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I always try for the first choice, for the best pieces I can buy, and I obtain them in galleries. I have rarely bought directly from the artist. I acquired my first pieces at the Art Fair in Basel. They were two drawings by Brus from 1973. The only trades I ever made were with him and Friedrich Kuhn.

People probably think I collect airbrush paintings. The opposite is true! Almost all the works are wild, tension-laden pieces which reflect the fury and passion of their creation. I consciously refrain from buying anything that resembles my work. The works in my collection are important individual pieces or key works I own by artists such as Brus, Sandoz, Burland, Jurgens, or Kuhn. Collaborative efforts with artists such as Sandoz, Wegmuller, or Jurgen Schwartz were on the rare side.

If anyone deserves the designation “Bosch of the 20th Century”, for me it is Dado. Possibly he was inspired by Ivan Albrecht’s “Portrait of Dorian Gray”, which hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Otherwise, Dado is unique and unmistakable. He is someone who can visualize glaring light and colored shadows incredibly well, and transfer them with the greatest precision to huge canvases, using oversized brushes. His is a name known almost exclusively to art connoisseurs and collectors. An unpopular genius, who is nevertheless represented in the most important museums and collections. A hundred years from now, he will be one of the most important, if not the most important, painters of the 20th Century.

H.R. Giger 1997