Time: Wednesday, 21 January 1998 at 09:07:29
Comments: Shame on Fox, if it wasn't for the talent of Mr. giger they would not have the franchise and not make all that money. Face up to your responsibilities!

Name: Ben Fucik
Website: http://
From: USA
Time: Wednesday, 21 January 1998 at 09:06:04
Comments: This is a disgrace to the Alien in itself, your design in itself is very beautiful, and you deserve a hell of a lot more recognition for a big hand in the creation of a blockbuster movie franchise. Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gilles don't deserve squat they are visual plagerists, I could do what they are doing by picking up a copy of the Necronomicon. I just want you to know I appreciate what you have done and will not be forgotten. Ben Fucik

Name: James Zoshak
Website: J's Land O' the Damn Good Waffle
Referred by: found it myself
From: Haverford, PA; USA
Time: Tuesday, 20 January 1998 at 19:17:32
Comments: I've been a fan of H.R.Giger since I saw Aliens, many years ago. I have since accumulated a sizable collection of his books, and his art has been an inspiration for my own work. I felt sure that Giger would be given credit for Resurrection, as he had been so abused previously, but I was mistaken. This misuse of power is a travesty that must not be allowed to continue -- first Giger's ideas are stolen, then our own. I encourage anyone who reads this and the content of this page to write Fox and demand that Giger be given credit for his work; one voice can be ignored, but thousands cannot. It is a shame that such magnificent artwork and such magnificent movies must be marred by this evil.

Name: james
Website: http://
From: US
Time: Tuesday, 20 January 1998 at 18:57:24
Comments: as a very large fan of H.R.Giger i would never disrespect him. but i saw his documentury and he was compelety ripped off when they invented a alien with eyes [well eye sockets anyway] i went and saw "Alien Resurection" in the theaters and i thought it SUCKED! because the work by other special effect artists was nothing remotely close to H.R. Giger himself and i think fox can go FU*CK themselves for not even having the courtesy to give H.R. Giger any credit or money sincerly ThERiPpEr

Name: Lucas Diablo Theroux
Website: http://
From: Manteno lllinois Usa
Time: Tuesday, 20 January 1998 at 16:13:10
Comments: I love Your work for it is a Universe of splended hell. It controls me, soothes me, fills me, then sends me away. Your mind should be honored as a landmark in time, space, and anything unholy that controls this world

Name: Olaf Wierda
Website: Weirdo's Web Page
From: Holland
Time: Tuesday, 20 January 1998 at 12:04:21
Comments: A reaction to Monkey Boy : Tuesday, 20 January 1998 at 08:48:18 I totally agree with the first part of your response : Fox need people like Giger working on film projects, it's people like him who have input into making a classic movie (Alien, need I say more) It's the second part of your response that makes me frown : It's good in a way that Giger wasn't attached to a shit film like alien 3......... Our beloved H.R. Giger was attached to Alien 3 !!!!!! And I think it's a good movie.

Website: http://
Time: Tuesday, 20 January 1998 at 09:55:22
Comments: I believe that H.R. Giger is one of the best surriel artists that this planet has ever seen. His alien design is not only the true design of terror but only designed by one man. H.R. Giger. He should get his own!!

Name: Monkey Boy
Website: Monkey Boy (The Band) Home Page
Referred by: Link
From: Slough, UK
Time: Tuesday, 20 January 1998 at 08:48:18
Comments: Fox need people like Giger working on film projects, it's people like him who have input into making a classic movie (Alien, need I say more). It's good in a way that Giger wasn't attached to a shit film like alien 3.

Name: Paul Henderson
Website: http://
From: Bishop Auckland, England
Time: Tuesday, 20 January 1998 at 03:57:57
Comments: Giger is a genius, his work is absolutly fascinating, and Fox have no right to deny him his dues. In my opinion Giger is one of the greatest artists of this century, and long may he continue his work into the next. May the flocks of the abyss flay the wretched hides of the unfaithful from their rancid bones.

Website: http://
Time: Monday, 19 January 1998 at 20:14:47
Comments: My boyfriend and I were shocked and appalled not to have seen the recognotion of this great artist in the credits of the movie. Like many ALIEN fans, we waited in the cinema until the final credit left the screen, waiting to see if we could hear a facehugger scurrying, as at the end of ALIENS, and watching for the name of our most admired artist. We were shocked that no recognition was paid to this brilliant man. As a student of Visual art, and a follower of arts law I am well aware of the legal implications this creates for fox and the understandable outrage H.R. Giger must be feeling. It is the most blatant display of disrespect and violation of the artists fundamental rights. We feel that this point should be fought until it is corrected and Giger is given the full credit that he deserves.

Name: D.N.
Website: http://
From: munich/germany
Time: Monday, 19 January 1998 at 17:03:18
Comments: Is it all in all a fight against "Microsoft"? While surfing the internet I found an interesting site about an animation software used producing some ALIEN IV scenes in which the Alien appears. With lots of credits to the animator and to their software there is also no comment to Mr Gigers concepts. Feel free to visit, a subcompany of microsoft and make yourself a different view of the ignorance of not giving Mr Giger the credits (and bucks?) he should get! D.N.

Referred by: Alien Creatures
From: Duisburg / Germany
Time: Monday, 19 January 1998 at 01:51:57
Comments: It is a big mess that H.R. Giger didn't get credits from 20th Century Fox for his creations of the Aliens. H.R. Giger is the inventor of the Aliens. Greetings from Germany, Dirk!

Website: http://
Time: Sunday, 18 January 1998 at 20:10:42
Comments: Alien is the greatest sci-fi moveie ever... Can't say i'm suprised by the industry... kind regards Ben.

Name: Nathan
Website: ALIEN movies resource page
From: Calgary, Canada
Time: Sunday, 18 January 1998 at 10:20:37
Comments: Yikes. FOX pulled a boo-boo. Hey Giger, you deserve better, and go kick FOX's butt! And all you webpage dudes put up the ALIEN : Insurrection banner! :)

Name: Peter Pupovac
Website: DUO Creativity on line
Referred by: Peter Pupovac
From: Slovenia
Time: Saturday, 17 January 1998 at 08:39:25
Comments: I don't know what to say about the idiots that work in Fox. The alien works and the biomechanical is legal property of HR giger, the only author and posessor.

Name: James MacDonald
Referred by: No one.
From: Jacksonville FL, United States
Time: Saturday, 17 January 1998 at 02:42:20
Comments: Mr. Giger. I would like to say I'm sorry for what they did and they should give you your Credit. You made aliens what it is today. If it were not for your influence in the film they would have never have held so many captive and entralled for so long. I truely hope you get your credit and my best wishes.

Name: William Van der Busch
Website: http://
From: Chicago, IL USA
Time: Friday, 16 January 1998 at 15:02:32
Comments: This whole thing is such a shame. Where is the harm in Fox giving credit where credit is due. So they have to shell out a few bucks to a deserving creator. It's not like they're hurting for cash. And in the long run, they're loosing cash anyway. I, and hopefully others who care about the rights of creators will refuse to rent or purchase the video of Alien Resurrection when it comes available. Likewise, we will boycott any film related items and think twice about spending money on future Fox projects. It's too bad, because I really liked AR.

Name: Adam Callen
Website: XeNoMoRpH's PaigE
Referred by: me
From: Detriot/mi/USA
Time: Friday, 16 January 1998 at 10:52:35
Comments: I thought AR was kewl...but it showed the alien too much!! i know its the best part of the movie...but I believe that the suspence is the best part! I mean, in "Alien", not seeing the alien is what made it so scarry. That and that the character were just like you a you have rebels in a fantasy future...please go back to the original style!! - Adam

Name: Kermee
Website: http://
Referred by: love of work
From: australia
Time: Friday, 16 January 1998 at 06:44:50
Comments: I would liek to agree that credit should be given where credit is due. but to all you people who say there would be no alien movies without H.R.Giger, i would like to ask you, do you really think a movie company would just look at some art and base a movie on it? No, they wouldn't. There would be an alien. quite probably very differant and quite probably resulting in a completly differant string of movies, if any sequels at all! The thing you have to remember is they would start writting a script and then look for designs of aliens, not the other way round

Name: Geoff Cummins
Website: http://
From: Canberra, Australia
Time: Friday, 16 January 1998 at 06:22:46
Comments: The way they changed the "Alien" for Ressurection was pathetic. Why do they keep getting these amatures to do cheap ripoffs of origional art? will it ever stop? The whole desighn should have been left up to Giger!!!


Name: Florian Krämer
Website: Silence Grafix
Referred by: Magazine Space View
From: Germany
Time: Friday, 16 January 1998 at 04:43:50
Comments: Very cool site ! The alien art is the best whatever created on this world !

Name: Parrot
Website: http://
Time: Thursday, 15 January 1998 at 18:28:33
Comments: I think that this was very unfair to h,r, giger and that he should sue the pants off of that scum sucking company fox

Name: M. Dracowni
Website: http://
From: New Zealand
Time: Thursday, 15 January 1998 at 13:17:54
Comments: It is outrageous that Giger's name could not be alloted a place in the credits of ALIEN:RESSURECTION, as the ALIEN creature was Giger's idea in the first place!

Website: http://
Time: Thursday, 15 January 1998 at 08:36:18
Comments: Besides the actual creature being Giger's design, it is ludicrous for 20th Century Fux to deny the recognition that, beyond the design of the creature, Giger's art is a direct influence on the production of not only the Alien series but countless films. The Director of A4 is undoubtedly influenced by his art PREVIOUS to his work on A4 which you can realize by watching either of his earlier films Delicatessin and City of Lost Children.

Name: Elizabeth
Website: http://
Time: Thursday, 15 January 1998 at 06:21:42
Comments: Once again, the disgraceful lack of a code of ethics in the Hollywood money machine is both astounding and apalling. Fox, trying to redeem themselves, and place distance between themselves and the "morally defensive" (so says the religious right) TV Productions of The Simpsons, The Tracey Ullman Show (originator of The simpsons), and Married:with Children had started up Fox Animation to put forth critically acclaimed, and beloved of children, Television and Feature length animated works (Batman, Superman, Anastasia)....and yet here, in their treatmeant of the artist who created the creature that garnered them a considerable amount of money, not to mention mechandising aspects, and a huge fanbase, shows the corporations true nature. Fox is still the sneaky production company made up of the slimy creatures not even worthy of being called human or aliens,that were cast off from the more reputable production companies. Fox, time to get the research, marketing and public relations teams' collective ass in gear....they're gonna have to work major overtime to cover up this mess with your usual thin veneer of rose petal scent that covers the dog shit you really are. How dare you not give credit to the man who masterminded the creature you market so expertly. You should be ashamed, but I doubt you have that ability. The truly amusing thing is that the whole world knows who the creator/designer is....Fox even gave him credit, all that has been done is that fox has made a laughinstok of itself one more....and behind the ughter is that certain sense thats is NOT a company deserving of the publics money, OR Deserving to work with those artisans, creators and dreamers that make that money roll in.

Website: http://
From: Wissen/Germany
Time: Thursday, 15 January 1998 at 03:12:39
Comments: Ich finde es dreist, daß Herrn Giger die verdiente Auszeichnung nicht zuerkannt wurde. Aber was soll auch anderes dabei herauskommen, wenn Kommerz über Kunst siegt? In freudiger Erwartung neuer Projekte Sebastian Bläser

Name: Mikko Paakkunainen
Website: http://
From: Tampere, Finland
Time: Thursday, 15 January 1998 at 02:33:42
Comments: Dear Mr Giger, I'm reallly disappointed by Fox's behavior. I hope that You will get all the credit you deserve.

Name: michael & llewellyn
Website: http://
From: wellington\new zealand
Time: Thursday, 15 January 1998 at 00:30:21
Comments: All the work that Giger poured into the alien series that Fox are now ignoring is paramount to heresy. we have 'gigers alien' and have the necronomicon on layby and are really big fans of his art and we want to help in anyway we can in the fight against fox's blinding stupidity.

Name: v.krazzy
Website: cyber krazzy
From: Milwaukee/WI
Time: Wednesday, 14 January 1998 at 21:50:41
Comments: I FINALLY HAVE FOUND IT......MY GOD THE VOICE OF REASON.: ) Thank you, I recently saw the new alien movie, and was made to look like a fool because I was telling all my friends about the designer/artist that made the movie what it is today, and to my disapointment and surprize, I didn't see his name any where in the movie or in the credits, I mean I watched the whole credits to see if it was a missunderstanding, and he wasn't even recognized,....COME ON a man with his tallent shouldn't be d*** around. I was so pissed (ask my friends, I raved for like days), and know I finally have found a place to help, let me know if I can do anything..... a beloved fan.. : )

Name: Adrian Tritschler
From: Melbourne / Australia
Time: Wednesday, 14 January 1998 at 15:45:36
Comments: What can I add that others haven't already added... Fox should admit that the were wrong and publically apologise. All four movies wouldn't have existed without HRG's work.

Name: Olav Ljone Skogaas
Website: http://
From: Decorah, USA/ Oslo, Norway
Time: Wednesday, 14 January 1998 at 14:09:39
Comments: What 20th century Fox has done to Mr. Giger is a disgrace. They should not be allowed to get away with doing this to him. He is a genius and should get credit his creatures. OLAV LJONE SKOGAAS


Name: Dove Ulii
Website: http://
Referred by: Using Hot Bots Search for Giger art
From: Kirkland, Washington USA
Time: Wednesday, 14 January 1998 at 13:31:24
Comments: I love Giger's artwork in the Alien movies. Giger's Aliens and landscapes tie together my greatest fears and greatest loves. The last movie, Alien Resurrection was a disappointment due to the changes in the traditional Giger Alien landscape. I hope the Giger is more involved with any future Alien movies. I am looking forward to Species II.

Name: Niels Jørgensen
From: Hedehusene/Denmark
Time: Wednesday, 14 January 1998 at 08:31:04
Comments: It's amazing how money and special effects can ruin a brilliant concept and a unique design. I try to forget that there's any alien movies beyond the first two.

Name: Samuel Frijhoff
Website: http://
From: The Netherlands
Time: Wednesday, 14 January 1998 at 07:46:36
Comments: How can Fox even try to deny the influence of Giger's artwork on the latest Alien- film? Without Giger's artwork there would have been no Alien films and if Fox hadn't used Giger's artwork (which they seem to deny) fir Alien Resurrection it would just have been a very normal sci-fi movie. Giger's artwork is essential for the Alien films because it defines the atmosphere of the films. I hope Fox will come to use their mind and put Giger's name in the credits cuase he definitely deserves it.

Name: Daus Demptings
Website: Gallery Lotion
Referred by: Chris Mortimore
From: Fountain Valley, Ca. USA
Time: Tuesday, 13 January 1998 at 22:01:26
Comments: I am also assuming that the new ALIEN: Resurrection action figures will have nothing to do with H.R. either.. meaning he will get no royalties or whatever it would be.. So i guess that means neither me or anyone I know will be purchasing them because H.R. recieved no credit on the film making the action figures not of his design... hmmm... i wonder how many other people recognize this infiltration.. TAKE ACTION PEOPLE...Don't go see, rent or purchase any of this nonsense.. I'm just lucky to have bought the figure when the first film came out.. i guess that's the only original... Daus Demptings Graphic Artist/Photographer

Name: Chris Mortimore
Website: LoTioN Industries
Referred by: Jim Cowan
From: Los Angeles
Time: Tuesday, 13 January 1998 at 21:47:48
Comments: It is completely ridiculous that FOX not recognize H.R.'s influence on this film.. I am about to completely boycott any FOX production or product because of this childish behaviour.. At this point, I don't feel there is anything FOX could do to "make up" for what they've done to themselves. I am not alone... -chris mortimore

Name: Julius T. DeSimone
Website: http://
From: Secane, Pennsylvania USA
Time: Tuesday, 13 January 1998 at 18:58:37
Comments: Mr. Giger, Earlier today, I paged through one of your books relased by Taschen. After spending hours marvelling at your incredible biomechanical, I was inspired to look up your name on the Web. That is how I stumbled upon your site tonight. I am saddened and disappointed by the actions of 20th Century Fox, depriving you of such blatantly deserved credit. Legions of your admirers know that you have singlehandedly created the "Alien" world. I personally feel that it is incumbent of your fans throughout the world to send letters of indignation to 20th Century Fox, with a promise to boycott the company until this problem is resolved to your satisfaction. For many years, I have been in awe of your artistry, Mr. Giger. Please let me know if there is anything I could do to help you in your compaign against the outright robbery of your intellectual property. Sincerely, Julius Thomas DeSimone

Name: Niklas Sundin
Website: http://
Time: Tuesday, 13 January 1998 at 15:55:42
Comments: It's obvious that mr Giger deserves credit for his original creation of the whole Alien design and the related concept. Any other claim is utterly ridiculous.

Name: geoffx mccarthy
Website: http://
Time: Tuesday, 13 January 1998 at 14:08:35
Comments: I have never seen work as creative as yours. I don't blame them for stealing your ideas because they are the best in the business. No one could come up with creatures as truely beautiful and terrifying as you. Please pursue this issue and do everything you can to get the credit that you deserve. I am a very big fan of yours and can not wait to see some of your artwork in person. Sincerly, Geoffx McCarthy.

Name: Mario Cesar Leos
Website: alien insurrection
Referred by: uncle
From: Monterrey, N, L. Mexico
Time: Tuesday, 13 January 1998 at 13:56:54
Comments: Quiero agradecer al cabrón de Giger por su galeria de imagenes que estan de poca madre, ya que se tiene que tener una imaginacion de un mendigo orate para crear dichas realizaciones, me da gusto haber conocido su mundo de loco de imagenes alienigenas, me da mucha emocion de que se haya logrado realizar la secuencia de Alien (Alien Insurrection), ya que las historias en verdad me facinan, sobre todo las creaciones de Giger, mendigo orate de la imaginación y de los paisajes llenos de locura y desquicia. ¡¡¡BIEN POR ESE CABRON LLENO DE LOCURA EN SU IMAGINACION PSICODELICA!!!, se despide un loco de Mexico city.

Name: Kai Winter
Website: http://
From: Neustadt an der Weinstrasse / Germany
Time: Tuesday, 13 January 1998 at 03:22:58
Comments: The Alien and the whole "culture" of the Aliens are the mental property of H. R. Giger. If Twentieth Century Fox uses this property, the less they can do, is to honor the artist for his creation by listing him in the credits. If not, it is just ordinary thieving. By the way, if the aliens in this quatrology would't be like they are, there would've never been more than the first Alien film, because without the brilliant work of H.R.Giger it would've been an SF-Thriller like a lot of others. Only this innovative way of creating an Alien with his special way of surviving and reproduction makes this films to something special.

Name: yu|
yukio's Cyberdelica
From: tokyo/japan
Time: Monday, 12 January 1998 at 21:31:00
Comments: In this internet era, It is very important to confirm creator's right."aien"creatures design is very original style of H.R.Giger and it is obvious to all movie fans in the world. I can't beleive that big movie company like fox ignored right of H.R.giger . We must stop this madnes!!!

Name: bung
Website: http://
Referred by: giger
Time: Monday, 12 January 1998 at 21:12:34
Comments: I finally saw "Alien Resurrection", and let me start by saying it was one of the worse films I've seen in a long time (even worse than 5th element). It really was terrible (I considered walking out half-way through). Bluesky's stuff was nice, but there wasn't much of it. Better luck next time... (I was forced to "purge" myself afterward by watching Ridley Scott's version!) BTW -- how come French filmmakers always think they know what's best, and end up really screwing things up? I guess they think "artiste" ability is in their genes or something...

Name: David Rossberg
Website: David Rossberg
Referred by: Me.
From: Linköping/Sweden
Time: Monday, 12 January 1998 at 17:45:29
Comments: It is a scandal of unbelievable proportions that H.R. Giger is not credited in the new Alien movie. It was embarrasing enough that he was miscredited in the third one, but this is nothing but a scandal !!!! Alien without H.R. giger would be like Star Wars with Steven segal and Tracy lords! H.R. Giger IS Alien. The creator of all things biomechanical. I would like to say to Fox that I was utterly upset when I noticed that H.R. Giger was not credited in the opening credits for the film. But that was nothing like the anger that I felt when I realised that he wasn't even mentioned in the closing credits either! Nothing but a scandal. His name should be used in the advertising of the film, on all merchendise, everything! Best regards, -David Rossberg.

Website: TurNet
Referred by: Film Threat
From: New York, NY
Time: Monday, 12 January 1998 at 16:36:51
Comments: I think 20th Century Fox are run by a bunch of boneheads who clearly doesn't know when to give credit when credit is very properly due.

Name: SSchrader
Referred by: GOD
From: Hamburg/Deutschland
Time: Monday, 12 January 1998 at 15:04:08
Comments: Salut HR, Ich würde mir wünschen dass Sie sich nicht "ewig" auf Ihren Lorbeeren ausruhen würden! Sie haben ein Geschöpf erschaffen ,welches Hr.Scott als ALIEN auserkohren hat. es ist genial!! Aber bitte,bitte "reiten" Sie nicht ewig auf diesem ALIEN Thema herum. Schliesslich haben Sie ja auch noch andere Sachen gemacht!!!!! Ich würde es begrüssen wenn Sie sich endlich wieder auf sich selbst konzentrieren würden und etwas "NEUES" erschaffen !!DIeses "Geheule" ist auf die DAuer unerträglich. Ich hoffe Sie werden wieder "KREATIVER" Viel Glück SSchrader

Name: Philip Schembri
Website: none
Referred by: none
From: College Station, Texas U.S.A.
Time: Monday, 12 January 1998 at 14:59:25
Comments: Alien: Resurrection was an excellent movie: exciting, terrifying, and a visual masterpiece. Once again I was thrilled to see more of Giger's paintings come to life. As the movie ended I expected nothing less than to see Giger's name as the first credit saying something like "The preceding images were brought to you from the mind of H.R. Giger". I patiently sat as all the credits rolled past becoming first amazed and eventually angry as I saw no reference to Giger. I do not deny that countless people contributed to the film (and an excellent job they did) but let's face it, what would the Alien movies be without Giger. One need's only the go to the sci-fi or horror section of the video store to see what a pathetic mess a monster movie can turn into without a believable and truly terrifying monster. It was the Alien movies that made me a Giger fan. Lets not deprive other movie fans of the opportunity to delve into the mind of a creator of nightmares by omitting Giger's name from the credits.

Name: Chad Savage
Website: Sinister Visions: The Chad Savage Homepage
Referred by: Long-time fan
From: Syracuse, New York, USA
Time: Monday, 12 January 1998 at 12:00:53
Comments: As outrageous as Fox's deliberate omission of Giger's name from the credits of A4 are, can any of us claim genuine surprise? I say "deliberate" because I don't believe for a second that they just "forgot" - it had to be a conscious choice on some executive's part. The assault on Art by All Things Corporate continues - we must kick, scream, shred and tear to show Them that, in fact, they CAN'T get away with it. What I AM surprised about is the fact that nobody is remarking on just how ridiculous the "Hybrid" alien in A4 is - never has Giger's touch been so painfully, obviously absent as in that gangly, milk-soaked chunk of foam latex!

Name: Joerg Schwiezer
Time: Monday, 12 January 1998 at 10:09:15
Comments: I agree with the fact that Giger should have been mentioned as the designer of the original Alien creature... BUT long before the movie (A4) was released to the cinemas, I saw an interview with HRG (I think it were the Schaumburger News) where he was asked about A4. In that interview HRG stated that he does not want to be connected to the movie in any form and that he thinks that the movie is only done to support the merchandising machine behind ALIEN. Keeping such statements in mind I was not surprised that FOX took out HRG`s credit.

Name: Danny Day
Website: http://
Time: Monday, 12 January 1998 at 08:56:38
Comments: I agree with Mr. Giger. You can not look at any Alien movie and not think H.R. Giger. I believe that screen credit is due.

Name: roberto romero
Website: http://
From: san jose/costa rica
Time: Monday, 12 January 1998 at 08:21:16
Comments: la fascinacion que me causa divagar mis ojos por la imagenes biomecanicas gigerianas, es solo comparable con un orgasmo onirico­esoterico.Solo quiero agradecer a HRGiger por existir, y darle las gracias por hacerme experimentar toda clase de sensaciones extrañas en mi mente.

Name: Joerg Krampfl
Website: http://
From: Kelheim, Germany
Time: Monday, 12 January 1998 at 07:39:29
Comments: I've been watching Giger's art and his way through media and especially Hollywood for several years now. Among all of his outstanding work, the creation of the "Alien" and its look was the real big hit. Nothing shows more clearly our threatening inner life than these creatures. One aspect of man's inner terror is greed and another is the slaveholder-mentality. You can find both in the behaviour of the Twentieth Century Fox. My suggestion to HR Giger: Try to do a movie with european money in european studios, even if it was more difficult and asking for hard struggle. Jean-Pierre Jeunet showed the varieties a european director can extract from Gigers genius. Greetings from Germany. I'm looking forward to the opening of the museum in 2000.

Name: William Rumsey
Website: http://
From: Buffalo, NY
Time: Sunday, 11 January 1998 at 19:37:08
Comments: When H.R. Giger's credits went to a mere "Creator of Alien Design" in the Alien sequels, I was both surprised and dismayed that the artist's huge influence was not given more attention. His work was properly credited in the first "Alien" but not at all adequatly in the second and third movie in the series. Now to find out that he was not even MENTIONED in the 4th movie is an outrage of the highest degree. It's sad that the movie studio has chosen a slight increase in profits (from failing to pay and credit Mr. Giger) over artistic integrity. I can only echo Mr. Giger's sentiments about the person(s) responsible for such a reprehensible act being suitable candidates for alien breeding media. William Rumsey, Buffalo NY.

Name: andreas
Website: http://
Time: Sunday, 11 January 1998 at 13:55:15
Comments: fox is a greedy corporation. h.r giger got every right in the world to be mentioned in the credits. i dont believe in copyrights and such but the original and unique work of an artist definitly needs to be credited and should be in the alien:ressurection movie.

Name: Mike Erion
Website: n/a
Referred by:
From: Wilmington, DE USA
Time: Sunday, 11 January 1998 at 12:43:00
Comments: Let me say first I have been a follower of your unique and visionary paintings ever since I stumbled across your "Necronomicon" in a little head-shop on San Diego's, Ocean Beach. I was immediately enthralled. All of your art bears your distinctive, often copied, but never duplicated stamp. Fox's decision to leave your name off of the credits is a atrocious decision. It is an arrogant abuse of power and I would assume illegal. It doesn't surprise me though. The entertainment industry has long standing tradition of pirating artist's work. They themselves must admit in their long, dark, intellectually vacant nights, that their Alien franchise, wouldn't even exist, if it wasn't for your original design. The first Alien movie was brilliant. The next three in a word -- sucked. The plots were silly and totally unbelievable. In a small way you should almost be relieved that they chose to leave your name off of the credits. To sum up, this is artistic piracy. The big companies are always worried about someone stealing their copyrights, but they have no qualms when it comes to stealing someone elses. It is a repugnant practice. You deserve your credit and all the rewards that come with it. As a fellow artist, I understand what it means to create something uniquely your own. Fox needs to put your credit for the design on the screen.

Name: Starchild Azraelxvii
Website: Empire of the Imagination
From: United States of America
Time: Sunday, 11 January 1998 at 11:59:35
Comments: I myself was upset over Fox not giving Giger credit over Alien Resurrection. But it should be Giger who should thank Fox. Giger would never be as famous as he is today if it was not for the film "Alien" and its sequels. Yes, Fox is to blame for not giving Giger credit over the Alien Creature Design. But Giger should not be so harsh on Fox. Giger would not be working on films like "Species" and "Species II" if it was not for the Alien films. No, I would be upset if they totaly did away with Giger's creature design in favor for something else. They did that with the Newborn but I know Fox will never replace the orginal creature design. Maybe Giger forgot that his credit was seen throuhout the entire film. When I see the Alien, I know that Giger created it. Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. may do a superb job with the creature effects, but I know that the Alien creature design is pure Giger. My question to Giger is this: Why did you not scream at Fox and Stan Winston over the Alien creature design for the film "Aliens"? I mean, those Aliens looked quite a bit different from your original Alien creature design. And why not yell at Fox for not letting you give input into the creation of the Alien Hive for "Aliens"? Yes,I would be upset at Fox over not giving you a credit. But remember, you would not be where you are today if it was not for Fox creating the Alien Franchise.

Website: http://
Referred by: Fan for life
From: Grapevine, TX; United States
Time: Sunday, 11 January 1998 at 10:15:01
Comments: That 20th Century Fox didn't contact you to design new creatures for this film is a sad mistake. Failing to give you credit for your original creation is a crime. Sue the senseless bastards!

Name: David Luke
Website: http://
Referred by: search engine
From: Sydney / Australia
Time: Saturday, 10 January 1998 at 17:39:28
Comments: When I eagerly went to an exclusive preview screening of Alien Resurrection, keen to see Giger's style in action once again. I loved the movie, seeing it as a great improvement on the shaky storyline of Alien3, but watching the credits attentively, I didn't see the name of the original creator of this creature that has made so many people wealthy and famous... H.R. Giger. I thought I mustn't have been watching carefully enough, expecting for sure that it should have "original creature design" or something similar with H.R. Giger's name... but a few weeks later I saw the movie again with some friends and I made sure and was shocked at the exclusion! Now that I read the Alien Insurrection here I am disgusted that they could consider excluding his name.] I hope that this matter is somehow resolved and credit is given where credit is due!

Name: Christophe Ribault
Website: http://
From: Lyon/France
Time: Saturday, 10 January 1998 at 14:30:54
Comments: J'ai decouvert la peinture de H.R.Giger apres avoir vu le premier Alien. Pourquoi ce film est-il devenu un film culte et un classique qui restera dans l'Histoire du Cinema ? Les dirigeant de la fox ne semblent pas le savoir. En tous cas ils auraient mieux fait de faire appel a Giger pour le "newborn" plutot que de le chercher dans les comic's de gare. cette creature n'a plus rien de l'"elegance insectoide" de ALIEN. Je ne croit pas que j'irait voir Alien 5, a moins d'une amende honorable. You have my sympathy.

Name: Michelle
Website: GALLERY
From: Texas
Time: Saturday, 10 January 1998 at 09:52:21
Comments: It is a shame that Mr. Giger did not get credit for # 4 Alien, But I think all know who the creator was. Its a shame they did not go with Giger for Dune, It may have had 4 movies to its name by now.

Name: Marshall Morley
Website: http://
From: Brisbane Australia
Time: Friday, 09 January 1998 at 23:32:16
Comments: The three most enriching discoveries in my life to date have been the music of Tangerine Dream, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and the art/design of HR Giger. HR Giger's art/design shows an imagination and creative depth seldom few on this planet express with such vigeours ongoing excellence. The film Alien has been revered by many as a work of art. I would agree. But whose work of art is it? The work of art that is Alien is indeed HR Giger's. The Academy Award thusly proves this to be true. The creatures and environments featured in the Aliens, Alien3 and Alien:Resurrection films are all siblings of HR Giger's original Alien designs, to which he deserves no less than full credit for. That 20th Century Fox would rather try to steal the creative brilliance of HR Giger instead of openly celebrating his talent with the appropriate credit where credit is due is a travesty. I implore all involved at 20th Century Fox to rectify this contemputous, underhanded theft of Mr Giger's creative rights immedieatly. - Mr Giger, may I heartly extend to you my very best wishes and sincere thanks for the immense pleasure your art/design has brought me over the years.

Website: http://
From: Brasil
Time: Friday, 09 January 1998 at 19:46:55
Comments: It is a shame that Fox did not put Giger's name on the Alien 4 credits. Why they try to deny the obvious? Giger is the father of Alien. This movie producers should give more respect with other people's work, especially a master like Giger. Who are they trying to deceive? I am thinking very seriouslly not to watch this Alien 4 movie. It probably sucks like the last one (although Giger's desings were perfects!) Andre Lux

Name: Ben Christie
Website: Furry Freedom
Referred by: The Unofficial Alien 5 Webpage
From: Whitby, Canada
Time: Friday, 09 January 1998 at 15:08:13
Comments: When somebody says the word Alien to me I don't think about little bug eyes green aliens from Rosewell, nor do I think of Klingons from Star Trek. I think of THE Alien. Without you, Mr. Giger, there would be no Alien films, or at least not to this degree of excellence. No cult classic. Just your painting (which are great I might add). Without the films, the world would not be able to see your Alien design and would truly miss out on a new visual experience. By far i see your Alien as being the most imaginable alien design ever created. I came to this site to look at your art, but I soon find out about the horrid plagrism FOX has done to you. It's inexcuseable and downright dirty. When Hicks and the surviors of the first battle with the Alien in Aliens, they learn about the plan Paul Rieser's Character was doing and I belive the line said by Lt. Ellen Ripley to Paul Rieser about the Alien fits this senario best "I don't know who is worse. You don't see them f**king each other over for a precentage." The FOX executives could learn alot from the Aliens they have stolen. Get 'em good, Giger!

Name: George Davis
Website: http://
Referred by: noone...just a giger fan
From: Fort Worth, TX
Time: Friday, 09 January 1998 at 14:56:15
Comments: I've been entrigued by H.R. Giger's work for the past 20 years. It's both a shame and an expectation that Sir Giger's getting fucked the way he is...but hey.....don't worry about it. Everyone knows who developed the 'Alien'. Only His mind could create such a beautiful and thought provoking creature. Live on Giger!

Name: Lori Lathrom
From: Hillsboro, OR
Time: Friday, 09 January 1998 at 14:20:00
Comments: Do not go quietly into the night!! I know what it is like to have your imagination stolen. People do not realize that what you create is a prostitution of yourself. It is part of you. And it is hard to part with. Then to have some bastard steal part of your soul...unforgiveable. Nail them to the wall Mr. Giger. For yourself and for all the rest of us out here who have been stepped on with no chance of recourse. Fight the tiger. You have indisputeable truth on your side. Don't let them get away with this.

Name: Chuck Cavaleri
Website: http://
From: Houston, Texas USA
Time: Friday, 09 January 1998 at 13:42:41
Comments: There can be no plausiable explanation to the contrary from 20th Century Fox that the Alien design owes its birth, growth and development to the mind of H.R. Giger. It can no more be dismissed than any other icon we have come to recognize in film history. Images such as the Disney creations, John Wayne or Elvis. It is a travesty that a creative genius must implore Fox for the proper respect he deserves and has earned. It is truly a glaring display of corporate snobbery and plagrism at its finest. " Sue the Bastards"

Name: Dominic Kulcsar
Website: The Wmmvrrvrrmm Page!
From: Harrow Weald, Middx, England
Time: Friday, 09 January 1998 at 13:40:05
Comments: I'll add to my statement made on the 12th of December about Alien Resurrection's use of Passage Temple , for other people to realise in case they're wondering, that the details that were exploited from it by the creature production crew were floating around the upper left side of the the masses soupy forms painting which they've juggled around a little, but various details of that particular section are definitely clear in the influence behind the film's version when you compare them. in view of any other part of the painting

Name: Maurice Townes
Website: http://
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Time: Friday, 09 January 1998 at 12:15:05
Comments: It makes me sick to my stomach to see first hand how people are. It is VERY clear that the Alien design and creature is Giger's. It makes me sad to be an alien fan to know that Fox would do something like this. We should start a boycott of Fox films.

Name: Elas
Website: no fuckin' title
From: Kaunas LITHUANIA
Time: Friday, 09 January 1998 at 10:56:03
Comments: I'm an old fan of H.R.G. arts (not a member of a Fanclub). Those things 'bout 20th Century Fox look like a big peace of a bullsh... The designers all over the world are used by big companiess just like usefull stuff to make money. I'm mad 'bout this! I wish an Alien one day became alive and finnish all this god damn nonsence. O.K. Nevermind. Guys, I'm with you. Hope to join u soon. See ya.

Name: Tom Eichstaedter
Referred by: Space View
From: Vienna/Austria
Time: Friday, 09 January 1998 at 03:44:04
Comments: Hello ! I am a Sci-Fi fan for years and follow nearly all stories about it. New for me was that the credits for the creation of the Alien Creatures are not clearly at H.R.Gigers side. For me the inventor and father of the Aliens is and will always be HR.Giger. Everyone who denies this lies and I hope, like Mr. Giger does in his first letter to TCFox, that life itsself will teach those creatures what happens to thiefs - even if they stole an idea. GO ON FIGHTING FOR THE TRUTH, MR. GIGER !!!!!! GOOD LUCK.

Name: Gibil
Website: Taboo After Midnight
Referred by: HRG website
From: Reading, PA -- USA
Time: Thursday, 08 January 1998 at 23:17:18
Comments: As an artist myself, I understand the frustration of having a ideas stolen or uncredited without the slightest consideration to my rights as a creator. Twentieth Century Fox should be ashamed and embarrassed by the oversite of mentioning HR Giger's name somewhere in Alien 4's credits. This is just another example of a corporation looking to smother the power of the individual. That is America, I suppose. It is sad. I'm embarrassed by this country half the time. I had wanted to see Alien 4 -- in light of their lack of common courtesy, I'll avoid this film in the theaters.

Name: jed hartgrove
Website: http://
Referred by: (the book)
From: pleasant grove UT usa
Time: Thursday, 08 January 1998 at 21:26:00
Comments: I agree with probably all of gigers long time fans and admirers when I say that his exclusion from the fourth (and by far worst) installment in the immortal alien series is an outrage to the artistic community. best of wishes and keep up the good work, Jed Hartgrove

Name: Greg Dyer
From: Wellington/New Zealand
Time: Thursday, 08 January 1998 at 13:57:21
Comments: I went to "Alien Ressurection" last night and was truely impressed. I haven't been to this site for a while and thought that with so much more of Giger's work included that he must have been involved, and surely paid, if not given full credit - so I visited this site to confirm this - after visiting, I am simply stunned and shocked at 20th Century's immoral actions. What happened to good old honesty and integrity.

Name: Whip96lash
Website: http://
Referred by: An interest in Mr. Giger's work
From: Garden Grove, Ca, U.S.A
Time: Thursday, 08 January 1998 at 10:22:08
Comments: I have been interested in the work of H.R. Giger ever since a friend showed me one of his books. This fuss over the Alien creation is pathetic. The designs are obviously those of Giger's.


Name: Jon Nichols
Website: http://
Referred by: Yahoo
From: Newman, IL
Time: Thursday, 08 January 1998 at 08:08:17
Comments: Giger is the god of surrealism. Tell Fox to stick the money theymade from Ressurection up their asses! Keep up the good work. (Nice Website)

Name: martin jonsson
Website: http://
Referred by: my self
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Time: Thursday, 08 January 1998 at 00:06:26
Comments: Fox are pigs!!!!!!!! without Giger there would be no "Alien" at all, I want to see "FOX" burn in hell !!!

Name: Michael Warren
From: Canberra / Australia
Time: Wednesday, 07 January 1998 at 18:04:52
Comments: DISGUSTING. That's all I can say! H.R.Giger is Alien. without H.R.Giger there wouldn't have been any Alien Movies. Fox should at least have the Giger name in the credits. What is the world comming to when you design something and don't even get credit for it? Keep up the good work (perhaps the next work should be the alien eating the CEO of Fox!!!)

Name: kam
Website: not there yet...
Referred by: myself
From: san francisco, ca
Time: Wednesday, 07 January 1998 at 16:31:14
Comments: i can't believe that this is even an issue. fox needs to have all of it's heads examined. the alien series would be another "friday the 13th" series if it weren't for the unique work done by giger. go get 'em.

Website: http://
From: curitiba\brasil
Time: Wednesday, 07 January 1998 at 13:10:42
Comments: in my country we have a word for things like that-SACANAGEM- giger is the father of alien.i don´t have home page,but i have giger´s books and a big tattoo on my back and a adress:barão do serro azul,252,ap 1504,curitiba,PR,cep 80 020 180. please send me notices about the case. go ahead,giger!

Time: Wednesday, 07 January 1998 at 11:24:25

Name: Rasmus Stoltzenberg
Website: AZTEC HOMEBASE (v.3.0)
Referred by: self-referred
From: Finland
Time: Wednesday, 07 January 1998 at 07:15:39
Comments: I wholeheartedly agree with H.R. Giger. Therefore: Give unto Caesar what Caesar's is... A question springs to mind. Why? (For what purpose? To which end? By whom?) The whole of the Alien series. Would be nothing. Save for HRGiger. And the visions. And the artwork. And Ridley Scott. All the money that Fox poured in, only transformed the vision onto film. It didn't create Alien from scratch. It didn't invent any of it... It did make a profit tho'. And just because of that, it seems unbelievably stupid of a company such as Fox to deny HRG the credit he's due. It is because of Giger that the Alien series is so great. It is because of his creation that it grips the senses as it does. And Fox should realise that. And give HRG the credit for it. This leaves a bad taste in the mouth. The foul stench of stupidity... "You can all of the people some of the time. And you can fool some of the people all the time. ..." - Well you won't fool us. Das Alien lebt. --> Raz ps. How about "Alien pt5.: Alien - the ripoff"

Name: Rasmus Stoltzenberg
Website: AZTEC HOMEBASE (v.3.0)
Referred by: self-referred
From: Finland
Time: Wednesday, 07 January 1998 at 06:59:25
Comments: Give unto Caesar what Caesar's is... A question springs to mind. Why? (For what purpose? To which end? By whom?) The whole of the Alien series. Would be nothing. Save for HRGiger. And the visions. And the artwork. And Ridley Scott. All the money that Fox poured in only transformed the vision onto film. It didn't create Alien from scratch. It didn't invent any of it...

Name: sarkis olivencia
Website: none
Referred by: me
From: Puerto Rico
Time: Wednesday, 07 January 1998 at 02:52:52
Comments: Totally agree,without H.R. Giger's Works the Alien movies would have been just monster movies,the thing that us fans idolize the most is the visuals ,the landscapes and the sheer vision wich the artist conjures from deep within to bring to us these beatifully terrifiying images wich we love. another example of this is Species,just your regular monster flick but add a giger design and voila what else can be said but magic.

Name: Sandro Falcone
Website: -
Referred by: -
From: Deutschland
Time: Tuesday, 06 January 1998 at 19:48:34
Comments: Was ich nicht glauben kann ist, wie dreißt ...Hollywood sich anstellt. Es ist doch vollkommen klar und absolut nicht zu Übersehen.....das dieser Film "ALIEN 1 bis 4"...nur aber auch "NUR"... Durch das Alien so berühmt geworden ist. "Ich" finde die Filme nicht unbedingt genial, aber dieser "Alien" ist "DAS GENIALSTE UNÜBERTOFFENE DESIGN DAS JEDER KENNT UND FÜRCHTET" ist so Genial das es jedem betrachter absoluten Respekt einflöst... und da diese geniale Kreatur dessen Biomechanischem und Surealistischem Stil die handschrift von H.R.Giger "war" und "ist", bleibt es einzigartig auf der ganzen Welt...!!!"Keiner" hat es jemals geschaft einen Alien so Furchteregend Schön zu Designen wie er "H.R.GIGER".... "keiner" hat es jemals geschaft einen Stil zu erschaffen das so ist wie dieser!!! So das ,Fast Alle Künstler oder Ilustratoren," aber am meißten Film Designer", sich die Finger Blutig kopiert haben...und vor Neid schon zu Weit gegangen sind, "so weit" das sie schon so Tun als ob es ihr Alien wäre, und den echten Alien Schöpfer garnicht erst erwähnen,damit "sie" ja den Ruhm ernten, den "sie" sich leider "nicht" verdient haben!!! Seit ihr schon so weit gesunken...das ihr es schon nötig habt,nur weil ihr nicht in der Lage Seit, so etwas zu zu Stehlen? Leider hat die Welt euch Erwischt!!.. da es kein anderer wie "H.R.GIGER" geschaft hätte, so ein Wesen in diesem Jarhundert oder besser Jahrtausend zu erschaffen!! Gebt jedem das was ihm gehört...und dieser Alien gehört "GIGER"..!! Sandro Falcone

Name: Gilbert Ronquillo
Website: http://
Referred by: Visitor/Fan of HRGIGER
Time: Tuesday, 06 January 1998 at 19:10:42
Comments: I am very disappointed that a major Hollywood studio has so blatently stolen Mr. Giger's intellectual property, the images created were HR GIGER all the way. None of this work is original to the creator and I, as thousands of your fans, know this. Credit, as any artist knows, is better than flat out stealing the work. Although, I still wonder, why is a studio like FOX so reluctant to use GIGER's name as credit when it is due? Is there some type of money due? HR GIGER, you are one of the most fantastic artists that I have been glad to have become aquainted with your work. Keep your beautiful visions flowing, I will be visiting your part of the world this summer and cannot wait to see your GIGER BAR...a dream come true!

Name: Jimily
Website: http://
From: Montreal Canada
Time: Tuesday, 06 January 1998 at 00:49:21
Comments: Great Website! I'm glad you showed Giger's work tastefully, I was expecting extreme gore. I know it was hard to accomplish but you did it. Good job!

Name: Chris Harper
Website: http://
Referred by: just looking for some pics of yours
From: Dallas TX\USA
Time: Monday, 05 January 1998 at 22:44:23
Comments: I would just like to give thanks to a creative person who likes to push the envelope a little farther. I am an avid student of yours and M.C. Escher's art. I am almost hesitant to say this because of the multiple attempts people have made to plagurize your works. I would be afraid that you would think me to be just another mindless and talentless nimrod who's just trying to copy your style. These fears I owe to Ridely Scott for his latest attempt to rob you of all due credit for your vivid creations. I can only imagine how this could make a person feel. I would, however, just like to remind you that your art goes beyond credit. Nobody who knows who you are and what you have done can possibley see that creature on the screen and think that it came from somebody else's mind. They must have just forgotten (don't ask me how) to put your name in the credits. They're just clowning theirselves by not doing so. I mean come on! Think about it! Do you honestly think Alien would have been a success without your designs?!?! I don't think so. It would have just been a really bad B-rated movie that people would only rent if all the new releases where already checked out. Look at it!!! It had no in-depth dialogue and the acting was to commercial. YOUR ART MADE THE FILM!!! Think of that when others try to take the credit for your labors. They just look infinitely more stupid to those that know the truth Believe me... those are the only people who's opinions matter. I'm sure your tired of all my clique advice so I will wrap this up. Don't quite sharing just because one person is stealing.

Name: Dave Mogen
Website: http://
Referred by: nada
From: USA
Time: Monday, 05 January 1998 at 20:22:05
Comments: Cheers to Giger! I have been religiously following the "Progress" of Alien 4 for 10 months or so (!) Throught their "Official" Web Site (uck! It Crashed My computer nightly! Jerks!) ...and I was there at the theatre with my girlfriend on opening night! I COULDN'T BELIEVE they (20th Century Fucks) slimed our Bro' H.R. like they did! What's UP???? Give the guy some credit, folks! Like he said, you wouldn't even HAVE a sequel, let alone a FOURTH movie without this guy's PURE Genius! All I can think is: Pray For The Prey. And that's whoever left out Giger in all this. Great site update, folks! Talk to ya soon! Keep up the Great work! Cheers! Dave

Name: Bill Nester
From: USA
Time: Monday, 05 January 1998 at 13:06:51
Comments: I am a Giger fan and have enjoyed his work, however I may not have found out about Mr. Giger or his work had it not been for the Aliens movies.... this is a fact. I have been reading the comments of fans writing about Giger's Aliens. I noticed that most people associate Mr. Gigers work with the Aliens movies. His work is clearly associated with the Alien and the original biomechanical style.... which is a both a curse and a blessing. I am certain that FOX will respond with " Hey, without us no one would know of Mr. Giger or his work..... we are doing him a favor, he should be thankful that we ever allowed him to work on OUR movie... without us he would not even be known.... blah blah and on and on" It seems that this is the attitude of FOX by the way they have treated Mr. Giger's work. However one question remains, would Mr. Giger have had the success without the Alien movies?

Name: Jason J. Bobko
Website: http://
From: West Haven, Ct. USA
Time: Monday, 05 January 1998 at 07:15:39
Comments: The incredible greed of the mega corporations is what's truly ironic in this scenario. In Alien Aliens and Alien3 the underlaying theme is the incredible greed of the corporation, Life imitating art imitating life. The execs at the film company are living up to the corporation presented in the first three installments of this, the most incredible sci- fi saga ever. Without Gigers designs all the movies would be utter garbage, like most science fiction movies are and all the credit in the entire Alien World goes to H.R. Giger in my opinion for his truly inspirational designs. The Newborn, in Alien Res, was an absolute disgrace in my opinion because it stole away from the concepts established by the first three films under Gigers influence. The two major influences for the Alien Saga are H.R. Gigers designs and of course Sigourney Weaver. If either one of these influences were missing the saga would DIE!!!!!!!!! So, in conclusion, I am deeply dismayed that the company is profitting off your work without giving you proper credit and will support your stand One Hundred percent and I also agree with you in saying that if this creature did exist no one deserves to be a host more than the greedy Corporate bastards responsible for this conspiracy. Thank You, A lifelong fan, Jason Bobko

Website: http://
From: sydney\ oz
Time: Sunday, 04 January 1998 at 23:09:57
Comments: Well hollywood has done it again... Blatantly ripping off and selling out a vision of artistic genius by firstly popularizing it, & then by refusing to give credit where its due. I had hoped that Alien4 would be one of the few US movies made past 1990 which possessed artistic merit and creativity, not just another forrest gump... Anyway, huge props go out to Giger for the twisted designs. I saw Aliens when I was 9 years old and I think it has disturbed me ever since...Good work.

Name: Jacqueline Paterson
Website: http://
Referred by: Myself/Fan
From: Niagara Falls, ON Canada
Time: Sunday, 04 January 1998 at 20:27:24
Comments: Hello: I have been a fan of H.R Giger for years now. Mainly because of my special FX training at Seneca College. Mr.Giger,s work is the base from which the effects artist created his work. I have seen Aliens and Poltergeist, Giger is the only reason they worked. Mr. Giger need not worry about the fans recognizing his artistry, just his rightful earnings and credits..He will be granted both. I have no doubt.

Name: Paulo Renftle
Website: http://
From: Cremona ITALY
Time: Sunday, 04 January 1998 at 18:22:50
Comments: HR Giger : the greatest artist in the world Alien : the most exciting creature ever seen

Name: David Jenkins
Website: http://
From: Australia
Time: Sunday, 04 January 1998 at 16:18:29
Comments: I wholeheartedly agree that the Alien belongs to H.R. Giger. The first of the Alien movies was almost all derived from H.R. Giger and was ultimately the best so far. The attempts to dilute the original idea have really been very benign and have not come close to replicating the visual feast that ALIEN was. I am a big Giger fan and wish him the best of luck in seeking recognition for the Alien design. It is without doubt Giger's work and inspiration and it makes me quite angry that they are refusing to recognise this. Perhaps some high profile publicity is needed if they continue to deny recognition to the artist.

Name: CaTaRaCt
Website: http://
From: Canada
Time: Sunday, 04 January 1998 at 14:28:37
Comments: I really sympathise with H.R.Giger. he has become known as the man behind the Alien creation of the modern world. I don't think that it is fair or just that he is given the due credit he deserves. I just came into position of the fist three Alien movies and only on the third on the film box is he given credit for the Alien design. In the first two Giger's name doesn't appear once on the box or in the credits. Or at least that I have seen and I just finished watching the first two movies. All I have to say is to give credit where the credit is due. The whole Alien design is Gigers creation from his own mind and Hollywood has taken and made it into a huge market. I don't blame them for that because it gives the mass public a tatse of the work of the modern day surrealist genius. I think though that they have to give him the proper credit that is due him. Krys Brooks (CaTaRaCt, ftrkll)

Name: Ben Boliau
From: Brasschaat, Belgium
Time: Sunday, 04 January 1998 at 07:44:23
Comments: 20th Century Fox have done a baaad thing! I myself woudn't dare mess with a diabolical genius like Mr. Giger.I really hope ripping him off will backfire on them somehow, but hopefully not at the cost of the series. Speaking of the films, RESSURECTION is great! Period. I think the specific strengths of each of the four movies are even more enhanced by comparing them to the others in the series. Each episode is genuinely unique in style, vision and therefore, in contrast, complements the others in quality. Anyway... enough of my opinion on that. I must admit that I'm a little bit worried about Alien 5ive (if there ever is one, off course!) with the studio pulling that dirty trick on Giger. I think that if Fox doesn't handle it's 'adopted' (or 'kidnapped') baby and creator with respect, the upcoming films might take a turn for the worse. Let's all hope for the best.

Name: Adam Wilkinson
Website: n/a
Time: Sunday, 04 January 1998 at 05:54:58
Comments: I was surprised and disturbed not to see Mr Giger's name listed, especially when the film has 'borrowed' many more elements from his artwork than just the alien design. The whole film had a distinct quality that I have seen only in works by Mr Giger. H.R.Giger is, and will remain, an inspiration to artists the world over. It heartens me that he has acheived the success he has given the uniqueness of his vision.

Name: timmy aitken
Website: http://
From: savannah,Ga.,USA
Time: Sunday, 04 January 1998 at 04:06:22
Comments: what can we do?....I've all ways been a fan of Mr. Gigers work,either veiwing it through books, movies, etc...and also tattooing it on many differnt clients....he has been one of my inspirations on the artform path that i choosen(tattooing)...It's not right that an artist of his calibra by treated in this manner.Instead of wasting his time with this matter,Mr. Giger should be creating! Thank You.

Name: Scott M. Osborne
Website: http://
From: Greeley/USA
Time: Saturday, 03 January 1998 at 22:06:34
Comments: I did not hear of this incident until I visited one of the ALIEN websites. It stated that HR Giger's name was not on the ending credits of the film, "Alien Resurrection". Despite my buddies grumbling on how the film was dull, I thought it was excellent, and that I knew that all of this was made possile by Mr. Giger, himself, and no one else. Therefore, I feel that his name should have been put on the credits since he probably does own (and rightfully should own) the sole copyright to the design of the xenomorph, and that Mr. Giger should have most of the credit in this fourth installment of the ALIEN saga, not solely the director, the cast, or anyone else in the film. I feel great dissapointment and discouragement in 20th Century Fox for the great injustice done to HR Giger, and the fact that 20th Century Fox is now trying to seize this design for themselves in a very selfish manner. Scott and Cameron were both aware of the Credit that Mr. Giger deserved, however, the director of "Alien Resurrection" and the staff at 20th Century Fox do not, and it gives Hollywood as well as Fox, a bad name. I think that others who read this would agree. I give all my simpathies to Mr. Giger, and I wish him the best of luck. I, myself, am a die-hard ALIENS fan from when I even first heard of the film and Giger's work (Including ALIENS the movie, and a ton of their comics), and I am really astonished by Giger's work. I think this is the best website that I have come across.

Name: G. Blake
Website: http://
From: Toronto, Canada
Time: Saturday, 03 January 1998 at 20:57:50
Comments: I went to see Alien Res. for Giger design. I went for the VISUALS. I was not disappointed until the final credits. Yes, the word I'm using is CREDIT!! H.R. Giger is both an inspiration to my own art, and to my wife's art. The man is a genius and I can only aspire to become as great an influence on others as he has been on us. A response would be greatly appreciated, as Mr. Giger is a personal hero and his art is both beautiful and thought invoking.

Name: Richard Goffin
From: Sydney, Australia
Time: Saturday, 03 January 1998 at 19:38:46
Comments: I have just seen the new Alien Film and was most surprised at the lack of acknowledgement of Alien Design. I guess that many would know where this inspired work originated, however that does not excuse this insult by Fox. It surely only does them damage to try shirking this off. I sincerely hope a resolution of this situation can be reached. Best of luck. Richard

Name: Michael Boon
Website: http://
From: Borneo, Malaysia
Time: Saturday, 03 January 1998 at 18:23:19
Comments: Once again, I had terrific time with the lastest reincarnation of the Alien trilogy, I was dissappointed with the absence of any mention of Mr.Giger in the credits. This is truly an injustice! Frankly this is the only regret I have for this otherwise incredible film!

Name: Marty Williamson
Website: http://
Referred by: LV426
From: Sydney/Australia
Time: Saturday, 03 January 1998 at 06:16:57
Comments: Sometime during a 1977 lunch break I stumbled into a bookshop in Sydney and my gaze fell upon NECRONOMICON by H.R.Giger. How soon we forget,.is this not the same artisan who gave us a wall of bio-mechanical infants? All grey, pustulant, airbrushed and unholy? Of phallus, and other symbolistic art? Is this not the same artist and wife team who shied away from the Beast when represented in accurate airbrush form? To the material producers of the most recent production, to those who do not reconise the genius,(take a bow you studio coc......s, 'Burke, Carter.J.')...within everyman lies the darkness,..Giger will encapsulate yours,...eternally! To H.R, Cobb & O'Bannon, the true masters of their art, I cannot forget your mastery of art, horror & airbrush magnificance.

Name: anja
Website: ...
Referred by: 3 january
From: warsaw /poland
Time: Saturday, 03 January 1998 at 04:58:01
Comments: Today i saw this film,to mysuprise and my degust there no mention about Hans Reudi Giger.Imeanabout his work on that.Anyway thank you MR.giger for great extraordinaryork you did in bringing us fantastic expieriences.i`m inspired by you in areograph also tattoos.

Name: Stephanie Marple
Website: http://
From: Tulsa, OK USA
Time: Friday, 02 January 1998 at 22:29:16
Comments: Upon seeing the advertisements about the Alien Ressurection film, I noticed that there was a website mentioned with them. I went to this website expecting to at least see a hint or brief mention of HR Giger. To my surprise and disgust there was no mention of his name. The greedy capitalist fucks who produced this film probably figured that they might have to shell out some money if it gave credit to Giger. This form of discredit and blatant plagarism of an artists work is not surprising to me, however. It is only a sick reminder of many of the things that happen such as this in the world today. On top of the wish for an alien form to burst out of thier dishonest chests, I will also hope for them to be sodomized with a large spiked object! You are still one of the greatest artist alive today Giger, and I wish you much great inspiration in your times to come. -Stephanie

Name: Ozgur Dincher
Website: Hopeless
From: Izmir / Turkey
Time: Friday, 02 January 1998 at 10:27:52
Comments: *The following is written with the assumption of H.R.G. personally will read it* I say, screw'em! Do you think you designed only Alien? You have credit in nearly all of the creatures seen in the movies made after the first Alien movie. All those inferior movies -and even some good ones- are crawling with clones of Alien - and not only the mature form of Alien but also the other forms of its life-cycle. After the first Alien apparition, not a single soul managed to come up with a fresh design. We, here, know who "da man" is.

Name: Dave Smith
Website: Abbadon's Realm
Referred by: n/a
From: Indianapolis, IN, USA
Time: Friday, 02 January 1998 at 09:22:39
Comments: I myself had wondered at the absence of a credit for HRG in the film. Now to find out that it was an intentional act by 20th Century Fox causes me quite a bit of outrage!

Name: Urs Schloske
Website: sorry no page
From: Stuttgart, Germany
Time: Friday, 02 January 1998 at 08:50:01
Comments: RIGHT ! Ich vermisste die Angabe über das neue und das alte ALIEN. Zudem finde ich das neue ungeheuerlich hässlich, wie konnte man sowas nur in Verbindung mit den orginal Aliens bringen ! Ich hoffe für Herrn Giger alles Gute im Streit mit der Fox. Gruß Urs Schloske

Name: Gay Esguerra
Website: HippieHarpyWorks
Referred by: my undying amazement and awe of Giger
From: Manila, Philippines
Time: Friday, 02 January 1998 at 08:29:42
Comments: To H.R. Giger: I stand by your claim to all things Alien. Hollywood really makes some people puffed up and forgetful. I have two questions which I sincerely hope you can answer by e-mailing me. (1) Did you also design the half-human/ half-alien "thing"? (2) If you don't mind, I have more American training than I care to admit, but I do not wish to presume: how do you pronounce your name - long "i" as in ice or short as in "in"? While I'm at it, are the "g"'s pronounced like "j" like "george" or "g" like "grover"? I hope you can answer my sencond query immediately: I find it embarrassing that I'm not absolutely sure of how I say your name when I talk about you. Thank you so much for your time. I really, really appreciate it. -- Gay

Name: ola paulakoski
Website: http://
Referred by: eat fox
From: sweden wermland
Time: Friday, 02 January 1998 at 07:14:14
Comments: it´s me again.if it wasn´t for you i would not bee like i am now a alien . i try too see all off your films even my little brother likes the alien movies. but i think also that you should bee credited in the dark horse alien comics. ola .p. sälje hedegård 68392 hagfors sweden

Name: Tangent Z
Website: None
Referred by: Alta Vista
From: Austin, Texas
Time: Friday, 02 January 1998 at 06:47:59
Comments: It is sad that the makers of Alien IV has seen fit to overlook H.R. Giger's contribution. It is even more sad that that this piece of shit was made at all. The climax of the film was such a let down. The new monster is a silly perversion. I am sorry I contributed money to this dreck. Have you seen Harry Knowles review of this? Go to and read how Harry told the producer at the Primere party about the same thing. About H.R. Giger's art: When I first saw it (in Penthouse and the orginial Alien movie), I was distrubed and repulsed. But also intrigued. It grew on me, and taught me about the Dark Side of our Human Nature. As Tim Leary said, "Anything that disorients you is a learning experience." And now I am experienced. During the presidental campaign, I confront then Sentator Al Gore with the Dead Kennedy's Frankchrist record. Jello Biafa was arrested for distrubing "obsenity:, i. e. a work of H.R. Giger. The Sentator and his wife was making a lot of noise with the "Parent's Music Resouce Center" and contribution to a climate of censorship and persucution of artists and their work. I was arrested for my trouble, a minor little charge of Disorder Conduct which was dropped. They just want me our of the way so that they could continue their show, to neurolinguistly program the Pinks into submission. A small thing, but I am proud to make this small contribution for Freedom. Peace, Tangent Z of Austin

Name: SpiT a.k.a. Gremlin
Website: See for yerself!
From: Finland
Time: Friday, 02 January 1998 at 06:35:18
Comments: Great art and The Aliens r the most "realisticly scary" movie monsters I've ever seen!!!! What ever that meant.... Is mr. Giger reading these?

Name: ola paulakoski
Website: http://
From: sweden
Time: Friday, 02 January 1998 at 06:18:18
Comments: i absolutely agree mr giger. I have been a big fan of the alien movies all my life. sometimes my friends think im nuts because i keep babbling about the alien movies too much. i always see one in the series one time in the week but what the hell why i did also whatch the credits my self and didn´t see your name(alien4)i wish i could infest all of fox company whit 15 years old and i have seen alien ressurrection 2 times and i love it. i wish i could do something. ola.p.

Name: Jeff Rubin
Website: BrainByte
Referred by: No-one, just love H.R. Giger's work!
From: Walnut Creek, CA./US
Time: Friday, 02 January 1998 at 04:54:34
Comments: I have not even had time to see Alien Ressurection yet, but god how can those people at FOX deny the obvious contribution to the Alien series (all 4) which Mr. Giger has made by his amazing works of art! I mean for all that is sacred and holy in the Sci-Fi/Horror universe, this is a disgrace, it's like if they made a Star Trek film without mentioning in bold print that Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek! FOX should not only RECALL all distributed prints of this film to insert the correct credit but in addition should publicly apologize to H.R. Giger via major newspapers, the news, somewhere obvious, perhaps Variety, FULL PAGE, they can afford it. Also, pay H.R. Giger some serious money to try to mend his hurt feelings, hehe. Then they should send me some cash, as I really really need it desperately.

Name: William Cox
Website: http://
From: Seattle, Washington USA
Time: Thursday, 01 January 1998 at 20:53:00
Comments: Dear Herr Giger: I agree with you 100%! It is shameful of the film company to cheat you out of your credit for your designs of the aliens. I am nine years old and I have seen every Alien movie made to date. Keep up the good work! William Cox

Name: Micah GEIGER
Website: http://
From: United States
Time: Thursday, 01 January 1998 at 18:45:09
Comments: I share Mr. Giger's horror and outrage at the omission of credit for his work. The films wouldn't have been a success without his works. What would Alien be? Nothing is as fear inspiring or ruthless. Well, maybe the executives and petty stupidity of the executives at the studio. Micah Geiger

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