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Discover the MUSEUM HR GIGER
with our QuickTime VR Tour
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In the last nine years since its grand opening in 1998, the HR Giger Museum
has welcomed 280,000 visitors from all over the world. For the many Giger
fans who have not yet been able to make the trip to Gruyeres, Switzerland,
we offer you a quick Virtual Reality Tour of the HR Giger Museum and its many exhibition rooms, including exterior views of the museum and the village of Gruyeres. These QuickTime VRs were made at the end of the year 2000 by Andreas Gothe. For more elaborate Virtual Reality tour that reflect all the changes that have occurred at the museum since then, including the Giger Museum Bar and the H.R. Giger Museum Gallery, please visit our sister website

To see the VR's you need at least QuickTime 3.0 and the appropriate
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Click on the Thumbnails to see the 360 degree Quicktime panoramas...
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Village square of Gruyères, Switzerland and upward path to the MUSEUM HR GIGER

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Nighttime view, village square of Gruyères and upward path to the MUSEUM HR GIGER 

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Entrance to the MUSEUM 
HR GIGER and courtyard in front of the Giger Bar
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Entrance foyer and 
Museum Store area 

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Room No 4 
Alien's Room
Paintings and sculptures, designs for the Ridley Scott film “Alien” 1978, and sketches for the film “Alien3” (1990)

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Room No 5 
Erotic sculptures, drawings and sketches
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Room No 6
“The Spell” paintings,  major works from the 70’s
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Room No 7

Key paintings from the 70’s
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Room No 8

Paintings from the “Victory” and “Landscapes” series (between 70’s and 80’s)
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Room No 10

The 1980 “Oscar” for the film “Alien”

“Daydream” paintings, a collaborative series by HR Giger, Claude Sandoz and 
Walter Wegmüller

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Room No 12
“Harkonnen” furniture created for the film “Dune”


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Room No 13

Designs (done as airbrush paintings) for the film “Poltergeist II” (1985) 

Sketches for “The Mystery of San Gottardo”

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Room No 14a

Various paintings, including "Necronom IV" and "Necronom V", Maxiwatches, and furniture designed by HR Giger


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Room No 14b

Original 3D sculpture for the limited edition “Spieces” print, paintings, including the “Passages” series

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Room No 16
HR Giger’s private collection : Ernst Fuchs, Jean Poumeyrol, Arman, Abati, Joe Coleman, Dado, Friedrich Kuhn, Andre Lassen, Steve Leyba, Venosa, and more...