Carriage designs for the planned Museum Train ride

carriage for the Schlossbahn

carriage for the Schlossbahn

Ticket booth with Guardian Angel 
sculpture at each corner

Detail drawing of the Guardian Angel
for the ticket booth

Steps in front ot the entrance to the
museum with bronze Alien tail hand-rail

As seen from the village, the Train-ride in a cut-away view of the museum tower






Plan for the Museum Giger Bar

My future plan is to create a train ride inside the tower and two levels of the H.R. Giger Museum. The visitors will sit inside two-seat wagons which will be transported by elevator to the 3rd floor. The wagon will travel on a 
monorail covering the entire 3rd floor. Some paintings will be attached to mobile plates which will get pushed aside by the wagons.

After, the ride will return back to the tower. There a gate gets pushed open and the wagona follow the spiral rail which leads along the wall down to the 2nd floor. The floors inside the tower will be torn down to make the interior appear like a bottomless cauldron. Numerous holographs with changing images 
will cover the walls inside the tower. In the center of the tower, the wagons being lifted by the elevator will be visible.

The ride will pass through a gate and enter the 2nd floor, which will be in complete darkness, save for a short section were the ride gets exposed to daylight as it crosses the veranda. After returning to the tower, the ride ends at 
ground level, where it can be repeated, if the waiting line for going up is not too long.

Plan for the roof on the Main Entrance