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Name: Gary Scott
Website: Ounumbered by sheep
Referred by: Computer Arts magazine
From: Wellington, New Zealand
Time: Friday, 27 February 1998 at 18:26:59
Comments: I think that Fox have behaved reprehensibly and should roll over and bow to the master. Anybody with half a braincell knows that Alien=HRGiger - fullstop. I will boycott this movie until the matter is rectified and Herr Giger is given the credit that is due to him - I would urge other's who are into Giger do the same - it is the least we can do for this man who has taught us so much about ourselves through his Art.

Website: GK1
Referred by: Computer Arts mag
From: Crewe, England
Time: Friday, 27 February 1998 at 07:32:36
Comments: I can only repeat what many other HR GIGER fans have already mentioned, GIGER is an exceptional artist and i beleive an injustice has been performed by 20th Century Fox towards mr Giger.Equation: ALIEN - HR GIGER = NO MORE ALIEN FILMS Come on Fox give the man his well deserved credit.

Name: John Isaac Shumard
Website: Dark Planet
Referred by: Myself
From: Wichita,USA
Time: Friday, 27 February 1998 at 06:45:02
Comments: Their has been no alien produce that does not resimble H.R. Gigiger original Alien. Take alook at the aliens in independance day, those aliens, and thier ships had a striking resemblance to Aliens. I think the movie industry should bow down to the man who made aliens aliens, and are worst nightmares take form. H.R. Gigiger, the world owes you.

Name: Bill Haslacher
Website: Videogamers --
From: Silicon Valley, USA
Time: Friday, 27 February 1998 at 04:01:36
Comments: Giger's Alien is my favorite monster. The Alien in "Alien: Resurrection" is clearly HR Giger's. Just as the world has car designers; the world has monster designers. Does Ford design a car that looks exactly like a Mercedes right down to the logo? Don't fight this in court, Fox. Render unto Caesar that which Caesar's and render unto a wonderful monster designer that which is his'n. Why not fire the lawyers and do the right thing, Fox? We all have a sense of what is fair. Gosh, maybe making copies of Fox tapes and selling 'em cheap is fair ... Giger knows what's fair. I don't think he's asking for more than you can afford. Talk to him. God help us if a sense of fair play disappears from the American "culture." P.S. (1) Alien I was the best. (2) Alien II was good. (3) Alien III was yawn. (4) Alien IV caught the creative spirit of Alien I and was almost "too scary."

Name: Charles Olsen
Website: http://
From: Mesquite, TX USA
Time: Thursday, 26 February 1998 at 21:11:44
Comments: H.R. Giger is magnificent in his creative work. The original ALIEN couldn't have been good without the work of the splendid artist. I have the ALIEN RESURRECTION script and it was just awsome! But the movie was pretty good. There were a lot of scenes taken out, plus the part I was looking forward to was the scene introducing the Newborn was nothing compared to what I have read. I was on the edge of my seat reading that part over and over. In the script, the newborn was a dangerous of all the others and had a awsome ending. But in the movie, the newborn was like Ripley's dog. If the movie was to follow the script, and if you designed the newborn-as it was described in the script- I believe ALIEN RESURRECTION would of gotten far much better complements than what has been released. I guarantee it!!!! I'm sure everyone is aganst the fact that 20th Century Fox has not asked you to return to work on the second and fourth ALIEN films. The third I could understand. There wasn't much to do like the original. Only the chestburster, adult alien, facehugger, and the alien skin are all created by you. Those two effect creators- Tom Woodruff and Alec Gilles Jr. are better off creating special effects than intimidating you. Remember that you the one that creates. Let no one else do that for you. You are the most phenomenal artist of all!!!!!!!!!! Well, I guess I said enough now. I would say more but maybe next time! Charles Olsen

Name: Nakajima
Website: http://
From: Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil
Time: Thursday, 26 February 1998 at 20:41:19
Comments: I think there's a lot of Giger brazilians fans just like me. So, why we never had an exhibition of him. We have a hot country like Hell!! He will enjoy. We see the films, buy the books but what about expositions, real one. Could you help me? If not, someday I will go personally to Switzerland, Ireally go!!See you.

Name: WND
Website: http://
From: Madrid Spain
Time: Thursday, 26 February 1998 at 14:07:44
Comments: The Fight just begins. THE WHITE NOISE and his/her/their/it encarnation on earth are whith you. You are the Best, Mr Giger, and none can forget your work, altough it doesn´t apear in those silly credits. White Noise`s Demiurgus P.D Please, forgive my horrible english.

Name: Ove Gustavsson
Referred by: Computer Arts Magazine
From: Sweden
Time: Thursday, 26 February 1998 at 13:51:19
Comments: Alien is one of my all-time favourite movies. It could not have been done and would not have been what it is without Giger's work. Neither could none of the sequels have been done. This is an outrage, and a dishonour for the whole movie industry.

Name: Phillip S. Palmer
Website: http://
Referred by: PsychoDave
From: Ansbach, Germany
Time: Thursday, 26 February 1998 at 12:21:33
Comments: Herr Giger...I am hanging my head in shame. In addition to not knowing that my favorite artist had such a fabulous web site, I was also unaware of the controversy surrounding the 4th installment in the Alien storyline. Had I known, I wouldn't have gone to see this abomination. I intend to tell everyone I see about this... All of this controversy notwithstanding, Alien Resurrection was a thouroughly predictable piece of cinematic excrement. The fact that Herr Giger's name was not mentioned in the credits is an unspeakable crime...but to steal the work of this visionary artist and then use it for such a bad movie is unpardonable. Fox, you should be ashamed.

Website: http://
Time: Thursday, 26 February 1998 at 10:18:43
Comments: Okay. So Hollywood didn't give you the credit. Well thats bad. i can understand you been upset. But lets just call it bad Karma for your less than acceptable right wing views........

Name: Ted Andre
Website: http://
Referred by: Morpheus Gallery
From: Los Angeles, CA USA
Time: Thursday, 26 February 1998 at 01:41:27
Comments: The idea that Giger remains uncredited by Fox for his obvious contribution to the entire Alien concept is unconscionable. Facehuggers for the people responsible would be too kind! On a better note, I really enjoyed your site. I am the proud owner of a signed Necronom V, #75 of the series of 300. Mine was purchased from Morpheus Gallery. Is the series of 300 that is mentioned on your site the same series that Morpheus has parts of? Thanks!

Referred by: surfing through
From: Barbados
Time: Wednesday, 25 February 1998 at 18:24:45
Comments: Dispite what anybody may wish to say about Alien: Resurrection, as to if they enjoyed it or not, the Alien design is Gigers. The fact that he was not credited with it anyway is as an unforgivable insult and a slap in the face to a much deserving and artistic genius.Mr. Giger has every right to be outraged at Fox's complete ignorance of giving credit where credit is due.

Name: Tomas Vasques
Website: http://
From: Lisbon / Portugal
Time: Wednesday, 25 February 1998 at 14:23:40
Comments: Já não a respeito pelos artistas, Giger tens toda a razão para ficares chatiado.

Name: simon bromfield
Website: n.a.
Referred by: n.a.
From: London, England
Time: Wednesday, 25 February 1998 at 02:05:15
Comments: Having followed Giger closely since my graphic design degree three years ago at which time i completed my dissertation on the subject of his career. I can say without a shadow of doubt, being in full possesssion of the facts that Hans Giger has become a victim of the mighty hollywood machine grabbing a successful idea and making it their own. There have been a plethora of cases in the past of hollywoods disregard for original concepts in order to make a quick buck. However due to their power now, this case is by far the most blatent. The creatures in both alien 3 and 4 are by any educated eye far more accurate to Gigers original concept than ever before and yet he recieves less and less credit on every new release. I will no doubt comment again but I've got to get back to work. anyway keep up the good work. S. Bromfield

Name: R. Steven Johnson
From: USA
Time: Tuesday, 24 February 1998 at 20:10:41
Comments: When H.R. Giger first denied any connection with "Alien - Resurrection"

I was puzzled. After witnessing the movie , I understand.

Herr Giger was right to remove himself from being associated with such a dismal movie. A respected artist like Herr Giger should have, at least, the right to choose how his art will be used comercially.

The movie was pitiful(sp?). Herr Giger's Alien design made the first two movies ( I was unimpressed with the third, actually).

Alien Resurection had a good premis. It is unfortunate that it failed to live up to the vision of it's authors.

Name: Paul Ditta
Website: http://
From: UK
Time: Tuesday, 24 February 1998 at 17:16:45
Comments: You are right.

Name: Stan Blomberg
Website: http://
Referred by: surf
From: Burlington, Canada
Time: Monday, 23 February 1998 at 12:38:04
Comments: I would like to say that Giger is the man! Your artistic talents blow me away! from now on I'm boycotting f@#$ing fox until this horrible mistake is fixed!!!!

Name: Leon Aguilera Radford
Website: http://
From: Guatemala
Time: Sunday, 22 February 1998 at 19:11:16
Comments: If FOX does not gives Mr. Giger credit as creator of Alien, then they are opening a very ugly door: one which can lead to supposse that piracy, while not legal, is made legal by large corporotions. So, I think they cannot blame anyone who takes an image from any of their films for his own purposes. Very, very bad from you FOX. I think the cinema mogul owes a very LARGE apology to Mr. Giger.

Website: http://
Referred by: Surfed on in
From: United States
Time: Sunday, 22 February 1998 at 13:30:28
Comments: It is not to late for H.R Giger's name to be added to the Credits of the Home version of Alien Resurrection. I would also like to ask "HAS GIGER"S NAME BEEN ADDED TO ANY OF THE FOX INTERACTIVE VIDEO GAMES ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!......." I personaly like the Alien Desings more than any other movie monster, but this Newborn (?!?!) is a piece af shit! Even the Alien Queen (Desinged by stan Winston) was at least respectfull of H.R Giger's Desing, and I actualy did like the queen desing. Fox has been screwing every alien movie after the original in one way or another. In ALIENS although a fan favorite the aliens themselves looked the worst, they had ribed flaky heads and spindly legs and they died to easily, Even the Queen was crusted with yellow foamy gew and her primary arms were spindly. In ALIEN 3 although the alien looked good agian, fox cut out to many shots of the alien and the movie was suposed to be a lot longer, but fox wanted to get more showings of the movie to make more money and they cut up Finchers film!... Finaly ALIEN Resurrection deprived H.R Giger of his rights, The moie could have been better near the end (the first half was very good, The CG aliens only looked good under water, and the newborn absolutly sucked oh the Newborn shoulod have been left out. The Alien reproductive system (that was shown in ALIENS) was fine the way it was so why fix it? Now as for the Alien desings (besides the Newbon, piece of shit ingrate) they looked better than ever the were realy close to Gigers original desings (exept for having triple segmented legs, but that was for the better any way), the Queen looked a lot bigger and and her primary arms and legs were now proportional to the rest of her body as a Drone aliens arms and legs are to ist body. I hated what happend to the poor Queen, laying on her back with a womb sack giving birth to a piece of shit that rips of her head! The alien reproductive system should have been left alone, it was more efficent in aliens and made more sence, but in Alien resurrection i actualy felt sorry for the Queen, is it just me or should people not have to feel sorry for what is trying to scare them! Some advise to fox if they plan on an ALIEN 5: Put the Reproductive system back to normal (delete the newborn!) make sure the audience sees more of the Queen, and well just make the movie a lot longer! Have less jokes, and ADD H.R GIGER'S NAME TO THE CREDITS!

Name: Diego Ponce (G.V.L.)
Website: http://
Referred by: About of Alien
From: México D.F.
Time: Sunday, 22 February 1998 at 13:24:42
Comments: The work and the imagination of Giger it´s absolute amazing, but Fox it´s deshonorable, how them could do that to Giger, He is the Alien´s father, by the way, the Alien and Aliens movie its a piece of art, but Alien 3 it´s no so good than Alien and Aliens, and Resurrection its a little strange, but its very interesting. If someone has a image of an Alien Queen (18cm x 20 cm) please send to my E-mail. Tangerine Dream

Name: Johrooks, Jr.
Website: Crawling Seraphim- A Single Footprint
From: Boston, MA USA
Time: Saturday, 21 February 1998 at 13:32:38
Comments: An artist's job is to take all the visions stuck inside the human psyche and put them on a canvas. As a poet, I know this as the truth. Artists contribute to the human race just by winding up all those toys we have in the mental attic and releasing them. For Fox to take those toys and never give credit to Giger is dishonorable, and blatantly illegal. I don'tunderstand how the people at Fox can even CONCEIVE of getting away with this. For the sake of art, this cannot be tolerated.

Name: Rich
Website: none
Time: Saturday, 21 February 1998 at 05:00:29
Comments: Gieger's Alien work is incredible! And Fox should be slaughtered for stealing his work. They just want to take the credit for H.R's geniouse

Website: http://
Time: Saturday, 21 February 1998 at 01:23:52
Comments: Mr. Giger, do you have a religion? could you make a page where you briefly discuss your beliefs for your fans? I for one would really like to have a peek into the mind of the genius who created Alien.

Website: http://
From: Calgary AB and all over BC
Time: Saturday, 21 February 1998 at 01:18:56
Comments: Since my last contribution I have done a research project for H.R. Giger. All the Colleges and Universities in my present area (Calgary) consider plagerism, the use of someone elses idea without giving that person credit, an offence that warrants expulsion. This applies to all students regardless of status. Also, plagerism in any published work is (as far as I'm aware) illegal in Canada and the United States. Upon breaking this law the culprit is subject to legal action such as fines and possibly a jail sentance. Why is fox considered exempt from these laws. The fact that they have special rights because they're a big time production company is un constitutional. Frankly, my point is: if I can be expelled for it fox should have to pay for it!

Name: Navigator
Website: http://
From: Moscow Russia
Time: Friday, 20 February 1998 at 16:35:35
Comments: Human genome chenging very slowly, that's why we have old model of relation! But i'm realy sure, "Twentieth century fox " will stay in twentieth century, their games with future is finished. My experience belong to you Mr. GIGER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~O

Name: Richie
Website: -
Referred by: -
From: Here and now
Time: Friday, 20 February 1998 at 07:36:04
Comments: Today I found out that Fox had used Giger's work without giving him credit for it. That is theft. What can be done to obtain justice for Giger and to make Fox pay what they owe? I for one shall not go and see Alien 4 until I know that credit is given where credit is due. What is the e-mail address of Fox so I can give them a piece of my mind? Insert a mailto: link for this purpose! Otherwise the matter will drift into the past, Fox will effectively get away with it and Giger is the one who suffers. Once more, an original artist (without whose work there wouldn't have been an Alien 2, let alone 4) is screwed by a company who don't have the sense to look any further than their bank account.

Name: Ivan Brkanac
Website: http://
From: Croatia
Time: Friday, 20 February 1998 at 04:19:23
Comments: Well I could easly see that in Aline 4, Giger was absnr. Realy newborn alien was realy offul and grotesque. I only wish That I can see how Giger would made it!!! So I hope that he will put it on his home page. And I also dont want Alien 5 whithout Giger. Because his Alien is realy masterpeace. Ivan

Website: http://
From: Albuquerque,NM
Time: Thursday, 19 February 1998 at 14:01:54
Comments: I just want to know if Giger is evil or if he just has an awesome Imagination?? I find some of his work very disturbing, but interesting? Does he have religion?

Name: Christian Neussl
Website: http://
From: kaindorf a. d. Sulm/ Österreich
Time: Thursday, 19 February 1998 at 03:39:58
Comments: Thank you for your images. I´m very impressed!!!

Name: David Simmons
Website: http://
Referred by: Surfed in
From: Albany, CA
Time: Wednesday, 18 February 1998 at 23:00:55
Comments: Mr. Giger, It's true, you have been robbed. Not only have you not been given the proper credit for creating the most terrifying nightmare monster anyone has ever seen, I think that Gillis & Woodruff further reinforced that point with their pathetically unscary "Newborn." I thought Alien Ressurection was a really poor film, and the birth of the Newborn was just the crowning turd on a cake made out of shit. An awful design with no compositon or unity of form. All the spooky biomechanical essence of your original creation was drowned under what looked like white snot. Most of my friends thought it looked like Pumpkinhead. But Pumpkinhead would have been better looking than this pot-bellied farce. Alien has always been the best film of the four so far, and I don't think that anyone will be able to make a comparable fim until you are brought back into the design fold with the kind of artistic control and respect that you deserve. David Simmons

Name: Stephen Bouchard
Website: none
From: Sudbury Canada
Time: Wednesday, 18 February 1998 at 20:24:45
Comments: Giger is one of the best artists i have seen in a long time... Thank you for this wonderful site. ps can i copy some pictures for my on personal use.. can you please email me to tell me if so thank-you

Name: Sebastian Steemers
Website: http://
From: Nijmegen / The Netherlands
Time: Wednesday, 18 February 1998 at 08:03:14
Comments: During my apprenticeship as a sculptor I've been strongly influenced by the Necronomicon and ARh+ from HRG. I am convinced not only that the succes of Alien and the sequels was greatly enhanced by the HRG designs but the more that the whole movie wouldn't have existed without it. I'm sorry for the people at Fox, but hey, get real, did you really think you could 'alienate' the creation from it's creator? And get away with it? Whoever goes to see any Alien-movie will like it only because of HRG's creation's. Have a second look at his work and think of what you all have become!

Name: DARKflare
Website: --==[DARK FLARE LAIR]==--
Referred by: DARKflare
Time: Wednesday, 18 February 1998 at 02:55:01
Comments: GREAT SITE ;)

Name: Frank Licitra
Website: http://
From: 9 Falmouth Ln Glen Head NY 11545
Time: Tuesday, 17 February 1998 at 21:22:31
Comments: To Alien Insurection, Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff of Amalgamated Dynamic Inc. are the special FX team that worked on Alien 3 and Alien Resurection. They were screen credited with "creating" the creature designs for those movies. But it is clear that they had simply taken Mr. Gigers original design from Alien and adapted it. I think you may find the following quotes interesting. I found them in a magazine article on Alien 3. "Our goal was to sculpt Gigers designs into repeating organic textures...."--Gillis "This is still Giger's Alien, and we've done very little to change it. In fact, we were breaking out his Necronomicon at the finishing stages....." --- Woodruff ---- From Fangoria #114 p.40 1992 I personaly do not hold Mr. Gillis or Mr. Woodruff entirly responsable. They were not in charge of the overall films. But 20th Century Fox is. I feel that the reason why Fox has been so reluctant to give Mr. Giger the proper credit is because they fear that they would be legaly responsable to pay him for the use of his designs. This is about money. Their are rumers that Alien 5 is in the works. Since Mr. Gigers designs were plagerized in the last two Alien films, I fear that their will be a repeat of this again in the next film. I hope something can be done. If a comic book company (Dark Horse) can give Mr. Giger the proper respect and credit for the use of his designs then so should 20th Century Fox a major film studio. It is an injustice for anyone to create something wonderful and not be given the proper credit for it. Fight the insurection!!!! A huge fan, Frank Licitra 9 Falmouth Ln Glen Head NY 11545

Website: http://
From: Calgary B.C., Canada
Time: Tuesday, 17 February 1998 at 18:18:38
Comments: I have seen the previous Alien movies so many times that I can quote the first one line by line and the second and third ones I'll only make a couple of mistakes. The fact is that the only reason I've seen them so many times is due to the fact that H.R.Giger made a creature that is both frightening and morbidly fascinating at the same time. I've done reports on movie culture that are on nothing but the 'Alien' phenomenon and why it (the movie) was so immensely popular. The bottom line of those reports is that the creature is most responsible.... H.R.Giger's creature. Alien Resurrection was the second Alien movie I saw on the big screen and I thought it was crap! The crowning touch that left me cold was the infamous snub. H.R.Giger you are a genius with a disturbing outlook and you deserved to work on every Alien movie made, it was your creation, but you certainly deserve credit for your ideas. If it makes you feel better I will always credit you as the Alien father. And I'm definitely going to boycott Alien Resurrection (As if I had any desire to watch it again any way).

Name: Bella Clayton
Website: http://
From: Cyprus
Time: Tuesday, 17 February 1998 at 10:30:07
Comments: I am doing my 'A' level art at school, i sometimes times find it hard to get motivated but ever since my art teacher gave me a book to look through on your work i have just been amazed. A question i would like to ask is 'What religion you?' What you draw is some what disturbing but it has so much meaning to it, i look at it and see so much more.I am now doing a historical study about you and trying to look deeper into the meaning of your work.What made you come up with these ideas? when you were younger did you think about death alot? Your work is just amazing and is now all i seem to look at. thankyou very much.Bella.

Name: Bella Clayton
Website: http://
From: Cyprus
Time: Tuesday, 17 February 1998 at 10:29:48
Comments: I am doing my 'A' level art at school, i sometimes times find it hard to get motivated but ever since my art teacher gave me a book to look through on your work i have just been amazed. A question i would like to ask is 'What religion you?' What you draw is some what disturbing but it has so much meaning to it, i look at it and see so much more.I am now doing a historical study about you and trying to look deeper into the meaning of your work.What made you come up with these ideas? when you were younger did you think about death alot? Your work is just amazing and is now all i seem to look at. thankyou very much.Bella.

Name: Hass Chapman
Website: The Hass Home Page
Referred by: my own bookmarks!
Time: Tuesday, 17 February 1998 at 07:58:44
Comments: As many have already stated, the use of the Alien imagery without credit is stealing. I am surprised that the film company did this - if HR Giger had been unknown then I would have expected as much but he is not. I hope that he can resolve this dispute through legal channels and look forward to the publication of any repilies to his letters on this site. I recommend we begin a campaign to bombard the film company's offices with email (but keep it clean - insults and such will not help his cause!). If anyone has the addresses of the executives etc I'd be very grateful! Regards //Hass

Name: Paul James O'Connor
Website: http://
From: Auckland ,New Zealand
Time: Tuesday, 17 February 1998 at 05:15:25
Comments: I have seen the film Alien4 and was already aware that Gigers name would probably not appear,the film dosen't deserve Gigers name,it is shockingly obvious that although the biomechaniodal style is there,these designs were executed by plaguarists and thus the only value in them is that they convey the image of their creative origin. May we soon see another great cinematic work from H R Giger...Thankyou.

Name: Attila Gyulai
Website: http://
Referred by: Alien4
From: Budapest/Hungary
Time: Monday, 16 February 1998 at 14:51:31
Comments: After I saw the film, I was waiting for the name of the Creator, HR Giger, but I could not find it. It's revolting, that the fox (with a small f) did not let appear the Name in the credits. I think, that all of Giger's fans should let the other people know what has happened because GIGER is the Father... the God.... without whom these species do not exist

Name: Morgan Alaina
Website: Green Teen's Home Page
Referred by: work of Giger
From: Western Washington, USA
Time: Monday, 16 February 1998 at 11:23:21
Comments: Doesn't it seem odd to anyone else that this is happening to an obviously ingenius designer? He's not only being robbed of money, of recognition, but 20th Centruy Fox is also taking credit for someone else's brilliance. Is this okay? Does Mr. BigShot Movie Guy think that he'll get away with it? I certainly hope not, because he won't! Possibly, a boycott, and letter-writing is in order? If anyone else thinks so, e-mail me, and we'll see that justeice gets done!

Name: Peter Turcab
Website: http://
From: Banska Bystrica/Slovakia
Time: Monday, 16 February 1998 at 06:14:46
Comments: Every Alien fan know Giger's handwork. They can't stole your work! Everybody knows, that No Giger - no Alien... No milions of $. Everybody wants to see Gigers name in the credits. !!

Name: Pierre-Luc Arseneau
Website: http://
From: Fredericton, nb, Canada
Time: Sunday, 15 February 1998 at 19:39:22
Comments: i witnessed this movie twice, i loved it. of course it had it's ups and downs like most great movies, like the computer animation was kinda dead givaway, but the content of the film was great , it had excellent effects. To share my birthday with Giger is a privelege and an honor, he is the best influence i ever discovered, and i will be forever his pupil.

Name: Alessandro
Website: http://
From: Rome, Italy
Time: Sunday, 15 February 1998 at 12:21:37
Comments: It's really simple: No Giger, no Alien, Aliens, Alien3, or any Resurrecttion...All we hope that Fox People will realize this simple equation!

Website: http://
Time: Saturday, 14 February 1998 at 17:19:25
Comments: anyone who does not recognise the true works of H.R.GIGER for the masterpieces they are is in my opinion, as a member of the film viewing audience, unworthy of further comment

Name: Robert Palombelli
Website: n/a
Referred by: Leslie Barany c/o N.Y.C. office
From: N.Y.C. U.S.A.
Time: Saturday, 14 February 1998 at 13:36:58
Comments: First of all, I 've been a fan of H.R.G.'s for about 13 yrs. and it was Alien that turned me on to him. I did'nt realize he was'nt credited with Alien3 when I saw it in the theatre, because the credit is given on the home video which I own. But I did notice the credit was missing on Alien4 and to be quite honest it did'nt even matter because any true fan knows that Alien is HRG.'s baby and no-one can strip him of that. I just wanted you to know that I know this and there are a host of very knowledgeable fans in the NYC area anyway. We all know(your fans here) that you gave birth to the best sci-fi monster ever. Even if that movie came out today it would still have the same impact on me as it did back then..Anyway just to let you know you were not forgotten as far as your fans go....Rob

Name: Paul Frost
Website: PHW
Referred by: Computer Arts magazine
From: Durham, UK
Time: Saturday, 14 February 1998 at 13:20:29
Comments: It will be interesting to see whether, in the light of the growing astonishment at Fox's arrogant decision, they back down. Their attitude seems typical of the corporate types who would never be able to dream such horrific images as those which Giger has produced. As a fan of many years, one can only hope that the children at Fox realise that people won't stand for this kind of brutal behaviour. Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this whole issue is the sheer volume of support that the Alien: Insurrection venture has understandably amassed. Like the many other people who have bothered to write here, I am in total sympathy with Mr. Giger's position, and wish him a quick resolution to a problem which should never have arisen.

Name: Elizabeth Hidalgo
Website: http://
Referred by: self
From: San Jose, CA, USA
Time: Saturday, 14 February 1998 at 10:42:23
Comments: 20th Century Fox should be ashamed of themselves! Tell 'em I said to give Giger his due, damn it. BTW, I was playing ELP's Brain Salad Surgery CD and noticed that the artwork looked like Giger. Sure enough, there was his name in the credits (where is should be). 20th Century Fox should be aware that many Sci-Fi fans are very intelligent and that we also tend to have large disposable incomes that we will not spend on thier products if we find out that they are doing sleazy things like not giving artists the proper credit. We also use cyber space-based chats & news, where we can spread news faster than wildfire.

Name: Dan Oliver
Website: http://
From: Newcastle upon tyne England
Time: Saturday, 14 February 1998 at 05:41:19
Comments: If fox are trying to dissasociate the Geiger from current and future parts of the alien saga they will find this to be a mistake they will wind up paying for at the box office. This also explains why Alien ressurection although more entertaining than Alien 3 was about as tense and scary as Dumbo. I deal with more creatures on a night on the town that are more scary than the so called newborn. I felt more pitty than fear for the creature.

Name: André Félix-Díaz Rojo
Website: http://
From: México City
Time: Friday, 13 February 1998 at 17:38:45
Comments: Gee, Mr. Giger. I am a BIG ALIEN FAN myself. and it really pisses me off, to know that those fuckers from FOX, don´t give you your credit. The ALIEN universe could have not been the same without your work upon it. You are a real genious of the bizarre. But let me tell you that we, ALIEN fans, recognize that you are the ALIEN FATHER, as SCOTT was so happy with your work. That NECRONOM IV creature is really cool. Anyway your an incredible artist and they´re just a bunch of assholes trying to get rich. You know what happened to ALIEN RESURRECTION i liked it, but it´s really stupid. SINCERELY YOURS ANDRE

Name: anyone
From: from anywhere
Time: Friday, 13 February 1998 at 04:23:18
Comments: I`m not agree with the decision of fox. I think that ALIEN without Gigers design wouldn`t be as half as interesting. It would never reached the state of cult. Und jetzt nochmal das ganze in Deutsch, damit auch jeder weiss was ich eigentlich sagen wollte: Ich denke das ALIEN ohne Gigers kunstvolles Design nie den Kultstatus erreicht haette. Dass die Verantwortlichen von FOX Giger nicht im Vorspann von ALIEN IV genannt haben, hat mich ebenfalls geschockt. Allerdings wuerde mich mal interessieren, wass Herr Giger von den Designern Alec Gillis und Tom Woodruff haelt, da sie ja bei ALIEN 3 zusammengearbeitet haben.

Website: http://
From: buena park, ca
Time: Thursday, 12 February 1998 at 13:49:34
Comments: Alien 4 was a visual marvel, i loved it, not as good as aliens but damn close

Name: Judd Bradley
Website: http://
From: Belen NM. USA
Time: Thursday, 12 February 1998 at 07:45:41
Comments: As an artist greatly influenced by H.R. Giger's work, let me say that Fox's decision to do this comes as no suprise. Movie makers have done this for a long time. Their first movie they give credit to everyone, yet for all the sequels they cut all the credits out until its destroyed any symbolisim the movie once had. Ridley Scott was right to use Mr. Giger for the set design, Giger is a brilliant surrealist and probably has more ideas in his head than the entire crew on the set of Alien III. Thank you for letting me vent my frustrations Sincerely Judd Bradley

Name: La Mar Bleckley
Website: http://
From: Sparta, Mi/USA
Time: Wednesday, 11 February 1998 at 16:35:24
Comments: I don't usually stay for the credits when I am out to the movies. This was the case when I "witnessed the resurrection". Thus, I was unaware of the horrible injustice that has befallen the greatest artist I have ever known, H.R. Giger. When I read of this disgrace I was outraged and sickened. Please send Mr. Giger my deapest regards and if possible the Fox corporation my feelings of rage. However, I feel it important to bless the fact that Mr. Giger can always have the recognition he deserves as given through his books, and other media. I love everything that Alien stands for but I love everything it was founded on more that being H.R. Giger and none other.

Name: harjap Roopray
Website: Harjap's home page
Referred by: um.....
From: Winchester, UK
Time: Wednesday, 11 February 1998 at 10:50:32
Comments: I can understand how Mr Giger would like to be credited for the work that he has done but there is one reason why he should not be too closesly associated with Alien:reserection. It was shit. But Like I said, credit where its due. Its Giger's Alien and every one should know that!

Website: http://
Time: Wednesday, 11 February 1998 at 08:31:00
Comments: Ave! GIGER IS GOD ALMIGTHY! In contrast, Twentieth century fox are fucking low-life, backstabbing, cheating scum. I'ts just unbelivable what they have done, pure madness. I sure hope Giger will sue their asses off and expose these no-good son's of bitches for what they really are. T.C fox, you assholes better bite the bullet, humbly apologize to Almighty Giger and get some paychecks going.

Name: Daniel Compton
Website: UCS network services
Referred by: self
From: England
Time: Wednesday, 11 February 1998 at 05:19:43
Comments: I'd rather talk about your work. All I want to say is that I am into your work, and I am not one of those who is faithless when the road darkens. I believe that we all need to have broader out-look on the world like you, that way people can explore the depths of the images in their head (everybody has images in their head Unfortunately they choose not to view them) and put together an understanding of what they mean. A lot of people tend not to explore these images and I think that really is the problem. I don't know if you get a lot of messages like this one, and I'm not really bothered, I'm just expressing something that's in my head, strangely I've been thinking like this ever since my brother died in a car accident. After the accident my mother has turned spiritual and has taken it upon herself to become a healer, my mother has become more open minded towards the images in her head, these images are of indian origin, strange that isn't it.

Name: venet philippe
Website: http://
From: france
Time: Tuesday, 10 February 1998 at 13:10:30
Comments: salut hr!!! fuck'em all,bloody puritans!!! Alien is as yours as the rest of your creation!! i hope really you will win this "war" against this fox!! continue,et te laisse pas faire bye!!

Name: Richard Allan
Website: http://
From: Scotland
Time: Tuesday, 10 February 1998 at 09:57:59
Comments: Dear Mr Giger, It sadden's me that you are being ripped off by another large corporation hell bent on their own mission which is just to make as much money as possible and to hell with the people in the way. I fully support you in any legal action you take to stick up for your rights because they must not be allowed to take away what is closest to your heart,as I believe your art work is. I hope that you are able to get your name on to the credits and get compensation for their not having put it there in the first place.I realise that compensation will not lessen the hurt that has already done to you as I know that it is a matter of principle not money that you are fighting this battle. All the best from a fan of the most awe inspiring alien ever.

Name: Konstantinos Michalopoulos
Website: magic FX
From: Newport/ UK
Time: Tuesday, 10 February 1998 at 07:28:29
Comments: Is it possible? These people are insane! They were holding the most extraordinary artist of this century after Dahli and they are trying to make him furious? What the HELL is going on? Giger, I just say sue them to hell. The ALIEN IS YOURS and nobody can say anything about it. YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN JUST CREDIT IN THE TITLES. YOU DESERVE THE NAME OF YOURS IN THE NAME OF EVERY SEQUEL!!! But don't worry Cthulu will take care of them.

Name: Shawn Penner
Website: http://
From: Westbank Canada
Time: Monday, 09 February 1998 at 18:38:12
Comments: I am none to pleased with Fox. There exclusion of Giger is not exceptable. I belive in giving credit where credit is deserved and I belive that Giger is one who deserves credit for the creation of the Alien design. Thanx for the Interesting hours on the net and on my wall S.W.P P.S: I don't really like the newborn anyway

Name: Matthew W. Hales
Website: Chimera
From: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A
Time: Monday, 09 February 1998 at 15:46:08
Comments: It is a crime that Giger has gotten the infamous "Hollywood Shaft". His work more than perhaps any other inspired me to do what I do today (digital special effects). Mr. Giger's absence from the credits of this latest Alien installment is all the more inexcusiable because of this film's nearly unprecedented adherence to the artist's original designs. By "designs" I'm reffering to the overall body of his life's work, not just the part that was used in the first Alien, making this without a doubt my favorite Alien sequel to date. It is sad that the great respect I have for this movie is sullied by the grossly unjust neglect for the artist that made it possible. - Matthew W. Hales Director of Visual Effects Chimera Digital Imaging

Name: Damon Spencer
Website: MovieMania
From: London, England
Time: Monday, 09 February 1998 at 13:53:49
Comments: What's going on? Fox have left Giger's name from the credits of Alien: Resurrection. Maybe it was intentional, but I doubt it. It probably comes down to laziness. Did they figure that it had been so long since the original design that it didn't need to be mentioned anymore? Maybe. Either way the bottom line is that they won't back down now. Perharps, if Alien5 ever sees the light of day they will realise the error of their ways and rectify the situation but as far as Alien Resurrection goes it could be something of a lost cause.

Name: Elixir
Website: http://
Referred by: another site
From: New Zealand
Time: Monday, 09 February 1998 at 04:34:15
Comments: Totally Giger should have his name mentioned in the credits of all future Alien movies! As in the past... "original Alien design" then if any future aliens, like the newborn are designed, teh creators of them could be credited as, "alien 5 design" or something... But it should have been expected that The alien series would always carry on the "giger looking" alien, as it would have been completely stupid for them to change that look... which is totally cool!

Referred by: internet swarch.
From: Seattle, U.S.A.
Time: Sunday, 08 February 1998 at 23:11:33
Comments: Has anyone stopped for a moment and wondered if the Execs at 20th century fox are aliens??? All humor aside, how could they not give credit where credit is due. If they stopped thinking by way of comittee, they would realize they are shooting themselves in the foot by denying the fact that H. R. Giger is the rightful creator of the alien lifeform concept and environment. Well, then again, I've known for a long time that the film industry has a notorious reputation for butchering both literature and art. I can't say it really surprises me, but then again, it saddens me to see them getting away with theft by way of legalistic manipulation.If there is a 20th Century Fox flame mail address, I would gladly send a few choice words their way via cyberspace.

Name: Elysa Underwood
Website: http://
From: Reston VA
Time: Sunday, 08 February 1998 at 18:03:32
Comments: I have always loved the Giger art. I find it hauntingly beautiful, and mezmorising. Thank you for your inspiring contribution to the art world, reckognised or not, your work will always suprise, frighten, and misify me.

Website: http://
Time: Sunday, 08 February 1998 at 13:11:38
Comments: I'm a huge fan of the Alien trilogy, I own the trilogy on both regular and THX widescreen edition. I am thoroughly convinced that H.R. Giger is a geneus who created one of the greatest cult classics of all time. Even today Giger's movie is a great watch. I think I've seen Alien about seventy times (low estimate). As a great fan of Giger's work I think that the snubbing of the present movie is ridiculous. Mr. Giger, if you read this I am in full agreement with you, without your work the new movie would be nothing. They should kneel to you and thank you profusely for making the're giant paychecks possible.

Name: Hule
Website: http://
Time: Saturday, 07 February 1998 at 08:33:51
Comments: This page is really great and I enjoyed being here and I will be back.

Name: Steve Reeves
Website: Cygnus X1
From: England
Time: Saturday, 07 February 1998 at 02:59:06
Comments: I agree that it is a real shame that Giger has not been given the credit he deserves for then Alien in Ressurection. For me Giger's Alien will always be the definitive alien - such beauty, such agression and intelligence - an amzing piece of work. In fact a bigger shame is that Giger did not work on the Ressurection film - which if he had we might have avoided the alien. The new alien design rather spoiled what was otherwise an excellent film. All the best with the cause! Maybe Fox will repent and Giger will work on Alien 5 and we'll all be happy!

Name: Jonathan "Aardvark" Ward
Website: http://
From: United Kingdom
Time: Friday, 06 February 1998 at 16:13:19
Comments: Although I occaisionally find Mr. Giger's attitude to be a little arrogant, in this matter I support him completely. The "Alien" alien is distinctly his design, and can be recognised anywhere. Indeed, the adjective "Gigeresque" has entered the language. To deny him credit for the wonderful creation that is truly his, is a gross injustice. Fox - wake up and smell the coffee. You are in the wrong - please admit it.

Name: spencer
Website: http://
From: florida,USA
Time: Friday, 06 February 1998 at 13:30:26
Comments: I can't believe it!!!!! It looks like a clear and simple case of copyright infringement if giger was not consulted or given credit for the use of his original character, which can easily be proven to be his own!!!! unfortunately in the stuffed shirt world we live in, there are loopholes around everything. i think it is obviouis that the true giger fans are 100% behind him as the "father alien"

Name: Renzo Ciafardone
Website: http://
From: Maracaibo/Venezuela
Time: Friday, 06 February 1998 at 10:45:16
Comments: Mr. Giger i am a fan of your work since the first time i saw your pictures. I think you have complete reazon in the situetion expresed. My own opinion is that you must put a legal case against the FOX, is a big company but your rights are too clear. My congratulation for your work, i wish someday have enough experiense to have at lest the 50 % of your originality... keep your style like now and continue to produce amazing things and nightmares like in Necronomicom.

Name: Daniel Merritt
Website: http://
From: Dallas, TX, USA
Time: Thursday, 05 February 1998 at 23:39:39
Comments: I own a giger print that hangs in my office. I have to say it has been the most intriguing piece for others to view. I am very proud of it and love it as much as my own wedding pictures. I did wonder what happened to Giger's name in the credits. I stayed after the film was over to see his name and I too was confused. I had thought that I must have missed the name. Obviously I was not mistaken. It is typical of Hollywood to screw original works, artists, and ideas. I hope that Giger is able to receive a royalty worth his status and an apology from Fox. Sincerely, Daniel Merritt True Fan

Name: Marlon Cummings
Website: http://
From: New Orleans La. USA
Time: Thursday, 05 February 1998 at 18:58:19
Comments: I think when they made Alien Resurrection they tried to hog all the credit for them selfs. They will pay for that dearly. GO HR GIGER, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO.

Name: Marlon Cummings
Website: http://
From: New Orleans La. USA
Time: Thursday, 05 February 1998 at 18:57:47
Comments: I think when they mad Alien Resurrection they tried to hog all the credit for there selfs. They will pay for that dearly. GO HR GIGER, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO.

Name: Cory
Website: Green Eggs and Ham
Referred by: EON webzine
From: Melbourne, Australia
Time: Thursday, 05 February 1998 at 18:00:08
Comments: "The" Alien = HRGiger. It's as easy as that! Although I was somewhat annoyed with the watering down of the metallic elements of the alien (eg: soft tongue) I can't believe that they are not giving Giger the credit where it's due. If it were anywhere else in our corporate planet, they'd be hung out to dry. Good luck Mr Giger - I hope you get everything you ask for!!

Name: Florin Mihutz
Website: http://
From: Romania
Time: Thursday, 05 February 1998 at 17:46:46
Comments: You are right ! They have to put your name on the credit. It is a shame ! I hope that your action alien insurection will have succes.

Name: Gordon Hill
Website: http://
Time: Thursday, 05 February 1998 at 16:27:59
Comments: I agree that Alien 4 should have credit of some type on it. But I personally believe that the series has drifted away from the dark origonal concept, and been infected by the suits at FOX to make a film with a happy ending rather than the films that the alien series should develop into. The alien design/idea had so much potential until it became fashionable/very profitable. Keep GIGER/ALIEN together as they should be CREATOR/CREATURE. I'd rather they never did another film, than allow somebody else to water down the ideas again.

Name: Ron van den Boogaard
Website: http://
From: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Time: Thursday, 05 February 1998 at 14:42:02
Comments: Nobody can be denied their copyrights. No matter how small or big the case is. On small jobs it could be ignorance (still unforgiveble) On a contributution to 20th century culture it's downright capital crime!

Name: Mathias Karlsson
Website: Messias CyberGate
From: Stockholm/SWEDEN
Time: Thursday, 05 February 1998 at 05:53:51
Comments: It sucks!

Name: William Jameson
Website: http://
From: Phoenix / USA
Time: Wednesday, 04 February 1998 at 22:31:17
Comments: From the very first time I saw the Alien when I was twelve, I admired it for it's dark and powerful beauty. It is an outrage to me, as it should be to any right thinking individual, that the designer of this awesome work of art should be denied credit for his baby. The "Alien father" is H.R. Giger. Whether legaly victorious or not, H.R. Giger has the moral and artistic ownership of this creature, and this should be made known to all who see it.

Name: David J. Fitzpatrick
From: Toronto/Canada
Time: Wednesday, 04 February 1998 at 15:47:58
Comments: I am an artist/designer myself and find it disturbing that the client, 20th Century Fox , can so abuse an artist/designer of the stature of H.R. Giger. This does not bode well for the protection of artistic/moral copyright of lesser known individuals. An erosion of rights of the individuals creative rights in favor of corporate rights has been evidenced of late. For all our sakes I hope Mr. Giger is victorious. I have no fear that a fair jugdgement would establish the Parentage of what can only be, if not his children, then his children's children. In any case they should bear his name.

Name: Emilio Martin
Website: http://
From: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Time: Wednesday, 04 February 1998 at 14:49:30
Comments: Although the movie makes a daring and necessary move changing direction from the preceding trilogy, in the esthetic field that move is misdirected. The mere sight of that poor-puppy-faced breasted thing made me plainly laugh. To me, THE alien design is still the first one, although I must say I quite love the queen design from "Aliens" (OTOH I wonder what wonderful vaginal horror Mr. Giger would have created should he have worked on the movie).

Name: Peter Buerkner
Website: http://
From: Velbert / Germany
Time: Wednesday, 04 February 1998 at 11:13:22
Comments: You are right we saw years ago that alien can only be Your style. It's hard to copy Your style therefore it's easy to see that others copied

Name: Joe Shoults
Website: http://
Referred by:
From: USA
Time: Wednesday, 04 February 1998 at 09:01:02
Comments: I agree with Mr. Giger: he is an artistic genius to whom the Alien series owes its entire "look and feel" (the atmosphere he inspired in the films is, in my opinion, unprecedented, and to date unmatched). At least some credit should be given to Mr. Giger, as Fox is certainly making money on his art. Even if Mr. Giger is not directly financially compensated (should he sue??), he would benefit from the exposure.

Name: Megan
Website: http://
Referred by: no one
From: Winnipeg, Canada
Time: Tuesday, 03 February 1998 at 23:25:00
Comments: Look at ET.....Go Holleywood. ... You think they'd be willing too do just about anything for someone who can turn an alien into an alien. And hey....a word of encouragement. Harlan Ellison got his name on Terminator!

Name: Megan
Website: http://
Referred by: no one
From: Winnipeg, Canada
Time: Tuesday, 03 February 1998 at 23:22:12
Comments: Look at ET.....Go Holleywood. ... You think they'd be willing too do just about anything for someone who can turn an alien into an alien. And hey....a word of encouragement. Harlan Ellison got his name on Terminator!

Name: curtis blow
Website: http://
From: sylmar california
Time: Tuesday, 03 February 1998 at 22:50:50
Comments: I truley love Giger's work and Aliens is Giger's. The whole thing is from Giger's eyes. No Giger, no Aliens. I think not only should u have got credit, but u should have got some residuals 2.

Name: Michael Skoberne
Website: http://
From: Ljubljana/Slovenia
Time: Tuesday, 03 February 1998 at 17:06:51
Comments: H.R. Giger designed an Alien and took space its virginity and mystical beauty. Without his creations for the movie I'm sure it wouldn't have been never so successful. I don't like that he's not mentioned in movie credits. He should have been mentioned in all the movies in the first place. In contrast with Giger's alien which is beautiful, elegant and deadly the new monster in the fourth movie is ugly, puny and suxxxxx. Giger is one of the Greatest artists of our time.

Name: Matthew Wirtanen
Website: http://
From: Middlesex, USA
Time: Tuesday, 03 February 1998 at 14:35:16
Comments: Mr. Giger, I would like to show my support in your quest to gain the rightful credit due to you by 20th Century Fox. Your artwork has obviously be a critical portion in the design of the Alien movies, and, without which, most likely would not have even come as close to as successful. Your vision, which the Alien movies most definately used, is the perfect blend of terror and artistic alien forms. In essense, it is the perfect horror alien design! Good luck in your quest, we are all supporting you.

Name: juan carlos borrero perez
Website: http://
From: Caracas. Venezuela
Time: Tuesday, 03 February 1998 at 14:01:48
Comments: el mejor de los artistas del surrealismo moderno es H.R.Giger y su hijo ALIEN, es una de las criaturas mas imaginativas y hermosas de su trabajo. Por esta razón, me encuentro muy disgustado al enterarme que la 20th century fox, esta excluyendo su nombre de la ultima pelicula Alien Resurrection. Espero que H.R.Giger tome las acciones necesarias para que su hijo(Alien), no le sea clonado. Y no solo por el bienestar de el, sino de todos los fanaticos que admiramos su trabajo y creemos firmemente en que Alien solo le pertenece a el(y a nosotros).

Name: Rémy Marchand
Website: http://
From: Montréal, Canada
Time: Tuesday, 03 February 1998 at 10:24:33
Comments: Mr. Giger I am a fan of the Alien series and I am quickly becoming a Giger fan as well. The more I learn about you work, the more I want to learn about your past, present and future projects. I simply wanted to add my names to those of many other I am sure, who agree that FOX is violating your rights as an artist and a creator. Indeed it would take a blind man (no offense intended) not to recognise that all of the Aline creatures stem from you intelectual creations. Best regards! Rémy Marchand


Name: D. Samsonoff
Website: Kibernetica9619
From: London/UK
Time: Monday, 02 February 1998 at 16:16:35
Comments: Man I love Giger's stuff. I know little about what happend with credits, but it's very unplesant from what I hear! This site is cool, I would like to provide a link to it. I only wish that your server was a little faster. Thanks!

Website: http://
From: Utrecht, Netherlands
Time: Monday, 02 February 1998 at 16:11:18
Comments: I don't get it; everybody know's the original stuff is yours, why not put it on the big screen and give credit for it. Shame on them!

Name: ryan allen
Website: http://
Referred by: Mr. Giger's offical web-site
From: Ames, IA United States
Time: Monday, 02 February 1998 at 11:53:20
Comments: I'm sorry that Giger didn't get credit for his Alien designs. After all were would the science fiction film corner of Fox's money making industry be without it's Alien films. I agree give credit, where credit is due. An artist deserves to be acknowledged for his contribution to the larger scheme of things. If it wasn't for the surreal and gothic feel of Giger's work on the Alien designs the studio would of probably gone with some guy dress in in a rubber suit that would of looked like a slime covered, hair-less dog or some mind numbing crap like that. Here to you Mr. Giger. You represent all artist that have ever been screwed over by an industry. Fight the powers that be. Yours truly, D. Ryan Allen a fan and an artist.

Name: Ninian Carter
From: London, UK
Time: Sunday, 01 February 1998 at 05:14:36
Comments: You’re absolutely correct. Fox are a bunch of selfish, cheating, two-faced pathetic twats. Hope you get a credit for species 2.

Name: Peter Lancett
Website: http://
Time: Sunday, 01 February 1998 at 02:37:34
Comments: Sir, It is nothing short of disgraceful that Fox should behave in such a cavalier fashion. It would be no more possible to claim an "Alien" design without reference to Giger than it would to claim a "James Bond" movie/book/whatever, without reference to Ian Fleming. Are Fox saying that they are no longer interested in protecting their own intellectual property? If so, then the pirates should have a field day. Yours in anger, Peter Lancett

Name: Kevin Smythers
Website: Not yet uploaded - shall do so soon.
Referred by: Computer Arts Magazine, UK, Feb 98
From: Aberystwyth, Wales
Time: Sunday, 01 February 1998 at 02:02:20
Comments: The temptation to send a boxed set of "EGGS" to each of the 20th Century Fox executives involved in this farago is almost irresistable. I trust that they will see reason (and uphold the internationally agreed standards on Intellectual Property Rights) and issue a VERY public apology for such a huge gaff! In the meantime I hope, as do very many others, that this does not inhibit you in releasing more terrifying creations to chill our mortal souls. Kevin Smythers

Name: J.R. Watt
Website: J.R. Watt Surreallist Artist
Referred by:
From: USA
Time: Saturday, 31 January 1998 at 19:08:45
Comments: It is an outrage that FOX would try an attempt to disassociate their latest Alien film from HR Giger. It is just another example of how big business tries to step on the backs of others in order to make a buck. Let's gice credit where credit is due. If it weren't for Giger, there would have been NO ALien Resurrection, because the orignal, without Giger's designs, would have sucked. It would have been those dinosaur looking things that Carlo Rimbaldi guy was coming up with. F#$! 20th Century Fox!

Website: http://
Referred by: Sci-Fi Magazine
From: USA
Time: Saturday, 31 January 1998 at 16:12:45
Comments: Sue them!

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