Missing, Lost and Stolen HR Giger Artworks

Most of the artworks below have changed hands between collectors without my knowledge and, therefore, are lost to me. This is especially unfortunate in the case of paintings, since it is very important that they could be included in future retrospectives. Having knowledge of their present location would also allow us to contact their current custodians and arrange for the opportunity to have these paintings professionally rephotographed because we do not have any good transparencies left from them, which are always needed by publishers. 

In the case of missing paintings, the HR Giger Museum offers a reward to anyone who will supply information leading to the recovery of these originals, sketches or drawings. Please be assured that all contacts will be held in the strictest confidence.

H.R.Giger, July 2008

Please contact us if you have any information.

Work Nr. 217 ELP I (Brain Salad Surgery), 1973
Acrylic on paper, 34x34 cm
Work Nr. 217 ELP II (Brain Salad Surgery), 1973
Acrylic on paper, 34x34 cm
Work No. 217 and 218, ELP I and ELP II (Brain Salad Surgery album cover paintings), 1973, acrylic on paper, 
34 x 34cm each. Stolen together in Prague in 2005. More details…
Alien - Derelict - Detail
140x100cm (1978)
Alien III, sideview III (Work No. 372) 1978
100x140cm, Acrylic on paper
These two Alien paintings were discovered to be missing from the storage room of Nouvelle, a restaurant owned 
by Giger’s (then) agent, Ueli Steinle. Their absence was discovered in 1986 or 1987, shortly before their intended 
shipment for exhibition in Japan.
"Strümpfe Nr. 3" (Stockings No. 3), 1960, 29.7x21 cm, Indian ink on paper. Mutter mit Kind, 1962, 18,7 x 9,9 cm, auf Blatt A4 befestigt, eingerahmt.
Work Nr. 476b Giger's 
Dream Quest I, 1981
Acrylic on photo, 45x35 cm
Work Nr. 477b Giger's 
Dream Quest II, 1981
Acrylic on photo, 45x35 cm
Work Nr. 478b Giger's 
Dream Quest III, 1981
Acrylic on photo, 45x35 cm
Work Nr. 479b Giger's 
Dream Quest IV, 1981
Acrylic on photo, 45x35 cm
A series of four unique self-portraits created specially for the documentary film, “Giger’s Dream Quest” 1981, 
at the request of the film’s director, Robert Kopuit. They are airbrush acrylic on photographs, 45 x 35cm each. 
Last known location: The Netherlands. They were sent to Holland for inclusion in the movie at the request of the 
film’s director Robert Koupit and the cameraman Joost Dankelman, but were not used or ever returned.
Work Nr. 509 Biomechanoid With Alien Head, 
1983 Acrylic on paper, 100x70 cm
Dream of New York, 1958
20.5x28.1 cm, 
Body color and ink on paper
Work Nr. 491 The Tourist III, Hanging crab-alien, 
1982 Acrylic on paper, 100x70cm
Work Nr. 492 The Tourist IV, 
The creature with the tentacle, 
1982 Acrylic on paper, 100x150 cm
Work Nr. 025 Shaft I, 1964
Ink on paper, 21x15 cm
Work Nr. 026 Shaft II, 1964
Ink on paper, 21x15 cm
Galerie Carré Blanc, 30 x21cm  Small Biomechanical Matrix table (Edition of 5)
Galerie Carré Blanc (one of the 700 years of Waiting series of drawings), 
1991, ink on transcop, 30 x 21cm. was lost at a train-station in Switzerland by an absent minded collector.
Work No. 701b, Biomechanical Matrix Small Table, 
1990-91, aluminum, 46 x 100 x 110cm. Last known 
location: Limelight nightclub, New York City. 
It was one of four tables on loan for the Giger Room
Li I sculpture, 2004, 47 x 34 x 27cm, cast white bronze powder and resin Untitled (Three Heads), 1960, 53.5x60 cm, acrylic on wood
Additionally, three more artworks are missing, of which no photographs exist.

1. A drawing similar in style, subject matter and size to the two missing Shaft artworks above (025, 025).

2. One of Giger’s Expanded Drawings series disappeared from the exhibition  at Galerie Art Magazin in Zurich in May/June 1988. 

3. One of three polyester masks in the exhibition, “Alien dans ses Meubles” at the  Château de Gruyères, in Gruyères, 1990, disappeared during the show.