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Name: Andrew Whitlock
Website: http://
From: Cambs, England
Time: Thursday, 30 April 1998 at 13:24:54
Comments: Giger's work has been inspirational to my own. I am an artist/ designer and recently produced a piece about aliens experimenting on humans in specimen jars; Greatly influenced by Giger's design work. I will always think Giger when I think Alien, for it was he who created the mood and feel of the films with his fantastically individual design work and imagination. The face hugger will always be my favourite. To me this is thge most complete organism in the alien's life cycle; fulfilling its job perfectly; the design of the creature self-contained and flawless in design. The only queery I have about it is its ability to pullitself through someone's grasp with just its legs and tail. Only a small queery, I think offer complete admiration for someone who can play God and create a whole new species that just might work!! My hat's off to Hans!! ps It sounds like O'Bannon was a bit of a tosser!! Is this accurate?! Andrew

Name: Travis
Website: http://
From: Tampa/USA
Time: Thursday, 30 April 1998 at 08:07:00
Comments: It is your right to have your name in the credits.The Alien is your creation they would have hade nothing! If it wasn`t for the Alien.

Name: Norbert Raetz
From: Germany
Time: Thursday, 30 April 1998 at 00:16:14
Comments: Hello Hans Rudi, I've just got the latest issue of my video magazine with the announcement of the "Alien - Resurrection" video for the end of May. They say that there are already serious considerations for "Alien 5" and that this time the Aliens shall attempt to take over the earth ... Great!! That's exactly the episode I've expected after seeing the end of the "Alien - Resurrection" movie and I'm looking forward to seeing it. Now it would be even greater if *you* would make the designs for this one again; you've made "Alien 1" and "Alien 3" (all movies with the odd numbers), so it's time for you again, eh?? ;) A big budget of $100,000,000+, Ridley Scott as director, "Industrial, Light + Magic" (ILM) for the special F/X and Phil Tippett for the creature effects, now that would be a movie ... Best Regards, Norbert Raetz PS: I've got one of your 500 limited "Necronomicon I + II" books with the hand-signed "Back To Mother" litho yesterday - great!!

Name: Sandy Cotreau
Website: http://
From: Pensacola, Fl/U.S.A.
Time: Wednesday, 29 April 1998 at 23:19:44
Comments: Mr. Giger's lack of credit on the fourth Alien film is wrong. Typical of an industry that can't even seem to listen to it's audience on what works in a film and what doesn't. They always seem to know better what the audience will go for than the audience does. Mr. Giger's lack of credit on Alien 3 wasn't the first mistake Fox made on that film either. I believe the responsible party should appologize publicly to Mr. Giger and offer an explanation. If and when there is a fifth Alien film, perhaps Fox will make up for past indecencies, hire Mr. Giger, and let him do what he was hired to do. And maybe they will have finally learned to give credit where credit is due.

Name: brian hug
Website: http://
From: kentwood mi ,u.s.a
Time: Wednesday, 29 April 1998 at 21:39:55
Comments: It is sad that the film industry has to not only steal but omit the the creator of these works .H.R GIGERis a genius in his own right .His work as i witnessed in ALIEN as a child (8 yrs old)set me on a goal of creative nightmares of my own and i give him full credit for showing me the way into my own world as an artist and a human........none of these films would ever be as they are today if it were not his influence.I say give him his due.......and deal with the fact that these are HIS dreams and not FOXS'.long live H.R GIGER and his beutiful works keep us aware.

Name: Criag Yerges
Website: http://
Time: Wednesday, 29 April 1998 at 13:10:12
Comments: What they are doing sux. H.R. Giger deserves all the credit for the Alien Movies they are of his design and his brian child

Website: http://
From: Istanbul/TURKEY
Time: Wednesday, 29 April 1998 at 12:29:55
Comments: There would be no Aliens or Sigourney Weaver without the ultimate creations of the science fiction master H.R.Giger! Thus I appriciate the effort put on this page to regain respect for his works. Keep up the good job!!!

Website: http://
From: villa hills,ky, U.S.A.
Time: Wednesday, 29 April 1998 at 07:54:53
Comments: 20th Century Fox should be ashamed of themselves. They are true theives.

Name: Jesper Eskildsen
Website: Genetic Light!
From: Copenhagen / Denmark.
Time: Wednesday, 29 April 1998 at 06:06:54
Comments: Argh.. Its a fucking shame. But thats the same all over again, The big money machine fuck´s it up! GIVE "HANS RUDI GIGER" HIS WEEL-EARNED CREDITS NOW!!!!! Keep us informed about what happens in the lame FOX case!

Name: Norbert Raetz
From: Germany
Time: Wednesday, 29 April 1998 at 04:25:14
Comments: Hello Hans Rudi, congratulations on your great work and the film designs you've made on "Alien" and "Alien 3"! It's really outrageous that FOX didn't even give you the credit "Original Alien Design by H.R. Giger". They obviously thought they can save *some* big bucks by ripping you off. They video release of "Alien - Resurrection" is due next month here in Germany, and I'm really curious if FOX finally gave you the credits. Anyway, I guess it would be a good idea to review all contracts that have been made regarding your "Alien" designs and protect your work to an extent that noone can use your designs furthermore without your expressly permission. Keep up the good work and keep us informed about the "FOX case"! Best Regards, Norbert Raetz PS: I agree with you that an Alien may grow in the chest of those responsible for this conspiracy.

Name: Georg Kuttelwascher
Website: http://
From: Vienna, Austria
Time: Wednesday, 29 April 1998 at 02:20:39
Comments: ich habe mich gefragt, wie es geschehen kann, daß ich erst jetzt auf HR Giger aufmerksam werden konnte, obwohl ich schon längere Zeit auf der Suche nach diesem Stil bin. Ich bin gerade dabei, die Technik des Airbrush-zeichnens zu erlernen. Somit war ich gleich einmal frustriert, als ich zum ersten Mal Werke von Giger zu Gesicht bekam. Kurz gesagt, die Technik, und die Farbenwahl finde ich äusserst genial, während die Wahl der Motive etwas zu einseitig (zuviel von Schwarzer Magie inspiriert) ist. Jedem das Seine! Aber es nicht ganz das Meine! (Aber Penkler Christian, Studienkollege, vulgo AZRAEL, gefällt die Wahl der Motive!) Ich lasse mich zur Zeit für meine eigenen Bilder von H R Giger´s Farben inspirieren. Auf jeden Fall werde ich noch irgendwann einmal, wenn ich wieder Zeit habe, einen weiteren Kommentar abgeben!! Bis dann! BYE...

Name: S. Gibson
Website: http://
Referred by: myself
From: cincinnati OH, USA
Time: Tuesday, 28 April 1998 at 15:44:05
Comments: Mr. Giger This is as shameful a thing as ever happens in the great human cesspool. I have had the same thing happen to me and though the $ cosequences were nothing like the scope of your own experience, I am sure I know the feeling well enough to empathize. Assaulting the bastards in court would only serve to bankrupt you. You win. They appeal, using money that as far as I'm you made. They made so much money from your efforts that they can appeal until they bankrupt you. Oh well. Here is what I really think. The alien life-form that you created is THE star of all four movies. It is the Lead role opposite of Ripley's and that is it. Any person who cares to look can see you've been screwed. I think Fox should be ashamed. Ripley's character was right in the second movie, concisely summing up the truly horrible nature of the human animal when she told C. J. Burke (after being setup in the medlab:" At least you don't see them fucking each other over for a percentage". Not much else to say actually. Good luck Sir, you're in for a rough ride. Don't give up. Drop a line sometime. S. Gibson

Name: S. Gibson
Website: http://
Referred by: myself
From: cincinnati OH, USA
Time: Tuesday, 28 April 1998 at 15:43:32
Comments: Mr. Giger This is as shameful a thing as ever happens in the great human cesspool. I have had the same thing happen to me and though the $ cosequences were nothing like the scope of your own experience, I am sure I know the feeling well enough to empathize. Assaulting the bastards in court would only serve to bankrupt you. You win. They appeal, using money that as far as I'm you made. They made so much money from your efforts that they can appeal until they bankrupt you. Oh well. Here is what I really think. The alien life-form that you created is THE star of all four movies. It is the Lead role opposite of Ripley's and that is it. Any person who cares to look can see you've been screwed. I think Fox should be ashamed. Ripley's character was right in the second movie, concisely summing up the truly horrible nature of the human animal when she told C. J. Burke (after being setup in the medlab:" At least you don't see them fucking each other over for a percentage". Not much else to say actually. Good luck Sir, you're in for a rough ride. Don't give up. Drop a line sometime. S. Gibson

Name: Joanna Carrasco
Website: http://
Referred by: Just Surfing
From: Irving, TX USA
Time: Tuesday, 28 April 1998 at 10:16:34
Comments: The Alien movies are my all- time favorite Horror-SciFi films ever! Your creations are truly awesome and believable in every way. I would have dreams about them almost every night and I would be afraid It's very exciting for me to sit down and watch these four movies. I never get tired of seeing them. I was ecstatic when I heard Alien Resurrection came out. Yes! The saga continues! You know I was there, eyes wide and anticipating to get the utmost best from this viewing. I got it! Thank you for making these creatures so real that we almost beleive they could exist. I guess it's better that they don't Forever the Alien Fan, Joanna

Website: http://
Referred by: surfing around
From: Australia
Time: Tuesday, 28 April 1998 at 06:37:16
Comments: hey fox, don't forget giger, if you're really interested to produce alien5!!!!!!!!!!

Website: http://
Time: Friday, 24 April 1998 at 11:01:18
ALBERTO R. GERARDO C. SERGIO G. JAVIER J. ....................................... JUST I HAVE TO TELL YOU: YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Marcus Feital
Website: http://
From: Rio de Janeiro / Brasil
Time: Thursday, 23 April 1998 at 21:31:18
Comments: Hey ginger, I just want to say that your art is incredible!!! The first time I saw Alien I became very impressed with the originality of that creature. That was different of every thing i've ever saw before. And it's yours!!! So, you should stand up for your rights, 'cause the 20th century fox didn't done any favor to you showing your art on their moves. But you gave them a big hit by allowing them to use your creativity and your originality... Anyway, keep doing your art, because if they forgot whom gave them the Aliens, we remember who gave us this marvellous creatures!!! :)) []s, Marcus Feital

Website: http://
Referred by: Surfed in During Web Research
From: Cleveland, USA
Time: Thursday, 23 April 1998 at 11:26:01
Comments: The first time I saw Alien, I was just a child. It had a profound affect on me. Seeing a strong female character fight against this fantastic hybrid creature. A creature that symbolized dark unspeakable fears that all humans posess. And then, Ripley, conquering this goliath with only her wits and a well-timed press of the airlock button. What a great every respect! It will always be one of my favorites. And, Ridley Scott and HRG are and will always be the only true 'Mothers' of Alien. It is terrible what they've done, by leaving your (HRG) credit off the movie credits. Anyone with half a brain can see that is your creature and solely your creature that breathes life into the Alien Series. Artists are very rarely given proper credit or compensation. (I can speak from my own experience on this subject) Litigation is probably your best bet in receiving proper credit for your work. As far as compensation...they'll hold onto that green stuff like an Alien Mother protecting her young. You do deserve at least the credit for creature creation. The studio can afford to give you at least that. And, if they don't, all movie fans will know what kind of 'mothers' those studio execs/lawyers truly are. Good Luck. A Fan

Website: http://
Referred by: Self interest
From: Durango, U.S.A
Time: Thursday, 23 April 1998 at 02:13:33
Comments: Look, everybody agrees that you should get a cut. But 20th isn't going to give you any part of the bread you helped cook. You need to get grandfather clauses built into your contracts for this eventuality. You don't expect common decency or credit from a corporation that big, unless you got their nads in you hand. Business is changing fast, look at Bill Gates (richest self made man ever, up to 100Billion!!) he started out with imagination and ingenuity, but he new how get his deals locked down, so it always comes back around to him. Anyway Good luck! Do you have any words of inspiration for a post hippy child, idealistic, cynical, poet dork like myself?

Website: http://
From: France, 07
Time: Wednesday, 22 April 1998 at 09:37:49
Comments: Par dela les lignes et les couleurs se cache un être humain. une pensée profonde. Un regard traversant outre les illusions. Une réalité de plus sort de l'ombre et prend forme aux autres yeux. Chacun de nous se doit de percevoir, mais aussi de créer. Sinon le regard s'arrête, et les eaux du fleuve ne fond plus de vague. Giger est un fleuve, qui déferle sans s'arrêter. Une source, dont le flux peut accroitre votre vase.

Name: Lee Sullivan
From: Miami,USA(?)
Time: Tuesday, 21 April 1998 at 21:39:58
Comments: I have read several books and articles by and about HRG, and a consisitent theme I hear from him is that there are many artists out there "stealing" his ideas and images. In general I think HRG is too harsh with an artistic community that greatly admires his visionary work. Like other visionaries, his work inspires others to see the world from his new perspective. Picasso may have invented the Cubist style, but painters of cubist works are not called "Thieves of Picasso's Style," they are called "Cubists." Similarly, artists inspired by HRG's Biomechanic style shouldn't be considered thieves, but rather devotees of a new artistic form of expression. The prospect of working in a Biomechanic style is especially appealing to film special effects artists, who are in a unique position to realize HRG's work in 4 dimensions. I hope that HRG doesn't blame the talented and inspired effects team of Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff for the despicable acts of the studio that put the film ALIEN4 together.

Website: http://
Referred by: surfed in
From: U.S.A.
Time: Tuesday, 21 April 1998 at 11:44:08
Comments: This is an example of the disgracefull process of reducing great and skilled artists to mere slaves of the Overdog! I say that Giger and all such mis- treated artists should demand acknowledgement on the same level as Directors and actors. Afterall, this world is a visual world, and those who enhance its beauty should be recognized, not used. Matthew of Underhigh,1998

Name: PACarlier
Website: http://
From: Paris / France
Time: Tuesday, 21 April 1998 at 11:02:38
Comments: I can write in English, je peux aussi le dire en anglais : l'ensemble des Aliens vivants, ayant vécus ou allant vivre n'ont et ne peuvent avoir qu'une seule origine : Giger.

Name: Luis Leonel Lopez
Website: http://
From: Montevideo/Uruguay
Time: Tuesday, 21 April 1998 at 08:38:15
Comments: I love your creations. Thank you! Leonel

Name: Aaron Geiger
Website: All4Fun
From: O'Neill/U.S.
Time: Tuesday, 21 April 1998 at 08:02:24
Comments: Dear Mr. Giger, I feel that what 20th Century Fox did to you was totally unexceptable and they should give you full credit for your brilliant and incredibly uniqe style for creating aliens. In my opinion you are the greatest "Alien Father" there ever has been and will be! For the outrage the Fox company has comitted I feel that they should pay ten fold. I feel that Alien:Resurrection is the greatest Alien movie yet and commend you for the excellent design of all of the aliens you've created in it. Sincerely Aaron Geiger

Name: doctor chaos
Website: (undecided)
Referred by: web site
From: New Orleans, Louisiana
Time: Tuesday, 21 April 1998 at 07:05:06
Comments: Giger seems to have a very (almost quite) following...due to his very selective works and styles. Credit will always be owed Giger, as he is too easily misunderstood and his content far too intense for most. Someday there will be a cheep-imatation... making cereal boxes or the like...I'd like to see Giger The Great get more than he deserves.

Website: http://
From: Wollongong, Australia
Time: Tuesday, 21 April 1998 at 03:24:41
Comments: I think it is disgraceful that Giger was not credited in the last 'Alien' film, but if I was him I'd be upset about other things. It was total agony to watch the 20th century's greatest and strongest character, Ripley; and the hauntingly beautiful art of Giger, totally degraded and insulted in the pile of crap which is 'Alien Resurrection'. Never have I seen Sigourney Weaver work with such a corny script, and artwork as fine as Giger's taken advantage of in such a way. I totally adore the first 3 'Alien' films, but the fourth film was just so pathetic! All due respect Giger, you're a fantastic artist, but if I were you I'd thank the living daylights that you weren't credited for such a terrible piece of film making. Your unique, original and brilliant style was not present at all.

Name: Hugo George
Website: http://
From: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Time: Monday, 20 April 1998 at 20:48:23
Comments: This Piece of Shit is Terrible, your Art was stolen in this picture ?? Para quienes seguimos su arte, esta falta de respeto hacia "su creacion" es una prueba de como sus derechos fueron quebrantados por el poder del dinero. Desde Argentina, Su Arte es Maravilloso. Hugo, George.

Name: Tariq
Website: http://
From: US
Time: Monday, 20 April 1998 at 15:41:18
Comments: This is some fucked up repugnant shit. I don't think it should be too hard to prove to any legal system that Giger was obviously robbed. If it doesn't work, than it will definitely be a rape of justice and the beheading of artistic ownership and accreditation. Fox can suck a hot fart out of my ass, hopefully I'll have some liquid shit for them as well. Talk about being ripped off. tsk tsk. It makes my nuts cringe.

Name: maral salmassi
Website: http://
From: cologne / Germany
Time: Monday, 20 April 1998 at 13:29:28
Comments: mit respektlosigkeit kunst gegenüber macht sich fox nicht gerade bei giger fans beliebt. diese tatsache interessiert fox nicht denn sie wollen kommerziellen erfolg und ihre zielgruppe ist die große masse. leider ist die große masse unwissend und das bietet sich als nährboden für ausbeuter wie fox.

Name: julian caicedo
Website: http://
From: popaya-colombia
Time: Monday, 20 April 1998 at 07:51:40
Comments: Todo lo que he podido observar acerca de sus obras es realmente espectacular, tengo la mayoria de libros sobre sus dibujos pero lastimosamente no se consiguen facilmente en este pais espero tener la posibilidad de poseer algunas animaciones suyas para mi pagina.Lofelicito y espero que siga teniendo mucho exito.

Name: julian caicedo
Website: http://
From: popaya-colombia
Time: Monday, 20 April 1998 at 07:51:40
Comments: Todo lo que he podido observar acerca de sus obras es realmente espectacular, tengo la mayoria de libros sobre sus dibujos pero lastimosamente no se consiguen facilmente en este pais espero tener la posibilidad de poseer algunas animaciones suyas para mi pagina.Lofelicito y espero que siga teniendo mucho exito.

Website: http://
From: LA.USA
Time: Sunday, 19 April 1998 at 14:25:22
Comments: As a fellow artist and sculptor I am outraged to say the least at the lack of due credit given to Giger. There is absolutley no reason artists should be spat upon by large organizations while they grow fat off of that artist vision. Pleas fight this travesty for yourself, but also to send a clear message to corporations like FOX that other artist in your situation WILL NOT be F ed WITH!!!!

Name: Martijn Knegt
Website: D-Fect's home
From: Netherlands
Time: Sunday, 19 April 1998 at 04:54:36
Comments: Hi, I think this is not just a case of legal rights but also one of decency and manors. I thought the movie was pretty good, but when I read all this stuff you get the feeling Fox fooled us all, and ofcourse most of all H.R. Giger. Is it so difficult to admit that there is no Alien (resuruction) possible without the influence of Giger? I think it's low !

Name: Brandon Menc
Website: [personal]
Referred by: blah
From: erie pa / rochester ny
Time: Sunday, 19 April 1998 at 00:52:01
Comments: this is not a matter of legal ownership; this is one of intellectual ownership. though the new movie designs were done by another, H.R. Giger is still the inspiring force behind any previous and/or subsequent alien incarnation. Mr. Giger must still be credited with the original design - an extremely revolutionary and, truly alien creation. there is no doubt that the new movie is heavily influenced by Giger's work, and that the alien creature is solely a Giger creation.

Name: ben hoover
Website: my pooter art
Referred by: ?
From: here/more general here
Time: Saturday, 18 April 1998 at 20:37:36
Comments: Mr Giger, if I were you I would go after Fox full-fledged because even if they claim that it is not a violation of copyright to have their other visuals based on yours, the Aliens/Facehuggers/Chestbursters still looked the same to me. They are most definitely yours. I would not let them get away with it. BUST 'EM UP fox sux

Name: Robert Smart
Website: http://
From: Bowen Australia
Time: Friday, 17 April 1998 at 23:32:56
Comments: Keep hounding the Fox .... Robert

Name: Morpheus
Website: http://
From: Schweden
Time: Friday, 17 April 1998 at 14:10:51
Comments: Hoi Hans-Ruedi, wiä goht's d'r? I find dini Arbet suverän und mega-geil!! Diä Arschlöcher vom 20th Century Fox händ wiederämol ä Sauerei verursacht...wiä wogät diä am Guru sin Namä nöd z'erwähnä?! Da cha i nöd begrifä 'nä uverschamti Frechheit! Aber diä wo ächti Kunscht wörklich schätzet, wüsset dass dä grossi Meischtär, Giger d'hintersteckt!

Name: Fox hater
Website: http://
Referred by: self seeker
Time: Friday, 17 April 1998 at 07:43:38
Comments: Ever since Brain Salad Surgery (ELP 1973) I have relished and passionately sought out Mr Gigers art. The music of ELP the Dune of Frank Herbert masterpieces in their own right come to Visual life with the creativity of Giger. It is insane that an Artists legal rights are trodden like shit by Fox and the large corporations. Mr Giger. If they owe you money sue them, if you can bring out art to inspire Sci Fi films to better Alien. Hurt them every way you can. A master like Mr. Giger deserves credit.

Name: neno
Website: http://
From: Porto/Portugal
Time: Friday, 17 April 1998 at 03:33:25
Comments: No one will never hide the fact behind Alien sequel; your creativeness and genius (I'd like to add the amazing((and persecuted)) Dead Kennedys cover...). It's no surprise to see those movie vampires trying to get credits for others works... Keep fighting and sue those S.o.B's. Tanx for your visions

Website: brain_insana
From: Borlänge/Sweden
Time: Thursday, 16 April 1998 at 23:15:08
Comments: Thanks for your great art and pictures, they stimuleats my eys and brain

Website: http://
From: Karlsruhe, Germoney
Time: Thursday, 16 April 1998 at 18:50:48
Comments: HRGiger will always be the true creator behind all oncoming Alien-Sequels. Danke für 20 Jahre Alien!! Danke für 30 Jahre Design!!!

Name: Joshua Fell (aka. Bathory)
Website: Official Black Ambrosia Home Page
Referred by: Dark Side Of The Web
From: Vegreville, Alberta, Canada
Time: Thursday, 16 April 1998 at 13:30:46
Comments: Dear H.R. Giger, My feelings about the alien credit is one of anger. I believe that everyone should get credit for THEIR work, no matter what shape or form it may take. Fox's reluctance to let you even have a screen credit is pure ignorance on their part. Sue their asses if you have to. Stay Black

Name: Nicolas Stiller
Website: http://
From: Marburg, Germany
Time: Thursday, 16 April 1998 at 06:39:56
Comments: Dear Mr Giger! To me it seems as if you were one of the best phantasie- art disigners, ever. Your works in your book "Necronomicon" are very special and should not be copied by art desingners like the one who (re-)"created" the "new" aliens in the movie "Alien 4". I wondered why your name was not even mentioned in the credits of the film, because I thought YOU were the father of the alien (which is definately proved by the "Necronomicon"). Since I was a young boy, when my grandmother was sitting on the edge of my bed, and was reading fairy tales out of an old big brown book, I dreamed of phantasie- creatures and tried to illustrate them. Surely would I never be as good as you, but I know that there is somebody who is able to create phantasy- worlds and -creatures like the ones I saw in my dreams - You !!! Thank you for your work. You make my dreams become reality. Pleasy, continue fighting for your rights, Sincerely Yours Nicolas Stiller

Name: Miles Marriott
Website: http://
From: Canberra Australia
Time: Wednesday, 15 April 1998 at 23:58:33
Comments: I waited to the end of the credits, explaining to my friends "There just has to be a credit here somewhere!?!" It's bad enough to plagerize Mr Gigers' work in subsequent 'Alien' movies without the added insult of no acknowledgement whatsoever. Having admired his work ( I marvel at Li II every day hanging in my loungeroom and have collected as many books as possible ) I'm glad to have some arena in which to air my contempt for the studio. Thank You Miles Marriott

Name: Rachel Hunsdorf
Website: http://
Referred by: professor
From: USA
Time: Wednesday, 15 April 1998 at 16:52:53
Comments: When I saw Alien for the first time it scared me and amazed me. Giger is obviously the century's (history's?) greatest horror/sci-fi artist, and the lack of appreciation shown to him by Fox is unacceptable. The man has every right to be credited for his design, since there could obviously be no Alien:Resurection without his work. I saw this film as well and it was good, but it won't be great until H.R. Giger is given the recognition he so rightly deserves. Keep fighting, and sue their asses of for copyright/intellectual property violations!!

Name: Jay Jimenez
Website: http://
Time: Wednesday, 15 April 1998 at 13:49:56
Comments: I am A DIE HARD FAN of ALIENS works. From Comics to novels to movies, I know everything published about the creatures known only as ALIENS or XENOMORPHS. But I only read or watch the stuff that gives credit to the one whose mind created the cause of my childhood nightmares: MR HR Giger. I refused to go to ALIENS: Ressurection stickly because he was not given ANY credit for it. I don't know if this comment will ever get to HR himself..... but I just want him to knnow that I will not let my love for ALIENS be sold out to some big corp. Giger do yourself a favor and make an independant film. Everyone will love it and It will give you a chance to make your art be seen in all it's gory.... I mean Glory !! Love ya, Jay Jimenez XDeathead @ AOL. Com

Name: Federico
Website: http://
From: Italy
Time: Wednesday, 15 April 1998 at 07:39:56
Comments: There cannot be Alien without Giger. Giger's name MUST be in the credits. Keep fighting. Bye

Name: KisMar
Website: the SINN BOX
Referred by: *This web page is new please stop in a month or so!*
From: Michigan, USA
Time: Monday, 13 April 1998 at 21:12:08
Comments: I think Giger's work is some of the best I've ever seen - being an art major in college (Computer Graphics in Animation), I have seen a lot. I (will soon) have a special place on my page for him and his work. The makers of Alien have no sense of respect...they will learn.

Name: Peter
From: Germany
Time: Monday, 13 April 1998 at 15:39:40
Comments: Mr. Giger deserves the credits, he`s the real alien-creator. Shit Fox!!

Name: Robert
Website: http://
Time: Sunday, 12 April 1998 at 17:03:34
Comments: Not suprising, not suprising at all. FOX is one of the WORST companys ive heard about, bunch of greedy suits. First, they started shutting down millennium and xfiles FAN pages for no damn reason, despite the fact that those were equivalent to free advertising. THEN they went after the creators of "alien quake" (a FREE conversion of the game quake, was quite nice) and forced them to stop making it, then they went after "predator quake" etc. The definition for having something shut down via legal threats is now "foxed" the in quake community. Later fox released its own alien game which was poor in comparison.

Name: Clay Pinn
Website: http://
From: toronto, ont.
Time: Sunday, 12 April 1998 at 12:42:23
Comments: everyday i read about talented artists who are literally shit on by their companies, or those using their ideas. Sadly, h.r. giger is the only REAL visual artist who can incite influence as could leonardo davinci's mona lisa. each and evey giger piece is an exceptional masterpiece... those at 20th century fow should be penalized to the full extent... best of luck.

Name: Andy Rearte
Website: http://
Referred by: Self
From: Hollywood, CA, USA
Time: Sunday, 12 April 1998 at 02:40:55
Comments: I think this is ridiculous....I think 20th Century Fox is ridiculous, but it doesn't surprise me in a country ruled by god money... 20th Century is just being a business shark , insulting the honor of art and artists.... I really hope this ends up with a favorable result for Giger... soon... Andy Rearte

Time: Saturday, 11 April 1998 at 21:08:06
Comments: My intrest in Mr. Gigers work started when I saw his disign in a game called "Dark Seed". His paintings remined me of our own mortality and how differently other species could evolve in the universe. When I saw Alien 4 I noticed that they didn't mention his name or give him any credit. I've always respected Fox for finding an artist like Mr. Giger and using his art work in a movie, but when they didn't give him the credit for the Alien disign I was ashamed of even thinking that the're smart. Those money grubbing basterds can only see the green on their finger tips. 20th century Fox is just like any other American Movie company, and I thought that they were different.

Name: Pat
Website: http://
From: Savannah, GA, USA
Time: Saturday, 11 April 1998 at 18:41:31
Comments: I was dirst introduced to Mr. Giger's fantastic art work throught a series of illustrations he did for a magazine called "Heavy Metal" When I saw the first Alien movie I immediately recognized that as his work. There was no way it could have been anyone else and I won a lot of bets on that fact too. How could Fox not give him credit when they continue to use his work? It is pure theft. Without his Aliens none of the movies would be worth a penny. Keep up the fight and let us loyal fans know how we can help.

Website: http://
Time: Saturday, 11 April 1998 at 12:59:56
Comments: Shocked to hear about this injustice. In my mind any many others I know Giger`s Alien made the the films which bore the name. Hope 20th Century Fox sees sense. Good luck!

Name: dr. g. p. o. davis
Website: black jesus productions
Referred by: christy sawyer []
From: united states [snakes] of america
Time: Friday, 10 April 1998 at 21:36:24
Comments: i have always been very impressed with mr. giger's fine work, and whether or not 20th century fox intended this neglect and slight as an insult, a way of avoiding giving credit and money, or as an honest mistake, they have been remiss in dealing with it. i [as many must] hope that fox makes things right with the very talented mr. giger.

Name: Nicole Williams
Website: none
Referred by: just lookong for Giger' art
From: Seattle, Wa. USA
Time: Friday, 10 April 1998 at 10:32:32
Comments: Gigers work is wonderful...and he is very talented and deserves credit for all the stuff he did for the alien moveis...he is just amazing...i have not seen somthing by him that i haven't liked and that has not greatly impressed me. ~Nicole

Name: Alexander Kamburov
Website: http://
From: Houston,Texas, USA
Time: Friday, 10 April 1998 at 07:34:14
Comments: I think that Geiger should rightfully receive credit for all the Alien movies. Actually, the movies are nothing compared to the dark worlg hinted at in his artwork.

Name: Market Stone
Website: The Market Place
Referred by: My love for the GOD of art...
From: Artesia, New Mexico/USA
Time: Thursday, 09 April 1998 at 21:21:21
Comments: My love for Giger's work started with the Alien movies... The first was incredible, the second, equally so... the third was a decent film (if you know nothing about the first two, as it disproves itself in the opening credits) I have not seen the fourth as of yet, I do not wish to discolor my view of the first two movies... I will eventually see it, as I hear it IS a good film, but I am appauld at the idea of the movie industry further perverting the concepts of the first two with the need to make money from a good STARTING sequel... This is the first that I have heard of Giger's name not being mentioned in the fourth movie, and frankly, it makes me sick... but then again, you all MUST understand that is typical of corporate amerikan greed and stupidity... It's not like the Master was asking for royalties in his letters... He was asking for what I think we ALL feel is his RIGHT to have... But now I see that 20th Century Fox is a company JUST like the rest... This is PATHETIC... Giger's Alien will forever be HIS creation, and NO ONE can copy it without everyone knowing where it came from... The blatant disrespect for the artist makes me nausious... I read in his first letter about the curse of the Alien growing in their chests, and had to cheer... I wouldn't expect anything less of Giger... Truly fantastic... Keep up the good work sir... You are truly the only one of your kind... -Market-

Name: tina dailey
Website: http://
From: atlanta,ga
Time: Thursday, 09 April 1998 at 14:03:08
Comments: To say that this is an outrage is a vast understatement. The little gray men with their little gray minds and little gray souls see dollar signs and nothing else matters. Keep fighting and spreading the truth.

Website: Stu Wright's Big Chill web site
From: UK
Time: Thursday, 09 April 1998 at 06:35:31
Comments: I think it's a little over the top to say that without H.R. Geiger there would be no alien films. The film companies would have made the films anyway. They may not have been quite as good perhaps, but who is to say. I think the first letter from Mr Geiger was a little childish in it's nature, and he should have simply checked with his lawyers as to the legal position and if appropriate, considered sueing Fox. I hope Fox publically apologise. If Mr Geiger is rightfully owed any financial compensation, then I think he should be given this. Otherwise if he decides to sue Fox, I hope he wins. I personally think his alien designs are fantastic.

Name: Julian Li Chi Wang
Website: http://
From: Hong KOng
Time: Thursday, 09 April 1998 at 04:25:33
Comments: May the thieving moron who made the decision to steal Giger's sweat and Blood be boiled in DUNG OIL!

Name: Steve
From: Germany
Time: Wednesday, 08 April 1998 at 04:03:24
Comments: What would a movie about Jesus be like without mentioning God ? :·)

Referred by: KVB
Time: Tuesday, 07 April 1998 at 22:20:27
Comments: Mr. Giger, It is my opinion that of latley your work has not been fully appreciated by the film-makers who commission you (or do not), do not express the professionalness in using your art in depicting their (the movies) reality. They , of late have not shown the truthfullnes and justice to which you are intitled. Your brilliant artwork has grossed for the Twentith Century Fox company over the last two decades more cash than most of their on going sagas. Once such injustice is met, weither through legal confrontation or other, you must be compensated in one form or another. But in the longterm Mr. Giger, you do whatever makes you feel at peace. good luck! from PILI PEIPUL.

Name: Daniel Andersson
Website: not known yet
From: Ängelholm,Sweden
Time: Tuesday, 07 April 1998 at 21:17:39
Comments: I love the ALIEN saga and i think cameron did a good work designing some of the ALIEN in the 2nd movie BUT Giger IS the Father of one can make it like him,and about the ALIEN4..i hate the so called "NEWBORN" that was the worst i ever nearly destroy a great ALIEN movie...if i could make my dream true (ALIEN 5 a complete end of the saga) i would give giger free hand to design. Shame on 20th century fox for not credit Giger He is and will always be THE FATHER OF ALIEN

Name: steve corrado
Website: http://scor134
Time: Tuesday, 07 April 1998 at 20:57:31
Comments: i loved all the alien films and i cant imagine what they would look like if it werent for your input you should sue.

Name: Karl Pauls
Website: MekDragon's Lair
Referred by: I love your art, and I guessed the URL and here I AM!
From: Pullman, WA
Time: Tuesday, 07 April 1998 at 13:04:40
Comments: Something interesting to ponder over: Some great fans of Aliens created a modification of the hit action game Quake and based it on the movie. However, 20th century fox has forced the fans to stop producting this free software (for some reason) and have AGGRESSIVELY rooted out all attempt to resurrect the Aliens Quake modification. the original page for Aliens Quake is Wouldn't it be nice to at the same time take action in your own favor, exercising your intellectual ownership of the Alien design, and at the same time providing thousands of fans with an entertaining representation of your great work? You can do this by endorsing (protecting, sanctioning, etc...) the production of Alien Quake. I beliefe that I can speak for the Quake playing community in saying that we really miss this work and would like to see it resurrected from being "foxed". It may be presumptious to ask you to attack this injustice with any extent of your legal rights in the matter, but it would be tremendously appreciated by Alien and Quake fans. -Karl Pauls P.S. I love the site. Great exhibbits, especially the SHINE multimedia page!

Name: Jamie R. Summers
Website: HorrorBiz
Referred by: quest for Giger
From: Charleston, WV USA
Time: Tuesday, 07 April 1998 at 10:52:28
Comments: Anyone ever heard of Batman by chance, ever piece of Batman film, comic anything, has the words Batman created by Bob Kane. Same for HR Giger. He's the that came up with the concept. Jamie Summers USA

Name: Joe Loyless
Website: http://
From: Flagstaff, AZ., US
Time: Tuesday, 07 April 1998 at 01:05:01
Comments: Giger has been the sourc of much inspiration to me. Fox must die. Kill whitey.

Name: Bill Pledge
Website: http://
From: Australia
Time: Monday, 06 April 1998 at 18:17:26
Comments: H.R.Giger is a living legend and an inspiration. His art catches mine and a large part of the collective human imagination. Fox is a huge soulless, multinational, corporation that cannot see past the dollar for it's own profit. I know and hopefully most people know the Aliens are 100% Giger and FOX just look stupid and greedy trying to deny this. Fuck Them.

Name: Daniel Roque Gonçalves de Almeida
Website: Science Fiction
From: Portugal
Time: Monday, 06 April 1998 at 15:03:35
Comments: Hi. I'm all for Giger. After i saw recently the new alien movie, i found strange that the credits did not mention it's work. I guessed that i had missed them. I really believe that credit his due to Giger and that his work is no thing to so easily forget. Good luck.

Name: J.Burton
Website: http://
From: Chicago
Time: Monday, 06 April 1998 at 13:32:04
Comments: The whole thing sounds like there should be a lawsuit. If Giger made the mistake of selling the rights to a corporation, then he made his bed and now he's lying in it. If not, sue away! I don't see how bitching and moaning is going to change anything.

Name: Felipe Ramirez M.
Website: http://
From: Chile
Time: Monday, 06 April 1998 at 12:07:29
Comments: Es inaceptable el hecho de que se le niege al creador de un estilo gráfico tan vastamente imitado y admirado la continuación de SU obra. nadie pone en duda que el exito de la serie Alien se debe en gran medida a la belleza sobrecogedora de la criatura. La verdad de todo esto es que la no inclusion de H.R. Giger en esta pelicula es una falta de respeto hacia el como artista y a nosotros como seguidores.

Name: Ray Honeycutt
Website: http://
From: USA
Time: Monday, 06 April 1998 at 10:27:33
Comments: 20th Century Fox's attiude towards Mr. Giger is utterly contemptable.Mr Gillis and Mr Woodruff have both stated on the record that they "went back" to consult Giger's original works and I assume (seeing the results of their work in Alien Resurrection) that this was once again the case for the new film. Giger's designs and Biomechanical style have entered the cultural subconscience and you can see the evidence of this on a daily basis. Mr. Giger cannot always get the proper credit for all of his cultural contributions but to not recieve credit for his contributions to the Alien series is criminal.

Name: Jari Raiskio
Website: http://
From: Finland
Time: Monday, 06 April 1998 at 08:32:51
Comments: I don't understand why Fox didn't want to include Gigers name to the credits, I hope that Fox will have to pay for this. Maybe the court could make justice happen?....

Name: Tomasz Dabrowski
Website: Akira Nanpa2 Homepage
From: Szczecin/POLAND
Time: Monday, 06 April 1998 at 03:57:38
Comments: Hmm... I doesn't saw this new movie yet... but I think, that I will not go to the cinema, because this is not original Giger's work. IMHO the best is first movie.

Website: http://
Time: Monday, 06 April 1998 at 01:28:48
Comments: I think Gigers name should be in the credits, as he had a lot to do with the creation of the Alien films.

Name: basil psanoudakis
Website: http://
From: perth / australia
Time: Sunday, 05 April 1998 at 18:38:23
Comments: I am a media teacher here in perth, western australia. i find the treatment of mr giger by 20th c fox a disgrace. but it's typical of hollywood to steal an idea, icon, character, symbol - & run. fox is truely swimming within the mire of 'industry' (film), together with the obligatory design of a cheap copy for the mass & the stench of waste product. I can only suggest that mr giger disassociate from them, the mismedia monguls construct your own film, comic, cd - whatever & destroy the ALIEN forever, in a parody of the regurgitated fox character. mock them & their money laundering exercise. educate their audience. let them keep their carbon copy. they don't know how to make good cinema anyway. they just know how to spend money. who wants 'credit' from a supermarket that sells trashy goods?

Name: Palo Figueiredo
Website: http://
From: Portugal / Almada
Time: Saturday, 04 April 1998 at 08:54:42
Comments: I only want to say this - when money starts talking higher than the rest, this sort of things start happening. What a shame !

Name: Morgan M. Denton
Website: http://
Referred by: your book "WWW HR GIGER COM"
From: Minneapolis, Minesota/ USA
Time: Friday, 03 April 1998 at 18:04:56
Comments: Dear, HR GIGER, I have been a fan of your work from the first time that my eyes were graced with the spectical of your work on "ALIEN". I was taken away by your designs and the way that you can project your imagination into the movie. I am now a very big fan and am appaled by the actions of that corporation that dares to call itself a movie company. I do not understand how somone can take something as unique as your work, use it, and not give you credit. Good luck in your battle!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Morgan M. Denton

Name: Sampo Ketonen
Website: Alien Movies
From: Keuruu, Finland
Time: Friday, 03 April 1998 at 04:27:48
Comments: Fact 1. Without Giger there wouldn't be Alien Movies. Fact 2. The original Alien-desing was the best

Name: james simons
Website: http://
From: atascocita, texas usa
Time: Friday, 03 April 1998 at 03:59:38
Comments: i find the fact that h.r. giger is not credited for his vision.. disgusting..

Name: Andrew Scheuerman
Website: http://
From: victoria BC Canada
Time: Thursday, 02 April 1998 at 00:12:25
Comments: Hi, my name is Andrew Scheuerman and I live with my dad, who is half Canadian and half German and my mom, who is Italian, and she is a writer and spiritual guide for me. ...when Alien Resurrection came out I knew you didn't work on the film, and I was very disappointed to hear that, but I went any way, to see how they could do this without you. I thought that thay may have given a comic book lookalike alien, but, to my surprise, I found that they took your work completly out of your mind and said it was theirs, to make a sequel and not pay you for the design, because some other "slob" can do the same work for much less than what your work is worth, and steal it from you. You have a major case on your hands, and just to tell you, check-out the Alien Resurrection toys frome Hasbro - the warrior alien is the very image of working no. 303, Necronom IV. You are an inspiration and I hope that me and you will meet some day and make a film together, full of vision and feeling and blow-off these Hollywood art- rapists. Keep blowing us away with your work, sincerely, Andrew

Referred by: SELF
From: Chicago, U.S.
Time: Wednesday, 01 April 1998 at 20:25:30

Name: Nick Tramontin
Website: http://
From: E. Grinstead, W. Sussex, England
Time: Wednesday, 01 April 1998 at 16:43:42
Comments: I noticed when I watched Alien: Resurection that H.R.Giger's name was not mentioned, this supprised me at the time, and now I can see it wasn't just a mistake. I have been a fan of H.R.Gigers work for many years and I believe that he did not recieve due credit for dreaming up the whole alien world and creating the alien image.

From: californicate
Time: Wednesday, 01 April 1998 at 12:23:32
Comments: having stumbled upon this site in my search of more fascinating GIGER art, i was appalled to find that credit was not given where credit is so obviously due. in my mind, the words ALIEN and GIGER are nearly synonymous (except for terms like ALIEN-AUTOPSY... yeech!), and altho i have not seen the much bashed ALIEN:RESSURRECTION, only a blinded nerf-herder would be oblivious to the fact that GIGER's art penetrates and permeates all that is ALIEN; his is the sanguinous fluid that gives these creatures life. perhaps the ingrates at FOX are unable to see the truth for the FACE-HUGGERS upon their heads. keep the eggs pumping, may their chests burst in a splenididly bloody blossom of bone and soft tissue. mr GIGER, whatever the outcome, i know you will continue to create the twisted monstrosities which so fiendishly tickle the sickest little portions of the human brain...

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