HRGiger was in Milan, Italy!

Visioni di fine millennio

From the 6. November - 8. December 1996, at the
Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi

...with a introduction of italian writerin 
Emanuela Zini
from Milan - Italy.

An ancient villa: the best place for a Giger' exhibition...
I go into the court of Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi; I'm gazing at a splendid mosaic, trying not to tread on it. Shuning drops of rain, I look up for a moment, and my trip begins...
Like a mirage...six Harkonnen chairs, a table and zinc tiles...; I dare not approach the large glass window, perhaps I fear everything could disappear...; I prefer to reach the entrance further on. The door is hard to open, the hall is narrow; is this a test? "If you're not really convinced, don't go in".
I go in. I'm not alone, some persons are already looking at the paintings, sculptures, images... But they seem not to be aware of one another, persons graze other ones without feeling them, a light music fill the surroundings; they who speak whisper and, for a mysterious reason, feel a little guilty, too...
First room, on the right. In front of me there's a table with various gadgets; but I go beyond. A perfect light lightens 5 big paintings ( "The spell I", "The spell II", "The spell III", "The spell IV", "Anima Mia") and 4 sculptures ("Biomechanoid", "Suitcase Baby", "Beggar" and "Body with long skull"). I organized: I 've got a note-book and a pen; I want to take notes about everything!
... this was the first and last room in which I wrote the names of Giger's works. Trying to explain a feeling just listing works' names is deeply inadequate.
I put my note-book away. I wander through the columns, go farther, closer, look down, up; and I always find something new, something astonishing: this is the real tridimensionality!!! I stay in that room for at least twenty minutes; all this is enough for me. The curiosity of discovering what comes next is the only thing that pushes me forward; as usual. I go into the second room; no, it wasn't a mirage. 

The table and the chairs are still there.
A rope doesn't allow to approach; they seem to be part of another world, of another dimension; waiting for an alien guest. Time doesn't exist, one of the two maxi watches hanging on the walls is now rusty and contorted, the dial of the other one is an hologram, the frame of a scene, frozen by an occult spell.
I must move if I want to free myself; there's a corridor; I reach it. There are six paintings hanging on the walls, some of them are 'landscapes'. At the end of the passage darkness is waiting for me. I temporize, staring at the walls; trying to find a way out among the windingnesses of the biomechanical figures; but the dark is waiting for me and attracts me. I must go.
Here is the third room. An alien shape is still in the obscurity, in the middle of the room. A light-ray is illuminating it from above; perhaps it's the signal of a spaceship. Or perhaps photons simply are the only way of communication with the hologram of Li standing behind it. I go away, don't want to disturb them any longer. I go back to the light; this is the fourth room. The temple.

It's always guarded by some masks, the "Watch Guardians"; that are watching everything from their own pedestals. Two of them stand beside a "Portone". This is the 'way out'. You wait for the door to open... But you know that all this will happen only in an already fixed time; that is not now.
On the walls images of an "alien" world. The future... I cross the threshold of the fifth room; I've already been here. Time is circular, from the future I go back to the the past, this is the second room; but it's different. It shows me things that there weren't before (?). The grid on which are hanging the paintings lets us glimpse the old statues of Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi. The future and the past interlace, mingle and create something new.
This is the end. The goal and the starting-point. I go out.
Various gadgets are waiting for me; for a moment I forget everything... But , on leaving the exhibition, a Giger's rubber mask casts an admonishing glance at me. No, I can't forget it .

All pictures made by Pino Carafa.