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H.R. GIGER WOOSTOCK 2003, a special exhibition of H.R. Gigerís recent sculptures and prints, together with a selection of works by 14 artists in H.R. Giger's private art collection, opened at the Fletcher Gallery on September 5th, in conjunction with the launch of the WOODSTOCK TATTOO & BODY ARTS FESTIVAL, the first tattoo convention to establish a Best H.R. Giger Tattoo competition category and to present, as a contest award, the H.R. Giger's Tattoo Biomechanoid sculpture

The Giger exhibition was extended an extra two weeks through October 12, during which time, 
it was also seen by many of the visitors to the famed village who attended the WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL. On September 20, the gallery hosted a reception for the premiere of the riveting and haunting film "IN MY SKIN", the feature debut of writer/director/star Marina de Van. 

H.R. GIGER WOOSTOCK 2003 was curated by Leslie Barany.