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April 1998 - Vol. 4, Number 7

So what has to be one of the biggest oversights of 1997, Swiss artist H.R.Giger, whose nightmarish biomechanical paintings gave form to the aliens of the Alien and Species movies, was not given a credit in the latest Fox installment, Alien:Resurrection. Needless to say, Giger is very unhappy with this situation, and has written letters of protest to Fox
. In his first letter, Giger writes,"The creatures in Alien:Resurrection are even closer to my original Alien designs than the ones which appear in Aliens and Alien3. The film also resurrects my original designs for the other stages of the creature's life-cycle, the Eggs, the Facehugger and the Chestburster. Alien:Resurrection is an excellent film. What would it look like without my Alien life-forms? In all likelihood, all the sequels to Alien would not even exist! The designs and my credit have been stolen from me, since I alone have designed the Alien. So why does not Fox give me the credit I rightfully earned?".
You can read the entire text of the letters, as well as reactions from fans, at Giger's official WebSite, located at

Issue 14 March 1998
Alien Insurrection

Swiss surrealist artist HR Giger is seriously pissed off, an he doesn’t care who knows it. The designer, known for his creature designs on the movies Alien, Poltergeist 2 and Species, has taken umbrage with 20th Century Fox’s decision not to credit him in Alien: Resurrection. In a letter posted on his Internet site, he complains that he wasn’t acknowledged on the fourth Alien film, despite requesting the credit "Based on the original alien lifeforms and environments designed and created by HR Giger". He writes, "The designs and my credit have been stolen from me, since I alone have designed the Alien. So why does Fox not give me the credit I righfully earned? As for those responsible for this conspiracy: all I can wish them is an Alien breeding inside their chests, which might just remind them that the Alien father is HR Giger." Read all about it on Giger’s Website at

April 1998


H. R. Giger was surprised to find his name missing from ALIEN
by Dan Scapperotti

Just hours after 20th CenturyFox sneaked ALIEN RESURRECTION in a suburban New Jersey theatre the internet was abuzz: the credits failed to include the name of H.R. Giger! The designer who had created the unique look of the outer space villain in ALIEN was, again, ignored by the studio. One German publication noted that the credits included 600 names with only one known omission. Mr. Giger, not one to sit back and take a slight, fired off a letter to the studio on November 13th, with a follow-up a month later. Pointing to his Oscar for ALIEN, Giger noted that all four Alien films used his "unique and personal style" and that for ALIEN 3 20th Century-Fox assigned him the incorrect credit "Original Alien Design" instead of the

"AIien 3 Creature Design" designation stipulated in his contract.

"In 1976 I had completed two paintings, 'Necronom IV' and 'Necronom V,' in which two longheaded creatures appeared," said Giger. "In 1977 these paintings were published in my book, Necronomicon, in German. It was this version of the book that Ridley Scott, in his search for a credible Alien creature, came across and saw these two paintings and decided on them for the full-grown Alien using the words 'That's it!' The statement has been graciously repeated by Ridley Scott in almost every interview about his work on ALIEN." Experts believe that Fox is in for a big settlement once the dust settles, since it appears that the studio failed to secure the rights to the original works depicted in the books.

The designer also notes that "The creatures in ALIEN RESURRECTION are even closer to my original Alien designs than the ones which appear in ALIENS and ALIENS 3. The film also resurrects my original designs for the other stages of the creature's life-cycle, the Eggs, the Facehugger, and the Chestburster. ALIEN RESURRECTION is an excellent film. What would it look like without my Alien life-forms? In all likelihood, all the sequels to ALIEN would not even exist! The design and my credit have been stolen from me, since I alone have designed the Alien. So why does not Fox give me the credit I rightfully earned?"

Good question. What gives with Hollywood? From all indications, the movie Mecca is the most cutthroat town in the country where it's not whether you're right or wrong but who has the sleaziest lawyer.

STARBURST - Science Fiction Entertainment
February 1998
Ausgabe 6/98 - Issue 6/98

Wiederbelebter Abspann (german Issue)

Alien Resurrection hat sich H.R.Giger gegenüber ein Faulspiel geleistet. Der Designer der Originalkreatur vermißte seinen Namen im Abspann. Obwohl der Schweizer Künstler nicht an dem neuesten Film mitgearbeitet hat, wurde er bei allen anderen Filmen immer mit "Original Alien Design" im Abspann gewürdigt. Giger behauptete, daß das aktuelle Design der Kreaturen seinen Arbeiten sogar noch ähnlicher sei, als das in den anderen Fortsetzungen, und protestierte bei der Fox. Es heißt, sie wollen einlenken und die Namensnennung in der Videoveröffentlichung von Alien Resurrection bringen.

Resurrected Credit (english Issue)

Alien Resurrection recently ran foul of H.R.Giger, designer of the original creature, by missing his name off the credits. Although the Swiss artist did not direct work on the newest film , he has so far always been credited with
"Original Alien design". Giger claimed that the current design was even closer to his work than the other sequels and protested to Fox. They are said to have relented and will add the credit to the video release of Alien Resurrection.

Issue 41, January 1998
Alien father attacks

Lengendary conceptual artist Hans Ruedi Giger has launched a scathing attack on the producers of Twentieth Century Fox’s Alien: RESURRECTION.

The Swiss artist is credited with designing the appearance, life-cycle and environments of the alien series’ extra-terrestrial terrors, winning the 1980 Best Achievement in Visual Effects Academy Award for his contribution to Alien.

Following the first US preview screening of Alien: Resurrection, Giger was inforrned that his contribution to the film had not been recognised in its credits. In response, Giger wrote to Twentieth Century Fox, observing,
"Alien:Resurrection is an excellent film. What would it look like without my Alien life-forms? In all likelihood, all the sequels to Alien would not even exist! The designs and my credit have been stolen from me, since I alone have designed the Alien. So why does not Fox give me the credit I rightfully earned?"

In addition, Giger claims he was cheated out of a further Oscar normination for his work on Alien3, as he was credited for "Original Alien Design" an not "Creature Design", as was my rigthful title in accordance to my contract an the work I had performed on the film."

In a personal attack on those he perceives as being responsible for the "conspiracy" to deprive him of credit, Giger writes, "All I can wish them is an Alien breeding inside their chests, which might just remind them that the
"Alien Father" is H R Giger."

UNCUT Magazine
January 1998
"Loving the Alien"

Picture it again: John Hurt writhing on the cluttered table, neck-veins bulging, white T-shirt streched taut across a torso clenched in agony, the sudden scarlet bloom, the sickening ripping sound .......

That was 18 years ago. People walked out of cinemas. For those that stayed, though, Rigley Scott´s Alien elicited a visceral, atavistic response that still retains a powerful hold. Much of this is down to Swiss designer H R Giger’s obscenely sexual aliens. His fleshy, throat-violating inseminator an sleekly phallic adult predator tap into Freudian fears of carnality like no sci-fi monster before or since.

Simon Lewis (excerpt)

CINEMA, Europas größte Filmzeitschrift
Ausgabe 2/98

Wer die 500 Namen im Abspann von "Alien-Die Wiedergeburt" gelesen hat, dem mag aufgefallen sein, daß einer fehlte: H.R.Giger. Für den Schöpfer der "Alien"-Monster Affront genug, einen offenen Brief an die 20th Century Fox abzufeuern. Zitat: "Die Kreaturen im vierten Teil basieren noch stärker auf meinen Entwürfen als die in "Aliens" und "Alien3" - etwa das Viper's Nest das sich an seinem Gemälde "Passagen Tempel" orientiert. Mit Wut im Bauch schließt der Künstler: "Den Verschwörern wünsche ich, daß ein Alien in ihrer Brust wächst. Zur Erinnerung daran, wer der wahre Vater ist: H.R.Giger."

Friday, December 12, 1997

"Alien" Creator H.R.Giger, the artist who designed the original Alien creature is livid because he receives no credit in Alien Ressurection, whose monsters are clearly based on his work. In space, can anyone hear him scream?

FOCUS Nachrichtenmagazin
Ausgabe 50/1997
"Der Vater der Brut sendet böse Wünsche"

"Ich wünsche Ihnen ein ungeborenes Alien in der Brust, damit Sie sich daran erinnern, wer der Vater der Aliens ist", erboste sich H.R.Giger, 57, in einem Brief an die Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Im soeben angelaufenen vierten Teil "Alien - Die Wiedergeburt" blieben dem Schöpfer der Glibber-Kreatur im Abspann die sogenannten Credits für seine Urheberschaft versagt. Ridley Scott, Regisseur des ersten "Alien"- Films, hatte die Wesen in einem Buch des Schweizer Surrealisten (Necronomicon) entdeckt.


"The Brood’s Father Sends bad Wishes"

...In the fourth Alien film "Alien: Resurrection," just now beginning to show [in Germany], the creator of the slimy creature gets no credit in the screen credits. Ridley Scott, director of the first "Alien" movie, discovered the creatures in a book by the Swiss surrealist (Necronomicon).

Magazin FACTS
18 Dezember 1997

Der Künstler H.R.Giger, 57, ist sauer auf den Filmgiganten Twentieth Century Fox. Denn im Film Alien:Resurrection wurde unterschlagen, daß er der Schöpfer des "Alien" ist. Der für den ersten "Alien"-Film mit einem Oscar ausgezeichnete Zürcher wurde bei den Fortsetzungen "Aliens" und "Alien3" noch für das "Original Alien Design" erwähnt, nun aber im vierten Teil nicht mehr. Den Verantwortlichen wünsche er, faxte Giger nach Hollywood, "ein wachsendes Alien in ihre Brust, daß sie immer daran erinnert, daß H.R.Giger der Alien-Vater ist".



Artist H.R. Giger, 57, is mad at film giant Twentieth Century Fox. In the movie "Alien Resurrection," they forgot to mention that he is the creator of "Alien." The Zurich native, who won an Oscar for the first "Alien" movie, was credited with "Original Alien Design" in the sequels "Aliens" and "Alien3," but not in the 4th movie. In a fax to Hollywood, Giger wished those responsible "an alien growing in their chest, which would always remind them that H.R. Giger is the father of Alien."

Ausgabe 48 - 28. November 1997
Eine Kreuzung aus Gorilla und Gorgonzola-Käse

... Als krönender Abschluss gebiert die Killermaschine ein Wesen, daß mit menschlichen Reproduktionsorganen ausgerüstet ist und aussieht wie eine Kreuzung aus Gorilla und Gorgonzola-Käse...Mit der Idee das perfekteste Monster der Filmgeschichte durch einen glotzenden 08/15-Schleimhaufen zu ersetzen, disqualifizierten sich die Filmemacher ebenso wie durch die Tatsache, daß sie den Schöpfer des Originals, den Schweizer Oscargewinner H.R.Giger, weder im Vor noch im Nachspann erwähnen - neben den fast 600 Namen, die aufgeführt werden...


"A Cross Between a Gorilla and Gorgonzola Cheese" the crowning finale, the killing machine gives birth to a creature which is equipped with human reproductive organs and which looks like a cross between a gorilla and Gorgonzola cheese....The filmmakers disqualified themselves as much by replacing the most perfect monster in film history by a googly-eyed, common mass of slime as by ommitting the name of the original creator, Swiss Oscar winner H.R. Giger, from the film’s credits, which number nearly 600 names....

PREMIERE Magazin (French)
Decembre 1997
A Qui de Droit by C.C
(Justice to Whom - Translated)

H.R Giger is the father of Alien. But you won't see his name mentioned in the credits.-He handed over his rights to Fox, and the contract which had been made only included a third sequel to Jeunet's big discomfort. "One owes him the whole inspiration!" A typical "absence" in the Hollywood system, which is entirely based on contracts. Likewise, the producers mentioned in the credits-Except Bill Badalato- were not even involved in this movie (except form having produced Alien I)And then taking into consideration that Sigourney Weaver, being mentioned this way, has not been co-producer. On the other hand there is George Saralegui who produced it all (Alien IV) but whose contract did not include being mentioned in the credits. One only gives to the know people.
Note form Leslie Barany, HR Giger's agent:
"I do not to know about what rights were handed over and what rights not but, although the first Alien was before my time with Giger, I do know that there was no thought in anyone's mind, at that time, about sequels. The whole concept of sequels, in 1978 did not yet really exist. As far as Alien was concerned, I am told that at the time, no one really knew what they had on their hands, except that they were making a pretty unusual monster movie, at the end of which they killed the monster"

Harry Knowles - Austin, Texas
Thu, 27 Nov 1997
Ain't It Cool News!

Placing Credit where Credit is Due!!! Ignoring GIGER as creator of the Alien is a major crime!!

Well folks, you saw ALIEN: RESURRECTION yesterday, and some of you agreed with my opinion of it, and others did not. Good, this is as it should be. It reaffirms my belief that I am not god and that my opinion is mine. It's been about a 50-50 split so far. Usually I don't do this sort of thing, but since it is Thanksgiving, and Fox is going to make a mint off of Giger's creative genius, I thought it would be especially appropriate and ironic to observe that Fox didn't feel like "giving thanks" to the man most responsible (in my eyes) for the success of the Alien franchise. This outraged me. After reading it, I thought back to the premiere and nobody... NOBODY thanked Giger for his original vision of these creatures, Ridley Scott was thanked by Jeunet though. A catastrophic oversight. I love Giger's vision for these creatures and think that alongside the Predator, it stands alongside the great designed creatures in history. Of course Universal doesn't go out of it's way to thank Jack Pierce for the original Frankenstein, Mummy or Wolfman makeup/creature designs, so it's a fairly typical snub. Though that does not excuse it. From me to Giger, "Thank you for the wonderful work you did in bringing us fantastic nightmares unlike we have ever imagined. We know who you are, even if those in charge fail to recognize that."

Chris Gore
Publisher Film Threat

We here at Film Threat are outraged about HR Giger not receiving credit for Alien 4. We will spread the word starting with a mention and publishing Mr.Giger's letter in Film Threat Weekly, a free Weekly e-mail sent to 30,000 e-mail addresses on the net.

We are behind you.

The first Alien film was a moment in Sci-Fi history which will never be repeated. It was original and fresh and shocking and sexy. Sci-Fi since has been kind of dull. It is a crime that Mr. Giger has not been hired by Hollywood to bring other visions to the screen.

Thank you.