A Reunion

When I was on my way home late Saturday night, Les Barany called me and asked me and Martin to come over to H.R. Giger's place on Sunday to have a look at the prototype for a new Ibanez guitar with 3-D Giger art. It is even more stunning than the recent Ibanez guitars with printed Giger artwork; utterly biomechanical. Spent hours talking to Les and Giger about possible further collaborations, and Les took some photos. They made us feel so amazingly welcome. We'll meet Les again in New York in a week.

Excerpted from Tom Gabriel Fischer's blog entry, "Externalized", Sunday, February 19, 2006

On Sunday, February 19, Thomas and Martin visited Giger's home for the first time in many years.
The occasion coincided with the delivery of the prototype of the new Ibanez guitar sent for Giger's approval.

The idea of producing high quality official T-shirts and jackets with the painting Satan I, the To Mega Therion cover art, was also discussed. Everyone agreed that this possibility could be an excellent way to try to circumvent the bootleggers who are continually producing this image as poor quality merchadise in violation of both Giger and Celtic Frost's copyrights while ripping off the fans with an inferior product. If all will go according to plan, all will be ready for the upcoming Celtic Frost tour.

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