Museum Retrospective in Paris

"Le monde selon H.R. Giger"
(The World According to H.R. Giger)

September 16, - March 6, 2005

Guest Curator: Stephan Stucki, ARTcommunication, Switzerland

The H.R. Giger retrospective at the Halle Saint Pierre is the largest exhibition 
of the artist's work to ever take place outside of Switzerland. Over one year in preparation, 
ninety percent of the artwork is on loan from Giger's collectors, including 
three Swiss museums. The display of more than 200 pieces spans 
four decades of Giger's career, covering two floors of the museum's exhibition space.

La Halle Saint Pierre, 2 rue Ronsard 75018 Paris, France
Phone : (+33) 1 42 58 72 89, Fax : (+33) 1 42 64 39 78, E-Mail :

H.R. Giger, Martine Lusardy, and thousands of Giger fans wish to extend their special thanks to Damian Michaels, the Editor of Art Visionary magazine, 
for suggesting the idea of a Giger exhibition at Halle Saint Pierre, in the first place.

Photo: Dave Julian © 2004

H.R. Giger receiving the prestigious award, "La Médaille de la Ville de Paris", 
on December 17, 2004 at Paris City Hall, from Cristophe Girard, Deputy Mayor 
in charge of Culture (left) and Christophe Caresche, Deputy Mayor in charge 
of Paris Council organisation (right).

 Photo: Philippe Carini © 2004

Exhibition catalog introduction by Martine Lusardy, 
Director of Halle Saint Pierre
Order the catalogue at
Photos of the Halle Saint Pierre - Level 1
Photos of the Halle Saint Pierre - Level 2
PHOTOS have been posted by the museum on their website, plus texts about the exhibition in GERMAN and FRENCH.
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