Format: Audio-CD, 12 tracks
Time: 71 min, 46 sec.

S H I N E is the music-and soundartist "Schahram".

Between 1985 and 1990 he founded lots of bands and projects with different backgrounds, always in search for himself in the music.

1992 he decided to work alone.

Amongst others he developed the project S H I N E, the album i n t h e c e n t r e is the result of this work.

i n t h e c e n t r e
is a concept-album.

The main topic is the process of diving, falling and melting into music, to listen , to feel and to see the focus of it, to unite the human existance and sound.

For the recording of i n t h e c e n t r e nature-voices were defamiliarized until the point where they felt into pieces and created new structures of sound.

The vocals are not based upon lyrics. They spontaniously arose in the moment of their recording. In combination with the music the vocals create a certain atmosphere and so become an importuned part of the whole. It is obvious that the vocals can't be torn out of this context.

The composition B I O M E C H A N I C S and T H E P R I M I T I V E C R E A T U R E are musical transpositions of the paintings by H. R. Giger with the same name.

After Schahram read the article of Wolfgang Hausmann in Giger's book NECRONOMICON II he decided to transform some of Giger's paintings into music.

He especially was inspired by the following passage:

"H. R. Giger masters the hierarchy of light and back-light in a way like no other artist before him. He directs an orchestra of most delicate lights and shadows besides extensive spots and deepest darkness - nobody wrote the music for this amazing orchestra until now".

i n t h e c e n t r e
is acoustic-art, a dissecting experience of sound, filigree and symphonic.

To be able to listen to music in a serious way first you have to forget yourself and them open you spirit for the world of the different.



On the Giger Exhibition "Visioni di fine millennio" from the 6. November - 8. December 1996 in Milan (Italy) was a limited Exhibition-Catalog available. This catalog (with the Audio-CD inside) was signed by both artists, H.R.Giger and Schahram.

Click here to watch Giger's paintings and hear S H I N E
simultaneously in perfect MPEG 3-File quality...