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* went online in April 1996, as the artist's first established presence 
on the Internet. Giger's expanding universe in cyberspace, today, requires three homepages 
and the authorized auxiliary websites listed below.

Statement on the passing of HR Giger...

The official website of the H.R. Giger Museum
The first official Giger website
HR Giger Official Facebook Page

Giger's primary agent and USA representative
Artwork Database & research archive of Giger related articles
H.R. Giger Work Catalog project
Giger's representative in France 
The Giger corner in St. Gallen, Switzerland
One man's journey of discovery, art and friendship

<<< and BUYERS BEWARE >>>
Collectors and fans, please be forewarned that much of the merchandise sold on eBay and etsy using HR Giger's name are fakes, forgeries and cheap imitations in violation of H.R. Giger's copyright. If the exact same item cannot be found on any of the authorized Giger websites or linked from there to a legitimate licensor, it is unlikely to be authentic or created by H.R. Giger.

Lost paintings in the Giger Museum Database

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