"ALIEN INSURRECTION is the public reaction to 20th Century Fox's decision to omit credit to H.R.Giger for his design as they appeared in the film ALIEN:RESURRECTION. The film featured Giger's original designs for the four stages of the title creature's lifecycle, the Eggs, Facehugger, Chestburster and the Adult Alien unchanged from their first appearance in Ridley Scott's ALIEN, the 1979 film for which H.R.Giger received the Academy Award for "Best Achievment for Visual Effects" for the very same design of the film's alien lifeforms and their related environment. The attempt to disassociate the artist from his own creations and to deprive him of the recognition and fruits of his labor unleashed an expression of outrage and moral indignation from Alien and Giger fans alike. The official H.R.Giger WebSite is the place where they raised their collective voices in cyberspace seeking to protect the aesthetic beauty of the horror known as ALIEN and to acknowledge and reaffirm the name of its creator, H.R.Giger."

Time: Sunday, 23 August 1998 at 15:09:38

Name: Darrell Parham
Website: http://
Referred by: The HR Giger homepage
From: Isleton, CA
Time: Sunday, 23 August 1998 at 01:01:33
Comments: As anartist myself I have come to admire and appreciate Mr. Gigers Art. I believe that the wrongs of Twentieth Century Fox are inexcusable. I have always admired the Alien movies and all of the "biomechanical" style Giger has added to sci-fi. I have a copy of the Necronomicon done by Giger. It is unmistakable evidence of Giger being the "father" of the Alien design. I can only hope that those basards at the Fox network apologize and reimberce Mr.Giger. Hans Reudi Giger is an unmistakeable GOD of surealistic biomechanical artwork

Name: Aaron
Website: http://
Referred by: self
Time: Sunday, 23 August 1998 at 00:45:10
Comments: This message is motivated by a personal respect for the profound talent of Mr. Giger. You have single-handedly created the scariest on-screen create of this century, and may Fox be damned if they dare to steal it from you. You are an Artist's artist.

Name: Kelly Kumpf
Website: http://
Referred by: no one---found by myself
From: Cortland NY USA
Time: Friday, 21 August 1998 at 18:12:45
Comments: H.R. Giger's work is one of a kind. I find it to be fascinating! Twentieth Century Fox should feel honored they were allowed to use such ideas and images. The fact that they didn't even mention Giger's name in the credits of Alien Resurrection is outrageous!! I can't believe they would dishonor such a brilliant man. I feel lucky to simply be able to view his art. The Alien movies would never of been so succesful if Giger's ideas weren't used. I hope this situation is corrected! I Love You Giger!!!!

Name: derek nicarry
Website: http://
Referred by: this web page...
From: orlando, florida, united states
Time: Friday, 21 August 1998 at 16:48:28
Comments: when i first saw alien: resurrection I was rather disturbed that H.R. Giger had not been credited with anything. Yeah the Alien design had been credited in the first movie, etc, etc. But what really bothers me is one mutant in that movie. There is a scene where Ripley walks into the medical infirmary and discovers several horibble mutations. One of them is of particular interest. It is almost a perfect halfway point between a human and an Alien and my first reaction was to say that it would've been much cooler to use as the one at the very end of the movie. Then I realized that i had seen thatdesign somewhere before. I have yet to be able to find what it is that I think influenced this creature's design, however I do know it exists and I do know that H.R. Giger was the artist. Shame on the whole lot of you Hollywood Money-grubbing BASTARDS!

Name: joshua
Website: http://
From: albuquerque,nm
Time: Friday, 21 August 1998 at 09:22:56
Comments: this is a complete outrage. hr giger is the complete creator of these creatures and they deny him his credit. i am personally offended by these actions, being an artist myself i completely hate when i am not given credit for my own work. well i hope mr giger finally gets his credit.

Name: Tommi Mnnist
Website: http://
From: Nastola Finland
Time: Wednesday, 19 August 1998 at 01:13:12
Comments: Giger , I think, is greatest artist in this century, and hes name should be mentioned in Alien:Resurrection credits. Thats it.

Name: Antonios Vassiliadis
Website: http://
From: Germany
Time: Tuesday, 18 August 1998 at 09:59:56
Comments: Dear Mr.Giger! The figure of the Alien was during your 4 parts always the same, except the Queen in part 2. In part 4 electronic animation perform visual feelings before in a very good views, but what comes next? Perhaps, hoping for more, a part 5 with more reality and electronics and for example with more agressive experienced music in a harder way to feel the "SUDDENLY" your films......I wish you the best and hope your imaginations and fantasy create much more in the future. Sincerly and greetins from South Germany A.Vassiliadis

Name: Nathan Whyte
Referred by: me
From: Brisbane, Australia
Time: Tuesday, 18 August 1998 at 01:12:31
Comments: I was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia in september 96.I'm 14 years old.I learned of the alien films in 94 and have been a fan ever since.I try to draw the alien alot but have trouble drawing it.I'ts a great, scary,cool looking design.I liked Alien Resurrection too.But it sucks that they didn't put your(Mr Giger) name in the credits for the alien design.I reckon they deserve what they get!I hope with the next film they put your name in the credits

Name: Johnny Rasmussen
Website: Photography my life
Referred by: The web depot
From: Cali - COLOMBIA
Time: Monday, 17 August 1998 at 20:42:05
Comments: Since the first day that the film ALIEN appears on the world screens, I was converted to be a ultra fan of the alien way of seen things. Then I saw a Movie Magic special and meet the author HR Giger, so where ever I found a book or something made by HRG y collect it. Today I have entered the official site and have inscribed in the Museum. I live in a country very hard, and I will find the way to send the money there, if it is possible to pay it via Master Card this will be OK. In my personal work I use the Alien creatures, can I submit them to you, they are made digitally, using my photographs. My proffession is Advertising Photographer. And 52 years old. I had appear in the book made by George Eastman House, THE ART OF PERSUASSION. Respect of your problemm with the Film Makers remember that them are from a race that doesn t take anything in consideration, but make money, If they doubled cross you, the Master, it dont worth your attention, ALWAYS the good people of the ALIEN THINKING, knows that you are the father of ALIEN WAY OF LIFE. Expecting your answer, Sincerely yours Johnny Rasmussen

Website: http://
Referred by: WWW.HR GIGER.COM
From: TRING, U.K.
Time: Saturday, 15 August 1998 at 11:06:07
Comments: I think it is discusting that FOX would snub the creator of one of its most lucrative franchises, GIGER'S influence is obvious throughout the ALIEN series, the fans appreciate that, why cant FOX??

Name: Marco Parodi
Website: http://
From: Asti , Italy
Time: Friday, 14 August 1998 at 14:16:12
Comments: Giger is the alien's father you must give him what is right

Name: Speed
Website: The Land of Rape and Honey
From: Portugal
Time: Friday, 14 August 1998 at 03:36:21
Comments: i didn't even know about this! i'm amazed. ever since i saw alien, i bought giger's books and have been instantaneously hooked i don't know anything about legalities, but can't you sue the hell out of fox?? not that the money is what matters most, just to show them they can't treat the original queen (sorry :) like this.

Website: http://
From: perth australia
Time: Wednesday, 12 August 1998 at 01:23:09
Comments: I am someone who absolutely adores Mr Gigers works, and his creative mind and all the rest. I suggest Mr Giger that you tell Fox to fuck off , and go suck your backside, because they are a bunch of tossers and should be kissing your feet, and high-lighting your name in those credits. Lets hope that their bodies are invaded by chestbursters and that a thousand fleas infest their armpits!!!

Name: Nicolas Palmer
Website: N/A
Referred by:
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Time: Tuesday, 11 August 1998 at 13:47:29
Comments: I'm just writing again to say, you ought to have them get a representative from thier company and have them apologize for thier greed on national television, or get them to make another film, with your help and with the money they made from your designs. This is also for Fox to read: I.....could.....not....make.....another alien sequel...without using H.R.Giger's necronimicon: Lady with reptilian symbiosis. The designs, the backgrounds, the way they influece the characters in each story are all spawned from the paintings. I'm going to explain why H.R.Giger is irritated by this problem, in the way I would to a child, because situation deems it necessary: say H.R.G has an apple, everybody else does too, but hes got a wierd one, but it's interesting because of it's unique difference, Ridley Scott, a damn good filmmaker, gets an idea, but his apple does'nt make for the specific purpose, he searches for another... H.R.Giger has'nt had any plans to use his special, yet "ugly duckling" apple for film usage, but Ridley finds it ( with all do *respect*)and decides to use it. Now praise and appreciation for his long and sometimes mentally frustrating production of this apple.The respect for it pulsates into the dark over time, and the sharks find an opening for a bite, circling around in a premature mucus, these are'nt your usual sharks, they have business suits and baseball caps, all of them are gluey, for thier clothes came out of thier hearts. They drift out with thier gillslits flapping and swim into shallower seas. THE only credit I give them is as they drift along with thier suitcases wide, this form of animal can't stay afloat with out them, thier fins, they need to survive, we all do. They just don't understand that. So to make a long story short everything AFTER Aliens, but yet in a way started there, the using of someone elses apple for thier notoriety. In other words there, a strange, almost frightening appendage manifested from thier gaping mouths and transfixed the vulnerable apple and sucked out the pulp like a vaccume cleaner and because of thier unfathomable ability to remain volatile, not a whisper is passed, not even by the trees. Alien was by far one of the best movies I have seen with Space. Part two was also a good movie, Three was interesting by the drama and special effects using steel puppets, but all of them duck thier heads beneath the sand of reality as that painful word that flies overhead with it's bat wings and capitallized letters "UNORIGINALITY", it flaps by with honesty in its purest form. Alien Ressurection is DEFINATELY a ressurection. Too bad I did'nt see any name that had anything to do with the name "Giger". I could of sworn I saw some of his artwork up there: the part where "miracal Ripley"who survives all the time, falls into the reproduction area of the aliens and becomes acqainted with her new family, or in almost every single second of the film, better yet. Sigourny Weaver is a talented actor and looked very good in Alien, but the actor in alot of cases don't just make the movie. I don't know everything, but I know alot, especially when someone gets ripped off..........

Name: Paul Birkbeck
Website: http://
From: Thorold, Canada
Time: Tuesday, 11 August 1998 at 01:31:06
Comments: I first read about the inexcusable behaviour of those slugs at Fox in the Toronto Star newspaper. I honestly can't believe they still haven't recognized HRGiger not only as the creator of the Alien creature and landscapes, but as the absolute progenitor of the Alien legacy. As he states in his letters to Fox, the sequels would simply not exist if not for his unparalleled imagination. No doubt, without HRGiger, the original Alien movie would still have been made, but with just another boring, unimaginitive looking creature that would be neither horrifyingly sinister nor stunningly beautiful. Gigers Alien is both graceful, savage, and frighteningly realistic. That, coupled with Ridley Scotts' vision is what made the original movie an unparalled success to this day in the sci-fi/horror genre. The big shots at Fox should get down on their knees and thank HRGiger, as should we all, for sharing his macabre imagination with us all. We are truly privaleged. As for Fox, I will not buy a copy of Resurrection as I had planned. I will take a page from their book and steal from them as they stole from HRGiger. I will rent the tape and copy it for myself and perhaps a few extras for friends and family. HRGiger should sue the pants off them, simply on principle. Yours, in disgust, Paul Birkbeck.

Name: Bryce Lindstrom
Website: http://
From: Sydney, Australia 2119
Time: Monday, 10 August 1998 at 21:27:57
Comments: Fox is definetly in the wrong. Clearly you have a strong case in which to sue them for. If you need help i would gladly lend myself

Name: Dieter Jabs
Website: http://
From: Australia
Time: Monday, 10 August 1998 at 19:01:18
Comments: I must say that I am shocked and dissappointed that H.R. Giger received no credit for his Alien design during the credits at the beginning or end of Alien Resurrection. It's ridiculous. Since the 1970's, when people thought of Aliens and the way they look, Giger is immediately thought of, and when thinking of Giger, his Alien design is immediately thought of. They go hand in hand. I've seen his ideas blatantly ripped off in the past, and when the movie series which was spawned by his ideas cheats him of credit, it is a sad day indeed. I, along with many others, believe he should get the credit he rightfully deserves. So whoever this mail goes to let it be known that H.R. Giger, undoubtedly one of the greatest and most influential artists of our time, deserves his name in the credits to Alien Resurrection.

Name: Carlos Eduardo Muoz Parraga
Website: http://
From: Caracas,Venezuela
Time: Monday, 10 August 1998 at 01:04:01
Comments: Mr. H. R. Giger: What can i said?, i didnt know that you have been left out of the credits, but i kind off felt it that way. On alien 4, it was obvious than only asshole directed the movie and you wasnt there to stand against so many heretic thing. Against the Alien itself and us the public who admire the alien movies from the begginig. Too many stupid jokes, but worst of all, the computerize sceen of the swiming aliens; That stands against the scense of your organic work, so real that it can be almost smell! (a unique quality of all your work). Sorry, if i can`t express myself like i would like, Spanish is my original language. But what i fear from, when i got out of the last movie, that Fox or whoever is res- ponsable just put an end to the aliens movies sequences. For that! they should be legaly sue or just expose, so maibe it wont happen again and wont destroy so- mething they cant create, admire or understand. Arq. Caguardo Muoz.

Name: Torbjrn Lium
From: Tynset / Norway
Time: Sunday, 09 August 1998 at 11:45:43
Comments: What can I say? The two letters, and having viewed the films myself only confirms the suspicion I have had since the third sequal to Alien. It seems like Fox thinks it is superior to giving credits to the artist who is the copyrighted owner of the visual design of the aliens. (need I mention his name?) Only one question remains: has H.R.Giger recieved a reply to any of the letters published on his Website, and if so is there any chance of reading the reply? H.R.Giger has my full support in this matter.

Name: Andrea Bano
Website: http://
From: Padova Camposampiero
Time: Friday, 07 August 1998 at 16:07:50
Comments: Mr Giger,lei il primo e unico creatore di Alien,la sua arte che sgorga dall'intimo ed esplode in questo mondo,ma questo per loro solo denaro,lontani anni luce da ci che significa CREARE,io le sono vicino sapendo che tutti i grandi artisti hanno sofferto ingiustizie e alla fine ne sono usciti vincitori.

Name: Andrea Bano
Website: http://
From: Padova Camposampiero
Time: Friday, 07 August 1998 at 15:57:51
Comments: Mr.Giger, you are the one end only father of this creature,your's art caming from the soul, bat for they'are only mony. I'm with you.Dont worry we win.

Name: Arthur Stewart
Website: http://
Referred by: yahoo
From: Albuquerque/USA
Time: Friday, 07 August 1998 at 13:06:35
Comments: It is typical of Fox to do this to a great master of surreal art and a great hero to all who not only enjoy Alien, but who admire all your other works. Your art is an inspiration and a wonderful terror which I have enjoyed since my first viewing of the Alien movie when I was six years old. This thing with Fox is another example of greedy capitalism at work.

Name: Kssl Bettina
Website: http://
From: Regensburg-Germany
Time: Friday, 07 August 1998 at 11:21:30
Comments: The only think I can say is: IT' S A SHAME !!!!! Me and my husband were so furious about this act (not being mentioned) that for us it is not a REAL "Alien-movie". With love, Bettina

Name: Jack T Ripper
Referred by: White Chaple
From: ---------------
Time: Thursday, 06 August 1998 at 18:47:15
Comments: Well it looks like Fox is doing more cutting than I am. Anyways yes it is an injustice to take some one'slife work and turn it into a trival thing like this. If they were going to give in and fold so Giger could get the credit that he deserves then they would have already. Now i understand that if i were to create somthing as powerful as his work or as beutiful as his Alien, I would be in a uproar also. But I just dont see were any of this will help him to acheive his goal and get the credit that he so bluntly deserves. All in all i feel for H.R. Giger. he is a very talented person who is getting exploited as much as i was. Always remeber I am in your corner and waiting in the shadows dressed to the knife to help you out H.R. Bye Bye for now.

Name: Marc Leeman
From: Leuvenm, Flanders
Time: Wednesday, 05 August 1998 at 09:57:49
Comments: THough this is probably one letter between the many, and is is late, THERE IS ONLY ONE ALIEN CREATOR I don't need to mention his name

Name: I 905 R
Website: http://
From: Orange, CA--USA
Time: Tuesday, 04 August 1998 at 11:08:05
Comments: Its stupid on the companies part, but his signature is already all over the film. Anybody who knows whats up will recognize who the man behind it is, and if they don't then they either need to find out or crawl out of the hole they're in.

Name: James Powell
Website: http://
From: Anglesey,N,Wales,UK.
Time: Tuesday, 04 August 1998 at 08:31:15
Comments: I'm a big fan of Mr.Giger. As an artist myself I can appreciate his work and have often used some of his techniques when creating my own compositions. It is an appaling state of affairs when such an artist as Mr.Giger isn't aknowleged for his work, and I believe that the sterling work he has been doing in all of the Alien films that he participated in designing should be appreciated by all concerned. Yours sincerely: James Powell

Name: quentin02
Website: http://
From: vancouver, canada
Time: Monday, 03 August 1998 at 15:51:52
Comments: I think anyone who's seen Giger's artwork will immediately know the real score. That's pretty much what counts, isn't it? q02

Name: John Ridley
Website: http://
Time: Sunday, 02 August 1998 at 21:14:51
Comments: Who gives a shit? You people are making too much of big deal out of something as trivial as the whinings of a pretentious painter who annoyingly refers to himself in the third person. Give it up, go fight world hunger or something.

Name: Craig Owen
Website: http://
From: England
Time: Sunday, 02 August 1998 at 14:16:20
Comments: without gigers artwork alien would have been just another sci-flop it is the aliens agressive and seemingly demonic appearance that helped make the films the hits that they are today and not to mention him in Resurrection is criminal shame on the Fox crew for forgetting this geniuses work

Name: Lee Miller
Website: http://
Referred by: Injustice!
From: Georgia, U.S.A.
Time: Saturday, 01 August 1998 at 01:03:37
Comments: Sooo, Fox has yet again disregarded the creator of the Alien design. I'm not so suprised. H.R. Giger is probably one of the most exploited artists in modern media. I doubt seriously that the Alien sequels, Poltergeist 2, Dune, Species, etc., would have much redeeming quality if they hadn't had Giger involved in them at some point. He's pretty much all that saved Poltergeist 2 and Species from being in the dollar bin at the local Blockbuster! As an artist who has been plaguerized before, I know how damaging it is to see someone else claiming credit for ypur creation. It's akin to waking up in a bathtub full of ice and discovering that someone has stolen one of your kidneys or lungs! I was not protected by copyright, but HR, you ARE! I believe FOX owes you more than just the credit you earned in the titles, they owe you millions of dollars in merchandising royalties for toys, comics, etc.! 20th Century Fox is laughing all the way to the fracking bank, and they can't even give you a mention in their theatrical releases!? I think Alien Ressurection is perhaps the poorest of all the was executed quite ingeniously, but the script suffered in several parts. I'm sick and tired of Hollywood treating us all like idiots, and I'm sick and tired of them treating one of my favorite visionaries in a similar manner! Hans Ruedi Giger should be getting payed 30 million dollars per film, not Jim Fucking Carrey! I think HR, you should mail the executives at 20th Century Fox that Unlucky/EvilDevil's Mask for Satanic Ceremonies that have in storage and talked about in rh+ .... then the only thing those bastards at Fox would ever release again would be their bowels as they meet their gruesome end! HA! Thank you, Hansreudi, for sharing your dark, uninhibited fantasies with us in your highly personal, unimitatable style. No signature is ever needed to know where your hand has been.

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