How does it work?

1.) First you must download this free MPEG 3 Player (983 KB).
We use this Player with the friendly permission of the
Frauenhofer Institut - Germany.

2.) If you already have a multimedia-player that supports ".mp3"-files, you don't have to download our player.

3.) For best quality is a 28.800 modem or ISDN connection necessary.

4.) After installation, please start the MPEG-3 Player.
The following window appears:
5.) Save the following files to your Harddisk and open them in your
MP-3 Player.
Primitive Creature MP-3 File...
The Shiner MP-3 File...
Remember, listen to the music and watch the drawings and you will feel something really different...
Click here to load Giger's painting "Primitive Creature".
Click here to load Giger's painting "The Shiner".