in Château St. Germain, Gruyères, Switzerland

Background, Design and Construction

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The dimensions of the new bar is 7 x 10 meters with a 4 meter ceiling height.  The ceiling structure has been cast in a light-weight, fire-retardant 
fiberglass. The floor is covered In a radiating pattern with the familiar Giger 
floor-plates, this time cast in cement. The room is designed to seat, approximately, 70 guests.

Since Giger works on many projects at the same time, and also because of the  sheer complexity of the undertaking, the design and construction of the new Giger Bar required three years. However, this new bar is the culmination of a design process which began with the Tokyo Bar in 1980, followed by the  
Chur Giger Bar in 1992, and is the most spectacular of them all! The designer 
hopes it will serve as the prototype for Giger Bars all over the world.

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