Credit Where Credit Is Due


November 20, 1997

Giger had wanted me to personally thank you for the respect and courtesy you have shown him and his work over the years. Since the beginning, when I contacted you regarding Giger's missing credit in the Alien comics your Editors have almost always remembered to include his credit for his paternity of the Alien creature.

Giger would like to, especially, thank Dark Horse Comics for including his credit for Original Alien Design in the comics adaptation of the new film ALIEN RESURRECTION, even though 20th Century Fox Film did not consider it necessary to credit Giger, at all, in the film.

Each time one of these films has been released, it has been a difficult period for Giger. At the time of ALIENS, Giger had to reconcile himself to the fact that he was not asked to come back and work on that film.

With ALIEN 3, it was much worse. Giger did work on that film but his participation was kept hidden by the studio. He was denied screen credit for his new designs for ALIEN 3, with the only credit appearing, "Original Alien Design by H.R.Giger." This time even Dark Horse Comics left out his mention in the comic adaptation of that film, after having, naturally, included it in the rest of your Alien series. We could only assume that you were instructed to do so by 20th Century Fox. It was an embarrassment for Dark Horse, a devastation for Giger.

As a licensee of 20th Century Fox, the decision you took on ALIEN RESURRECTION could not have been an easy one. There was no mention of Giger in the film credit block you were provided with, but you chose to act as a gentleman: You did not deny credit where it was due!

With this very public "Thanks", we are trying to do the same, and tip our hat to Dark Horse Comics.

We will also appreciate if you advise your European licensees to follow your good example and add, from now on, the following credit, as revised by Giger:



Thank you,
Leslie Barany
Agent of H.R. Giger