Giger's "Species" Ghost Train Nightmare!


# 38 - May 1998
"Origin Of The Species"

..... The omens, however, do not look good. It was recently learned that, upon Giger's insistence - after he was shown the film late this February - MGM agreed to remove his name as the designer for Species II. Giger's only credit is to read "Original Species Design."

by Dominic Powers

Thursday, April 9, 1998
"The Origin of a Species"


Now on the eve of the release of "SPECIES II", Giger is courting controversy again. After viewing the film Giger says that it does not reflect his work and he is distancing himself from it. Early posters publicizing the film read "Creature Design by H.R.Giger" but MGM has now complied with Giger's request, and when the film opens in theaters on Friday, the credit will read "Original Species Design by H.R.Giger".

by Kathleen Craughwell, Times Staff Writer

May 1998, Vol. 30 No. 1
Excerpt from Editorial

We call our cover story "Giger's SPECIES" because it is the alien design work of the Swiss surrealist artist that makes the project most interesting in our eyes. We called our cover story on the original SPECIES "Giger's Alien", a reference to the designer's groundbreaking work on Ridley Scott's ALIEN and his seminal influence on science fiction film design. It was therefore a little distressing to receive Giger's personal request, as we went to press, to remove his name from the cover, a request we could not honor due to our press deadline.
After seeing a cut of SPECIES II, Giger declined to take any credit for his design work for the film, claiming it was largely ignored or unused. On the sequel, Giger chose to take the credit "Original Species Design by H.R.Giger".

Frederick S. Clarke
Publisher & Editor

April, 1998
"New Species"

For the sequel, preliminary design work already was underway when Giger signed on. He contributed only to specific sequences, such as a scene where the new Sil (now called Eve) mates with transformed astronaut Patrick Ross, who's been infected with alien DNA on Mars. After viewing the film, Giger insisted that his credit read only as "Original Species Design".

by Patrick Sauriol